Son_of_Shadoo vs. BlocksRcool at Stonehenge! (Ref: Orkonaut)

Son_of_Shadoo said:
2v2 Singles
DQ: 2 Days
0 Recover/Rest etc., 5 Chills

Arena: Stonehenge circle, on a misty morning. The sun is just rising, lowering the power of Fire attacks by 25%, and Grass types will have their speed reduced by 30%, unless Sunny Day is used, while will override this. The stone slabs can be dislodged with a powerful attack, so be careful - you could end up crushing yourself, or your opponent. If a slab falls on a Pokémon, it take a flat 20 damage, and skips two actions while it frees itself.
BlocksRcool said:
Accepted .

Switch = OK
One Ability
Items Disabled

Monohm(*) [Cloudy] (M)
Nature: Sassy. Adds * to SpD; A 15% decrease (rounded down) in Base Speed and a +5% increase in accuracy (e.g. 85 becomes 90) on an opponent's attacks.

Type: Electric/Dragon
Electric: Electric STAB; 50% reduction in paralysis chance from other electrical attacks, perfect accuracy and 30% chance of Protect breaking Thunder during Rain.
Dragon: Dragon STAB; Roar has Energy Cost reduced by one (1). (Dragonite line can breathe underwater.)

Stats: 48 / 50 / 68 / 62 / 40 / 60

HP: 90
Atk: **
Def: ***
SpA: ***
SpD: ***(+)
Spe: 52(-)

EC: 0/9
MC: 0
DC: 0/5

Static: (Innate) This pokemon’s body is surrounded by an electric field that has a 30% chance of paralyzing opponents that use contact moves on this pokemon.

Dragon Rage(*)
Rain Dance(*)
Hydro Pump(*)
Heal Bell(*)
Magnet Rise(*)
Dragon Pulse(*)

Timburr [Bob] (M)
Nature: Adamant (Adds * to Attack. Subtracts * from Special Attack.)

Type: Fighting
Fighting: Fighting STAB; ignore weight restrictions of throwing/grappling moves, Meditate and Cheer Up have Energy Cost reduced by one (1).


HP: 100
Atk: ****(+)
Def: **
SpA: (-)
SpD: **
Spe: 35

EC: 0 / 9
MC: 0
DC: 0 / 5

Guts: (Innate) This Pokemon is tenacious and will work ever harder when under a status condition, raising the base attack power of all its physical attacks by two (2). Pokemon with Guts ignore the attack drop from burn.

Pound (*)
Leer (*)
Focus Energy (*)
Bide (*)
Low Kick (*)
Rock Throw (*)
Wake-Up Slap (*)
Little By Little (*)
Drain Punch (*)
Mach Punch (*)
Detect (*)
Bulk Up (*)
Rock Slide (*)
Payback (*)

Nidoran ♀ (*) [Amelie] (Female)
Nature: Naive: A 15% increase (rounded up) in Base Speed and a +5% increase in accuracy (e.g. 85 becomes 90) on this Pokemon's attacks. Subtracts * from Special Defense.

Poison: Poison STAB; immunity to Poison/Toxic, see and breath through smog/smokescreens uninhibited. Dasutodasu, Muk, and Weezing inflict Toxic Poisoning with Solid/Liquid/Gaseous Poison attacks (respectively), Wrap, Haze, and Glare have Energy Cost reduced by one (1).


HP: 90
Atk: **
Def: **
SpA: **
SpD: *(-)
Spe: 48(+) (41x1.15)

EC: 1/9
MC: 0
DC: 1/5

Poison Point -This Pokemon’s spikes/quills/thorns are coated in poison, and there is a 30% chance of poisoning any foe that uses a contact attack on this Pokemon. When disabled, all of this Pokemon's Poison-type attacks will inflict Toxic level poison. [Can be disabled]

Tail Whip*
Double Kick*
Poison Sting*
Fury Swipes*
Helping Hand*
Poison Tail*
Venom Shock*

Lickitung(*) [George] (Male)
Nature: Brave - Adds * to Attack. A 15% decrease (rounded down) in Base Speed and a +5% increase in accuracy (e.g. 85 becomes 90) on an opponent's attacks.

