Spectrum Tournament Round 1 Brackets

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It's prolly ok for me if we do it tomorrow at like 4-5pm your time g80, as I think i'll be on late tomorrow. If not, and if it's possible, then I'll surely be on on friday and saturday nights, letting us battle then :/
lol I just realised Roy's Kyogre's speed was 306. 3 of my pokemon were 305 speed lol. Also if I replaced Furret with Vigoroth then it would have had 306 Speed giving me a chance to sub-rev. Awwww. Well do I still get to play due to double elimination. If you're gonna flag it I don't really mind...
Picollo beat me 1-0...

His last poke and my last poke have the same max speed, but his last poke ended up being faster.

He survives my one strike at 1% health... Then CH's me on the next turn to give me a KO...

Ouch... that could have went either way, unfortunately it went the wrong way for me.

Time to wreak havoc in the losers bracket if there is one...
You know what? This is fucking ridiculous. I am giving death bee and Hipno the wins. Freaktron and Omer are being sent back to substitute status, because they seem incapable of getting their battles done in a promt manner.
sorry...I completely forgot...but to be honest this doesn't really seem like my kind of tourney...why did I even offer to be a sub? *kills self*
Now I have to go make a round 2. You can still sub if you want, freaktron (actually, that would help me out quite a bit...)
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