CAP 2 Smogon's "Create a Pokemon" Part Deux: Poll 1

What should the base typing of our new Pokemon be?

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Okay, new Pokemon won out. Here are the percentages and such (bold votes only and counting people who bolded their vote changes):

51 votes - 57.30% New Pokemon
38 votes - 42.70% Evo Pokemon

Clearly, the new Pokemon option wins. This current poll is to decide the first type of the new Pokemon. The winner of this poll will go onto poll 2, which will consist of a pure type option and new secondary typings. I have narrowed the types we are voting on down to ten, so that it may fit into one poll. You may complain, but I have my reasons:

Steel - Not included because it won the last typing poll, even if it wasn't in the final product.
Ice - Hiya Syclant.
Bug - Hiya Syclant.
Water - Only Water/Fire and Water/Ghost don't exist. If one of those two wins, /Water will be an option on it.
Flying - Only pure Flying and Fight/Flying don't exist. If Fight wins, /Flying will be an option on it.
Normal - The most common typing ever, but is know for not having many duel types. Will be included on the winner of this poll as /Normal.
Dragon - Too powerful. Also, most OU dragons are 4x weak to Ice. I will conquer the Dragon hurdle in the next poll.

Types in this poll:

Oh yah, this is a clicky poll.


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Ah good, lets poll this thang! How many votes do we get Hyra? If it's only one then I think I'm going to vote for electric... idk why lol.
Oh, its one. Only one is winning, and I want to have a short poll.

Btw, I voted Ground because of how versatile it is. I still want my Ground/Fighting TTar destroyer.


God Bless Nintys Incompetence :*)
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Yeh the poll wasn't there when I posted. ANyway, I went Grass after being unable to decide for a while, I really want this one to be somekind of mixed wall. I was going to say fighting, but that'll just get everyone saying "Close COmbat!1!11!1"
Oh yah, types need 25% support to move onto the next poll, if there is one. If one type has a significant lead at this poll, we won't need a second one.
Water seems appropriate. I would love an aquatic ghost.
then vote ghost. Ghost/Water will be an option if Ghost wins.

Same thing to people complaing about the other types I discounted. All of them have a chance for returning, except for Dragon, which I need to decide on.
I'm having terrible visions of a Fire/Water type wall with either Water Absorb or Levitate. Now it's just as annoying as Bronzong...and it doesn't make any sense whatsoever!
I was thinking more of a Fire/Grass wall thingie similar to Tangrowth. Much more powerful if in Sun, but will be limited to one end of the spectrum for attacks.

Also, Grass/Fighting exists in the evil form of Breloom. People, Serebii has a list of all combinations that already exist.
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