Normal: Normal STAB; Bite, Claw Sharpen, Crunch, Dig, Double Kick, Hammer Arm, Iron Tail, Rain Dance, Rock Smash, Shadow Claw, Sunny Day, Wild Charge have Energy Cost reduced by one (1).

HP: 100
Atk: ***(+)
Def: ***
SpA: ***
SpD: ***
Spe: 26(-) (30 / 1.15)

EC: 4/6
MC: 1
DC: 2/5

Own Tempo: This Pokemon moves at its own pace and cannot be confused by any method. [Innate]

Defence Curl*
Knock Off*
Hammer Arm*
Muddy Water*
Zen Headbutt*
Ice Beam*
Double Team*
Power Whip

Shadoo releases first, then Blocks releases and lists actions, then Shadoo lists actions.
Oh crap, I release first? I didn't see that! Derp. Ok, Amélie (Nidoran F), you're on first! Get out there, and sparkle!

EDIT: Good luck, BlocksRCool, may the best trainer win.
You too, I send out Monohm.

Since he can't do much to you, just hit him like a truck with thunderbolts. However, if he poisons you, use heal bell.

Thunderbolt ~ Thunderbolt ~ Thunderbolt

Replace current action with Heal Bell if i get poisoned.
Hello, and welcome to the fabled Stonehenge! I’m Mewtwo…

…and I’m Raichu, and we’ll be your commentators for today’s contest!

So, Raichu, give me the lowdown on what’s gonna go down here.

Well, we have here the spectral Son_of_Shadoo and the pixeltastic BlocksRcool.

It looks like an exciting battle is about to begin; both Trainers are summoning their Pokemon!

Shadoo calls out his Nidoran, Amelie, while Blocks responds with Cloudy the Monohm. Almost immediately, Cloudy fires an arcing, crackling Thunderbolt straight into Amelie! That looked like it hurt!

It sure did, Raichu! A critical hit is one heck of a way to start off ANY battle!

Amelie shakes off the electricity and burrows into the earth!

Digging is a surefire way to avoid electricity, Raichu. Especially here, since there are no trees to funnel the charge into the ground.

Where’s she going to come up? Even Cloudy looks confused…but not anymore, as Amelie pops up right underneath him! Wow, that’s disorienting! Before Cloudy can figure out what’s going on, Amelie returns to the tunnel!

An excellent tactic from who seems to be the underdog here, Raichu, this use of Dig prevents Amelie from taking much damage at the cost of energy. How long will she be able to keep this up?

I don’t know, Mewtwo, but it doesn’t look good for Cloudy. Amelie pops up next to Cloudy and rams into him, but he’s ready for her! Cloudy fires a Thunderbolt—and Amelie is too quick to Dig underground again! The attack misses!

Cloudy, too, is spending Energy at an alarming rate! I haven’t seen so much spam since I last checked my inbox!

Maybe you should be a little more frugal with your E-mail address, Mewtwo. As expected, Amelie surfaces…about 1 foot in front of Cloudy! Even as she lands the attack, Cloudy acts quickly to ready a Thunderbolt—and it hits its mark!

Amelie’s somewhat lacking Sp. Def doesn’t seem to be doing her much good here, Raichu, even after she dodged one attack!

Will this battle continue to be a spam-fest, or will the Trainers mix things up a bit in coming rounds? We’ll find out—after the break!

Cloudy uses Thunderbolt. A critical hit! 19 damage, -6 Energy.
Amelie uses Dig. It’s super effective! 9 damage, -6 Energy.
Cloudy uses Thunderbolt. 16 damage, -10 Energy.
Amelie uses Dig. 9 damage, -10 Energy.
Cloudy uses Thunderbolt. Cloudy’s attack missed! -14 Energy.
Amelie uses Dig. 9 damage, -14 Energy.

Health: 63
Energy: 70
Boosts: N/A
Next to the central stone.

Health: 55
Energy: 70
Boosts: N/A
About 5 feet from Cloudy.

