Smogon Flash Game Tournament - Round 1

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Rules can be found in the sign-up thread. If you wish to substitute in Round 1, read the rules then post here.

The name of the game is Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer II, which is located on AddictingGames as well as NutStation.

Remember, you only have to beat your opponent's highscore. So play that game, get a good score and don't forget to screenshot! Please only link to your screenshot (so with and not with [IMG]) so this thread...s in Firefox: [url]

That way you don't have to PrtScr, paste in Paint, save, and crop or anything.[/QUOTE]

It's awesome.

Steeler said:
when exactly is the cut off?

11:59 pm tomorrow? and what time zone?
Wasn't planning on doing an exact one since I didn't know when I'd be available. It will be at 8pm my time, so 7pm GMT.
wow, you really did pair me against gorm

anyway im using the addicting games version just in case anyone wants to know, right now I have an english test so I can't really play right now, I'll play soon
asdf what i wanted in ;(

the signups were open for like 3 hours ._.

well i will sub if i can

lol i got 556 first time fuck i was doing so well i went from like 30 health to 3 in like 3 seconds ;(


God Bless Nintys Incompetence :*)
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Round 1 Pairings (thanks good ol' Bracketmaker)
Lord Sunday vs cookie
OH god why me?

Dammit! i got complaicent when i thought i had practially won the level and didnt see how low my hp was, then i deid, i had every weapon and everyhting lol.

EDIT: LOL GLITCH, whenever i press down with the lawnmower it changes into a lightsaber WTF???

EDIT2: How do i take screenshots lol? I just took a picture with my didgital camera lol but i'd like it to be a propper screenshot.

Lord Sunday vs cookie
rekt vs Jabba
Silver610 vs Dan Dan
TheBM vs gsumbreon
Steeler vs StrangerDanger
mastadi vs darkbolt
SkarmBlissCounter vs Phiddlesticks
Firestorm vs Dak
WER vs m0nkfish
Ae Sakura vs darkie (Good luck)
hp [leaves] vs Sir Spanky (Can go either way, both are good flash players)
marillpet vs LordGloom
Gormenghast vs Norulz (Hi starter of the flash thread)
Mekkah vs leafgreen386
zerowing vs PypeHype
gouki vs Roy

Also, i can't beat level 13 again for some reason... and i'm too lazy to try again.
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