Switches, Double Switches, and Volt Switches

Hi Blatreutka, thankyou for writing this up! I was very afraid of your Venusaur after the couple of previous battles, and was extremely reluctant to start spiking with Ferrothorn and opening myself up for a sweep. That said, you played very well and didn't give me many opportunities to get hazards up had I dared to. Ferrothorn has never felt so useless.

The final move on my Rotom was, if I remember correctly, Thunder - as I'd been having real difficult with NP Thundurus in rain. After this battle, I replaced it with Pain Split - it's interesting to think how that could have affected the outcome had I done it earlier!

Slops on calling me he throughout, but you write really engagingly and it was a fun battle. Congrats on a great warstory, a solid team (Slowbro and Snorlax are a fantastic sun core), and for beating me as usual!
Hey lacerta, I'm glad you liked it. I really enjoyed the battle, it's definitely one of if not the best battle I've ever had. Sorry about the he/she thing, I went through and changed all of them that I noticed, but I probably missed a bunch.

Thanks for all the comments, I'm glad people liked the warstory.
Nicely done. 9.5 out of 10. True there's a lot of hax, but they ended up canceling each other anyway (the Overheat misses compared to the critical) and I really love the format.

And you get a Luvdisc.
The formatting was truly fantastic. Keeping track of the significant predictions as well as the updates every ten turns made it exceedingly easy to follow.

10/10 for formatting
9.5/10 for the overall battle

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someone really should have gotten hazards up early, especially on choice-locked snorlax. still a good match, but that amount of switching would be unfeasible if ferro managed to lay down his shit.
Very thoroughly enjoyed this. The formatting was pleasing, and the commentary was great. You worked with a great battle and made a great work. Keep on writing!


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That was a greatt battle! Great formatting! Still a bunch of gender issues, though. PS, just because Mienshao doesn't Fake Out the first turn doesn't mean it doesn't have it, necessarily. And, I found the prediction count to be kind of obnoxious, actually. 9.5/10.
I think the folks who were put-off by the prediction count didn't pay close enough attention to the commentary in between. Blatreutka was pretty modest throughout, and probably added it to enrich the experience of reading it and not for self-praise.

I agree with Blood Tears, and am actually surprised that this story has not been archived. It doesn't have "big" commentary like some of the ones in the archive, but your choice of words in each paragraph shows a piercing intellect that is able to analyze a single move on several different levels. I really do think about switches in 1v1 differently now, and that's not just because I'm basically a Singles-virgin.

Bravo, I say, and please keep writing.


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It's a new mechanic in 5th Gen, you're allowed to do that.

Regardless -- this was a very wonderful warstory and I'm going to move it to the archive. I was going to do it earlier, but I got lazy then I forgot. So I hope this makes it up to you!