Shadoo, you're up!
Not a bad start, Amélie. Start with Disable. I've had enough of those nasty Thunderbolts. They STING. Then, use Poison Tail. I'm hoping for some poison hax. Hey, he got a critical. If you poison him, press home the advantage with Venom Shock. If not, then bare your fangs. CRUNCH!

Disable >>> Poison Tail >>> Venom Shock if Cloudy becomes poisoned, Crunch if he does not.
Lol, just saw that i outsped... with a -spe nature...
Since I do outspeed, use:

Thunderbolt ~ Dragon Pulse ~ Heal Bell/Flamethrower

use Heal Bell on the third action if you get poisoned, use flamethrower and hope for a burn otherwise.
Elite Four Karen said:
Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites.
All right, folks, welcome back to this intense battle! Cloudy starts the round with a powerful Thunderbolt!

That hit dead center, Raichu. Amelie is NOT enjoying the electricity. If only there was a way for her to stop it…

I don’t know, Mewtwo… Amelie strikes a fighting pose, and her eyes sparkle a bit. Wait, what’s with Cloudy’s sudden vacant expression? It looks like you used to when I’d tell you about the report due the next day!

I think Cloudy’s Thunderbolt has been Disabled! I KNEW Amelie could stop it!

Uh huh… Cloudy, having shaken off the senior moment, gathers a sphere of some sort of energy in front of its mouth and fires it at Amelie.

It connects—and explodes! I believe that was a Dragon Pulse, and I doubt that Amelie enjoyed it as much as we did.

So do I, Mewtwo. Amelie’s not taking this one lying down; from the sickly glow coming from behind her, it looks like she’s readying a Poison Tail!

That’s really not much of a tail, Raichu. Poison Butt Wipe, maybe, but Poison Tail? She needs a few levels for that one.

Whatever it is, it lands, and Cloudy is sent reeling!

Definitely the most comfortable wipe that rat’s ever had. Cloudy’s cottony absorbency must have sucked up the remnants of the attack—Cloudy’s been Poisoned!

Acting quickly, Cloudy bleats, and a Heal Bell reverberates through the arena! Cloudy’s poison appears to be gone!

Nice move there by Cloudy, preventing itself from accumulating damage over the course of the battle.

Amelie takes the time to dash over to Cloudy and sink her fangs into it! That has GOT to hurt!

That’s a Crunch attack right there, Raichu. Cloudy’s cottony absorbency also seems to be able to absorb attacks like that, saving it from the brunt of the damage. By the way, Raichu, you know how two-ply toilet paper has the perforations so you can tear both sheets at once?

Um…yes? I’m kind of afraid of where you’re going to take this…

Well, the other day, I got a roll that had the perforations staggered like bricks in a wall.

Oh, dear…

Cloudy uses Thunderbolt. 16 damage, -6 Energy.
Amelie uses Disable. Cloudy’s Thunderbolt was disabled! -6 Energy.
Cloudy uses Dragon Pulse. 15 damage, -6 Energy.
Amelie uses Poison Tail. Cloudy was poisoned! 6 damage, -3 Energy.
Cloudy uses Heal Bell. A bell rang! -9 Energy.
Amelie uses Crunch. 6 damage, -6 Energy.

Health: 51
Energy: 49
Boosts: N/A
Other: T-bolt disabled for 4 more actions.
Next to the central stone.

Health: 24
Energy: 55
Boosts: N/A
Other: Has a very comfortable heiney.
About 5 feet from Cloudy.

Blocks, you're up!
My my. This really isn't going well. Then again, ASB rarely does for me... *sigh* While he sets up, use Supersonic to confuse him. Then use Poison Tail again, and use Venom Shock if we get lucky, Crunch if we don't.

Supersonic >>> Poison Tail >>> Venom Shock/Crunch if Cloudy is not poisoned.
The battle at the stone circles continues, each competitor looking as cute and cuddly as ever!

You sure? I think the Nidoran’s seen better days…

…You know what? You’re probably right, but still. The other cuddly thing, Cloudy the Monohm, starts glowing golden and hovering above the ground!

That’s a Magnet Rise, Raichu, and it’ll keep Cloudy floating above Amelie’s Digs.

Amelie, not intimidated, chitters shrilly in Cloudy’s direction. That noise is more irritating than Mewtwo singing in the shower!

