[Standard] Overkill Mafia II - Game Abandoned

Greetings everyone. We'd like to apologize for the delay, but we are finally ready to get this show on the road. I will begin to send out alias now so please log on and check to make sure you have a role PM. If you do not, please contact HFB about it.

Player List: (note not all players in the game)
Aura Guardian
Game _freak201
Slim Guldo
Team Aether
the interwebs

http://breuleux.net/mafia/overkill/index.php <--Link to the forum

Edit: All account info has been sent.
Edit2: Those who didnt get any, you arent in the game. You will be asked to sub in if necessary

Edit3: Anyone who fails to PM the hosts can (and probably will) be subbed out without warning. So better send in your actions.
Ok, everyone claim to me, here's my role PM:

You are Chinchou. You are allied with the Pure.

You are the Angler Pokemon. You are extremely unique in being the only Water/Electric-type Pokemon in the game, aside from your evolution, Lanturn, as well as being one of only two Pokemon graced with the extremely useful Volt Absorb ability. You plan on using both of these to your advantage.

At night, send ChampionRaikage and AvatarST a PM with the title Night [x] - Thunder Wave user. You will send out a small wave of electrical energy towards your target, causing them to become paralyzed for the next night. Paralyzed Pokemon have their priority extremely reduced. However, some Pokemon may be immune to the effects of this ability. You also have Volt Absorb: any electrical-based ability used on you will be negated, including kills. This can only be used once per night.

You are also able to evolve! Successfully negate four abilities with Volt Absorb and you will evolve into Lanturn.

You win if the Pure win.
I also know that jumpluff is Clefairy, so claim to her too!
Is it just me or does anyone else notice the correlation between his role PM and his avatar?

Also, I dont think jumpluff is playing

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Some of you may have pictures which don't turn up in your role PM. In that case, please correct the link by removing the www fron the URL of the picture.

Also, to confirm you are playing, reply to your role PM message(with the PM intact in quotes). This is just a check to ensure you are playing.

EDIT: Also, just because you aren't in the game, doesn't mean you can't interact with those who are playing!


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Ignore Magic Master!

The Sand Cannons are already uniting. We've made a clean channel and a spreadsheet, we've found our investigator and we've got protection. Please claim if you're a sand cannon.

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I mentioned this in the channel, but anyway, I'm posting this here, deadline will be in 3-4 hours, and I'm missing quite a few PMs. If others on their faction(if they are internally united faction) could mention them to me, I would appreciate that.

If I don't get them, I'll just do an Exa and pummel those people who didn't send it in.

I need 6 more PMs.

EDIT: 4 more PMs.


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Dear -----,
You are Cradily.

You are one of the greatest Sandstorm stallers in UU. You are also one of the most annoying Pokemon in a Sandstorm, due to the Special Defense boost you obtain. When Tyranitar and Hippowdon rebelled, you joined them, as they provide to you a great boost you are grateful for. You have decided to use your great defenses to support the other members of his army, and you have set up a ton of stat boosts to maximize your power.

At night, you may PM Toad, Hammer Bro., and Chain Chomp saying "Night X- Seed Bomb <alias>". You will fire off your powerful Seed Bomb at <alias>, and in anger, they will heal themselves and engage in a stall war with you for the whole night, and will thus instead target you.

Alternatively, you may PM Toad, Hammer Bro., and Chain Chomp saying "Night X- Stand in for <alias>". You will take up position in front of <alias>, and absorb all night actions targeted towards <alias>, redirecting themselves to yourself. This cannot be stacked with your other ability.

You have set up 6 Curses, and have the Special Defense boost from Sandstorm. Therefore, the first time a killer targets you, you will just shrug it off with no damage done.

You are holding the Substitute. While holding the Substitute, night actions have a 30% chance to miss you and not work.

You are allied with the Sand Cannons. You win if the Sand Cannons eliminate all unfriendly threats.
I've been cleaned, interwebs and superpoketroid can confirm this. Now the majority of sand cannons claimed to me last night, now I'm looking for Aliases and Role PMs. The more you give me, the sooner I can have you cleaned. And I won't be stingy with my Alias either, as you can see I've got more than enough protection to get the village rolling before I die. I'd like to talk to the Frosty Five leader, or at least Golduck. If you don't want to give me your alias that's ok, just give me your IRC name so we can talk. We already have a potential lynch today, a wolf, but I'm waiting for my inner circle to get online to discuss our results. Thank you.


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I was going to post my role PM and start to get claims but it seems VonFiedler was a step ahead of me. I'll let him lead unless something arises.
Looks like the Frosty Five need a leader!

Chain Chomp said:
Dear <almost forgot to snip this>,
You are Abomasnow.

You are the snowy king. You are the leader of the Frosty Five. Seeing Groudon, Kyogre, and Raquaza plotting against you, you gathered an army at the behest of Golduck. You have joined him to mount a counteroffensive strike against them. You will bring your frosty fury and chilling stall tactics to aid Golduck, who you know is <snip>.

At night, you may PM Toad, Hammer Bro., and Chain Chomp saying "Night X- Seeding <alias>". You will use your leech seed on <alias>, allowing you to slow <alias> down enough to find their role PM; however, this ability will only work on your enemies the Solar Warriors and the Stormy Kings.

Alternatively, you may PM Toad, Hammer Bro., and Chain Chomp saying "Night X- Make a Blizzard around <alias>". You will use Blizzard around <alias>, preventing him from all night actions. This cannot stop kills, sadly.

<item snip>

You also know that <snip> has failed to arrive to help the Sandy Warriors. Use that to your advantage. Also, you can only use one ability per night, incuding items.

You are allied with the Frosty Five. You win if the Frosty Five eliminates all unfriendly threats.
Yea, I realize that there are mistakes in this PM. "Sandy Warriors" instead of Sand Cannons, the strange wording with my Blizzard ability, and a missing comma. FinnRagetti made the Frosty Five PMs, so don't blame me.


I will not be giving out my alias, but, obviously Abomasnow is in this game. If no one counter-claims, I'm obviously clean. I'll be in touch with vonFielder and Golduck, so hopefully we can get rid of some bad guys.