Star Wars Mafia

Blue Kirby

Never back down.
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I like how everyone forgot about Admiral Akbar. I tried to lay clues for my allies, but only got my enemies responding back. I went and outright PMed StrangerDanger, but didn't hear anything back, despite him acknowledging that I had been in contact with Hipmonlee!

Where were you guys?
Hmm.. who was C3P0? I realized he isn't dead yet.
Also, what is Admiral Akbar's role anyways.
I was originally R2D2, but when Mr.378 got killed, GP decided to switch our roles, as it was apperantly easier to write a death story for R2D2. So I mysteriously became C3PO that night.
We were basically twins who also received the inspection results each night. Of course, GP decided to cut out the middleman altogether near the end and just sent the results straight to GTS.


Alas poor Yorick!
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and we have our forums we could post ^______^
Actually I don't want that to happen, it reveals our thinking strageies to other people. I'd rather not have the mafia mafia players know my thought process.

So no one post the BH forums please, or I'll delete everything in it.
Geez, thats no fun :[
You could just delete anything you post/our quotes of you.

I'm not going to post it, but why does it even matter?
I don't care if people saw how I thought, it's not like it gives them an advantage over me. You just seem suspicious!!
Yeah, I wish.

I have no doubt there is at least one person in the Mafia Mafia game that can interpret his messages from this Mafia and use it to help them in the current one. This goes for anyone, really, and is especially true for arguing posts.

So, if he does not wish to post his mafia forum, that's his choice. :(