I think that’s a Supersonic attack. The chittering, not my command performances. And it seems to have left Cloudy severely disoriented!

That’ll interfere with any strategy! Cloudy doesn’t seem to know what’s going on, but it fires a Dragon Pulse, which detonates on Amelie!

Amelie’s really starting to look like something the Liepard dragged in. How much more can it take?

Not much, by the looks of it. She struggles to get to Cloudy…and Poison Tails him from behind!

A solid attack, but Cloudy shrugs it off. Or maybe he’s too fried to notice it.

Cloudy, looking a little bit closer to his senses, twirls around and breathes a searing stream of fire right in Amelie’s face!

A critical Flamethrower! Amelie’s charred form totters…then falls! It’s knocked out!

I don’t think that crit really mattered, Mewtwo. Amelie was on her last legs anyhow.

You’re probably right. After the break: whom will Son_of_Shadoo send out next?

Cloudy uses Magnet Rise. Cloudy is levitating! -4 Energy.
Amelie uses Supersonic. Cloudy became very confused! -4 Energy.
Cloudy uses Dragon Pulse. Cloudy looks less confused. 15 damage, -6 Energy.
Amelie uses Poison Tail. 6 damage, -3 Energy.
Cloudy uses Flamethrower. A critical hit! Cloudy looks less confused. 16 damage, -7 Energy.

Amelie fainted!

Health: 46
Energy: 49
Boosts: N/A
Other: T-bolt disabled for 1 more action. Floating for 4 more. Slightly confused.
Next to the central stone. One KO Counter richer.

Fried rodent, om nom nom!

Shadoo, send out your Pokemon and issue commands.
Why does everything feel a need to crit me... Seriously, am I in the Battle Tower or something?

Come on back, Amélie. Great job, you did your best. Well, George, it's up to you. Get out there, and spam the crap out of Ice Beam.

Ice Beam x3
Thermal Schizophrenia

We’re back, and Son_of_Shadoo has called out his next Pokemon!

It’s Lickitung, affectionately known as George!

Cloudy’s taking the initiative; it’s fired a Dragon Pulse before George even fully materialized!

Hey, that’s a cheap shot! If I was down there…

But you aren’t. George retaliates angrily with an Ice Beam straight to Cloudy’s face!

I can feel the chill from here, Raichu! The clouds around Cloudy seem to have frozen solid, and the thunder sheep seems shocked at this development!

Well…it’s having a bit of trouble moving, but Cloudy can still position itself for long-range attacks. See, look, it’s belching a Flamethrower right at George!

Yikes, now it’s rather warm in the arena. I need to ditch this parka now…

Don’t be so quick, Mewtwo—George has let fly another Ice Beam! It strikes dead-center!

And now it’s cold again. The temperature here is as schizophrenic as a crazy Cherrim!

Cloudy, his movement restored by the Flamethrower, shoots a hissing Dragon Pulse straight for George’s face!

I wonder what draconic energy tastes like? We’ll have to interview George during the break.

WE? I doubt that…Anyway, George fires another Ice Beam right into Cloudy’s chest! Can it hold on?

Cloudy lands…rolls onto its feet…and shakily rises to face George one last time!

I don’t believe it! The lightning lamb survived the attack by a hair’s breadth!

George used a ton of energy on those repeated Ice Beams, but Cloudy’s totally spent! It’ll be chops after one more blow!

We’ll watch that…after the break!

Cloudy uses Dragon Pulse. 12 damage, -6 Energy.
George uses Ice Beam. 15 damage, -7 Energy.
Cloudy uses Flamethrower. 10 damage, -7 Energy.
George uses Ice Beam. 15 damage, -11 Energy.
Cloudy uses Dragon Pulse. 12 damage, -6 Energy.
George uses Ice Beam. 15 damage, -15 Energy.

Health: 1 (I s*** you not.)
Energy: 30
Boosts: X
Other: T-bolt enabled. Floating for 1 more action.
Looks moth-eaten.

Health: 66
Energy: 67
Boosts: X
Other: Nothing worth noting.
Trololol'd by

Blocks, you're up!
Orko here! Subbreffin' and feeling good! Let's take a gander at that last round!

