Smogon Flash Game Tournament (Sign-Ups)

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From the answers given to my question "would you like a flash game tournament" in Gorm's flash game thread, I could only conclude that people did indeed want one. So without any further ado, here are the proposed rules.

1. No idea how many people I'll let in, it depends on the amount of people that want to be in. I want a nice round single elimination bracket though, so it will likely be 16, 32 or 64, worst case scenario is 48.

2. Every round will have its own game. It will be a game that has a way of measuring score, and it will be a game from this thread. I've planned some already but we'll keep the surprise in there.

3. Like with about every other tournament you're used to, you will be paired against an opponent, and there will be a deadline. However, there will be no need to arrange a time. What you have to do is when you see the round is up, play the game and get a very high score. Make a screenshot of it, save it and post it.

4. When the deadline rolls around, I will check who of you and your opponent has the highest score. For example, let's say I am pairing Gormenghast versus Norulz, and the game is Winterbells. Gormy posts a score of 11000 the first day, so Norulz plays like crazy and manages to scrape a 12000.

5. You have as many attempts as you like whenever you like, as long as you're playing between the date of when the round started and the deadline. So no using old screenshots or whining in the Round 3 thread about how you beat your opponent's highscore in the game of Round 2.

6. Obviously, no faking screenshots with paint or anything. This is a rather laid-back tournament for your enjoyment, not a photoshop fest. I was considering enforcing a rule on being required to have the date of the day you played it in the screenshot, but that is fakeable as well so just don't cheat ok.

7. If your Firebot access is removed or you're banned anywhere during this tournament, you are automatically DQed.

Sign up here. I am so in. If you're not signing up kindly don't post, easier to count that way.


Steeler said:
any idea on how long the rounds will last mekkah?
Probably slightly less than a week to keep the flow going.

Sign-ups so far:
1. Mekkah
2. cookie
3. hp [leaves]
4. leafgreen386
5. marillpet
6. StrangerDanger
7. Steeler
8. Norulz
9. PypeHype
10. LordGloom
11. Phiddlesticks
12. gouki
13. darkbolt
14. Jabba
15. Sir Spanky
16. darkie
17. m0nkfish
18. Gormenghast
19. Dak
20. SkarmBlissCounter
21. zerowing
22. rekt
23. Ae Sakura
24. Firestorm
25. mastadi
26. Silver610
27. WER
28. gsumbreon
29. Lord_Sunday
30. TheBuM (HEh)
31. Roy
32. Dan Dan

FULL also fuck you Dragontamer for posting again saying that you do not want in also kind of fuck you to Spanky for making a second post

making brackets

I'm cutting off at 32 when checking this again tomorrow probably, unless we're really close to 64.
I am so in.

For some games (most notably tower defense games) I think that a screen shouldn't have to be posted until after the deadline (although the score will have to be posted in advance). This way someone can't copy another person's strat, make one small improvement, and score higher than them.

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