Smogon Tour X

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The tenth season of the Smogon Tour will be here before you know it! The first tour will be held on:

Friday, August 27th 2010

This is absolutely going to be the largest Smogon Tour ever because the season has been expanded to 12 full weeks of competition instead of 9. We will retain the same OU, UU, Uber format used in Season 9 and all rules are viewable on the tournaments section of the site. Get excited for Smogon Tour X!
Just letting everyone know the tour stats will be continued, so even if you don't think you will be able to contend for a Tour X trophy you can still put up a good W/L!

Should be a fun 12! weeks.


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Smogon is currently changing over to roman numerals to make everything look much more official.

Can't wait for Smogon Tour XXX!
Getting ready for this, since my last tour was cut short due to technical problems just as I started getting some wins. Time to get back into UU and Uber.
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