Cloud the Monohm
Health: 1 (I s*** you not.)
Energy: 30
Boosts: X
Other: T-bolt enabled. Floating for 1 more action.
Looks moth-eaten.

George the Lickitung
Health: 66
Energy: 67
Boosts: X
Other: Nothing worth noting.
Trololol'd by


This round is promising to be a killer! Cloud looks ragged, but determined to destroy his long tongued nemesis! Summong up all the strength he has, he fires of a Thunderbolt! George does not look happy that his opponent is still alive after his barrage. The air cools, and blue energy materializes around George's mouth. He fires an Ice Beam straight into Cloud's face. It's a critical hit! We all know George was really hoping for that ;) The puff falls over, netting Lickitung a KO!

Thunderbolt- 13 DMG, -6 energy

*Ice Beam(CRIT)-1 DMG, -7 energy


George the Lickitung
Health: 53
Energy: 60%
Boosts: None.
Other: Mad

Arena is untouched.
Lickitung gets a KO Token. Blocks, send out your next mon.

*I can give you the full damage, if you'd like. 1 is all that it actually did, though.
Drain Punch- -19 Damage, -7 Energy
Double Team- -8 Energy
Bulk Up- -6 Energy
Zen Headbutt- -17 Energy, -6 Energy
Mach Punch- -15 Energy, -2 Energy
Supersonic- -4 Energy

I am dumb, and accidently edited this portion of the battle to something different. Not only am I dumb, but I'm also lazy. The damage from last round is up there, but the flavor text is lost forever.
Uh... This is... bad. Looks like this one will end it. We did a good job, George, but it looks like we're going 0/5/0... Grab Bob with Wrap, and slam him into the pillar behind you. Jump out of the way quickly, and fire an Ice Beam at Bob as he recovers, then give him another Zen Headbutt.

Wrap >>> Ice Beam >>> Zen Headbutt

Health: 83
Energy: 85%
Boosts: +1 Atk/ +1 Def
Other: Severely Confused (3 actions)

Health: 19
Energy: 42%
Boosts: None.
Other: One Double Team Clone

Lickitung has his back to an unsteady stone.


Alright! The next round starts off quickly! With Bob making a movement at.. wait, he simply hurts himself! That confusion was pretty bad. Can someone get this guy a towel! He's doooone.

The depressed trainer just sighes. But George sees this! The little Lickitung wraps the tiny Timburr up in his massive tongue. He cautiously tests his weight once, and then WHACK! Throws him headfirst into the pillar! It teeters dramatically, and falls.

Is George fast enough to get out of the way in time?!

Not completely!

The stone smashes down on Bob, as intended, but the Lickitung's foot is also caught under the rock! Bob snaps out of confusion! With a clear mind, he knows that if he doesn't get out of the rock, he's done for! And look! Lickitung's leader doesn't command him to unjam himself, but Ice Beams the poor Timburr! Ruthless tactics sometimes work here!

Timburr slides out from under the rock, his body aching from the stress just put on it! Lucky for him, Timburr's are completely awesome, and he knows he can still win. But George isn't going out without a fight! He grabs his opponent by the shoulders, and mustering up all the strength he can, headbutts him!

That's got to hurt!

Let's look at those stats!

Wrap: (3 BP+ 3 STAB= 1.5 Stats)= 7DMG, -2 Energy
Stone Falls! (Timburr!) 20 DMG, Trapped (2 Turns)
Stone Falls! (Lickitung!) 5 DMG, Immobile (1 Turn)
Ice Beam: (10 BP+ 1.5 Stats)= 11 DMG, -7 Energy
Zen Headbutt: ((8 BP + 1.5 Stats)*1.5 Effectiveness)= 13 DMG, -6 Energy

Health: 26
Energy: 79%
Boosts: None
Other: Feels like the wicked witch.

Health: 14
Energy: 27%
Boosts: None.
Other: Foot trapped under the Stone.

Lickitung's foot is caught under a stone.
One of the stones has fallen, but there are many more.
Both pokemon are within arms reach of eachother!


Blocks, I believe it is your turn.