Smogon Grand Slam - Season 1 Finals [Won by Ciele]

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My deepest apologies, Bloo. As soon as I saw McMeghan lose, I predicted you to win it 100% in my head. It's all my fault :(

Edit: also, wtf, semifinals getting done in a day? UNHEARD OF.

Edit 2: also also, major props to Nelson-X for taking out both McMeghan and Bloo. Quite a feat indeed.
damn you guys are speedy, nice work...


no deadline, but please give us a lot of warning before you play so we can watch. good luck guys... predicting my man cielery to clutch!

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Originally I wanted Mcmeghan, Heist, or Bloo to win. Then my next favorite after that was Ciele. Although since Nelson-x beat Bloo/Mcflurry I feel like I am rooting for him. Truly an underdog. He has the heart!
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