[Standard] Survivor Mafia Signups

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1. While alive, you can talk to anyone about the game. Once dead, you cannot talk to anyone about the game. This game is an anonymous mafia. The link to the forums will be posted when the game begins.

2. The game will begin on Night 0. Kills including mob-kills (see rule 6) are invalid on Night 0, but any other roles are valid. During this time, no one may paste any part of his or her role PM. Role PMs may be freely distributed starting from Day 1. PM Zorbees or jumpluff if you want help creating a fake Role PM.

3. Do not take grammatical errors in PMs as proof of faking. We are not perfect and will likely make mistakes in Role PMs. Role PMs may also take multiple approaches and tones, so don't assume a Role PM is fake based on the way it is worded.

4. You can paste things told to you by the hosts. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log and need help, PM Zorbees or jumpluff. Impersonation of a host or another user or his alias, however, is not allowed. You may also not screenshot anything related to the game.

5. Each Day period will last 48 hours or until a majority is reached. When a host posts confirming majority and says an update is pending (there will be a grace period of 2-3 hours), the lynch vote cannot be changed. However, we will likely be lenient on this.

6. Each Night period will last 48 hours or until all PMs have been received. During the Night, PM [host aliases] with "Night X - vote to mob-kill <alias>". The alias with the most votes will be killed by an angry mob. If you wish to vote for no alias to die, PM with "Night X - no mob-kill".

7. During the day, you must bold your vote. We will be very lenient on the phrasing used in a lynch vote as long as it is clear that a lynch vote on an alias is intended.
You may also post no lynch. A tie in the lynch vote will cause neither alias to be lynched.

8. You may target dead aliases with your abilities, but that does not mean anything will happen.

9. Priorities are set and will be kept secret.

10. There are no items in this game.

11. We should be informed of all google docs, spreadsheets, IRC channels, pastebins, or whatever else you use to share information during the game.

12. You must use IRC to participate in this game. PM or Notice Zorbees or jumpluff on IRC to confirm IRC usage on Night 0 or you will be subbed out. We will sub out if we find you are not communicating enough in the game.

13. If you have any questions about the game, you can find either of us on IRC on #dreamworld, #warau, or whatever other channels we may be in, under our respective nicks, or you can PM us on the forums. There is no official channel for this game, but if anyone wants to make a public discussion channel, go ahead.

14. Send all action PMs to [host aliases]. We will prefer it if you put your action in the title of the PM, unless you are performing more than one action and everything won't fit. Make sure to send a PM saying "Day/Night X - Idling" (or some variation) if you decide not to use any action.

15. If a Role PM and a rule contradict each other, the Role PM takes precedence.

16. Please talk to me about the game, it will make for a better postgame.

Special Rules (VERY IMPORTANT):

1. SURVIVOR MAFIA: this means that there truly are no teams when it comes down to it. There will only be one individual player (unless a stupid tie occurs) that can claim to have won the game. The game will keep going until there are only three players left. When there are only three players left, we will head to the "Final Tribal Council", where the three remaining players have 48 hours to convince the jury, consisting of each and every dead player, who to vote the winner of the game, based on who did the most to get to this point in the game. In case of an initial tie between two survivors, the jury members will have a revote where only the top two survivors can be voted on. The vote will be private, and will require sound reasoning. We have the right to reject your vote if we find it unreasonable.

1.1 Due to the importance of the jury, we will need confirmation that you are still following the game after you die. This doesn't have to be formal or anything, just chat with us like "Wow, nice move by so and so on Day 5" or whatever. We will send PMs out when the "Final Tribal Council" starts alerting you just in case.

-There will be 22 players in the game-

P1 Reserved (bold means confirmed):



King Emerald
Staraptor Call

P2 Reserved (bold means confirmed):



Aura Guardian
Blue Tornado



As a last note, due to the experimental nature of this game, it is not recommended for first timers and other beginners to join. However, I can't stop anyone from signing up.

EDIT: Signups close at ~2AM EST on Saturday, November 27.
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