Syclar - Part 3 - Ability Discussion

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In the first thread of this pre-evolution process, we discussed some of the overall ideas that we need to focus on for Syclar, the pre-evolution of Syclant. At the end, I threw out some thoughts that are necessary to consider for the future of Syclar. Please read through that post you you understand where I'm coming from in the following threads. Thanks!

This is the stage where we'll discuss the abilities that Syclar will possess. In normal pre-evolution processes, we discuss them all individually. However, I am going to open up the floor to discuss both primary and secondary abilities. I'd like to see what the public consensus is on all abilities that Syclar could potentially have. If we're pretty set on what we want, then we'll probably only have one set of polls. If there are a host of valid opinions in multiple camps, then I will set up individual polls for individual abilities. Basically, we will play it by ear, haha.

Its evolution, Syclant has the abilities Compoundeyes and Mountaineer. The latter abilities is a custom ability that we created; read about it here. You can also read some of the voting thoughts on abilities for Syclant here (note it was called Ice Shell at that time, but then it switched over to Mountaineer). I'd recommend reading them; they're quite interesting! None of Syclant's Pokedex entries really solidify the ability of Mountaineer, so that might play a role in this discussion as well. I guess the big question I have is which abilities will Syclar retain? It's going to need to retain one of them, if not both, in my opinion. I have quite a few thoughts on this, but I will try not to lean into them too much, haha. I want to see what you all think as a community in terms of our next step forward!

This discussion thread will be open for 24 hours. Solid.

What we have so far:

Name: Syclar
Type: Ice / Bug
Bringing up Swarm since Syclar doesn't look like the type of Pokémon that could withstand a tiny pebble let alone Stealth Rock. Keep Compoundeyes obviously. Bold text.
I feel Syclar should keep the abilities of its evolution. They both make sense on it, which is the main thing to consider. The only option that came to my mind was switching Compoundeyes for Shield Dust. A good number of basic bugs have Shield Dust(even thought they are the particularly weak ones), and Mountaineer seems to me like the signature ability of this evo family, so it should stay.
I agree that Syclar should retain both abilities. After looking through the Syclant material, it sounds like this CAP was given Mountaineer because people were paranoid it would be neutered by Stealth Rock or a good ole Stone Edge to the face. It might not be a bad idea to work the Mountaineer angle into Syclar's pokedex entries.

That being said, I vote for Mountaineer and Compoundeyes being retained as the y are the signature line. Also, most bug lines keep the same abilities (except for those worthless lines like Caterpie and Weedle).


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Whilst I agree with the above, I think I'd like to see Compound Eyes stay for sure, and Mountaineer switch out for something similar but weaker. I was thinking Shield Dust or Battle Armour/Shell Armour.

Shed Skin/Run Away/Snow Cloak and Swarm are also pretty good shouts. I was also looking at Unnerve, then realised it was a Gen V ability... So that's pretty much off the slate. I can't really see this guy having much else, but I know someone is going to put forward something silly.


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I agree Compoundeyes needs to stay.

I like the idea of Swarm or Snow Cloak.

Given Tail Glow, I think perhaps Illuminate might also be an option.
Definitely keep Compoundeyes. Throwing my support for Swarm and Snow Cloak as well, leaning towards Snow Cloak as it represents Syclar's Ice type while Compoundeyes represents it's Bug type. Also, I could see Syclar being a fragile little bug who hides in the snow until it is big enough to fend for itself.
I think Syclar should NOT have Mountaineer. I have read many people's posts regarding adult Syclant bringing food for baby Syclar. Those Syclar are stuck in caves. So it follows that they aren't Mountaineers. Else they would get their own food, instead of relying on their parents.

I think Illuminate makes a lot of sense, as the tail of Syclar looks like a gemstone or ice block which could easily be used to generate/disperse/diffract light. Given the idea of Syclar being stuck in caves, a light source would be very helpful, so Illuminate.

So I think Compoundeyes and Illuminate, sticking with the theme of Syclar being cave dwellers who rely on Mountaineer Syclant to fetch food.

Alternatively, Shield Dust would also be acceptable to me, as the dust in caves could theoretically act as a shield.

*note: I'm not saying that officially Syclar have to live in caves, that's just how I think if them, and as such I recommend Compoundeyes + one of Illuminate or Shield Dust. Definitely Illuminate first, then shield dust.
As said previously, I think Mountaineer should be retained on Syclar, as it's kind of a trademark Ability on it and Syclant.
I'm not too sure about Compoundeyes, however; Swarm or Snow Cloak would be pretty nice. Snow Cloak sort of fits with evasiveness and its small size.
I am fine with both removing and keepin mountaineer. But for those who dislike the mountaineer idea, I'd like to suggest Ice Body as an alternative. Because well, it's body is frozen :P
I think Compoundeyes should stay at least. Mountaineer? I can't really decide. I think that should be the ability if we can't agree on Snow Cloak or even Ice Body. If we have Swarm/Shield Dust, we're disregarding the Ice type of Syclant somewhat.


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I'm agreeing that mountaineer just doesn't make sense.
However, some of what has been suggested so far doesn't either. Shield dust is a moth/butterfly family exclusive ability, with the Japanese name translating to moth scales. I could definitely however get behind ice body or snow cloak or swarm. I also want to throw my support behind keeping compoudeyes
I think Compoundeyes and Shed Skin will fit perfectly. It's a glass cannon and vulnerable against paralysis, then it just sheds its skin and can crawl again. I like this imagination ...
I'm agreeing with what Zy said here, and backing Compundeyes / Illuminate. Syclar doesn't really seem the type to be jaunting around the steep scary mountains, and the idea of it huddled in a cave with its little light glowing is so adorable n_n
I know this is a stretch and all but how about Snow Warning for Hidden ability? Seeing how cautious it is and what not, it warning its fellow kind in a non revealing way sounds fitting.


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Compoundeyes should definitely stay. As for the second ability, I am all for either one of Swarm or Illuminate. Mountaineer is definitely a no-go, Syclar does not look like it at all as many have said. Ritter's point is also super valid !_!
I know this is a stretch and all but how about Snow Warning for Hidden ability? Seeing how cautious it is and what not, it warning its fellow kind in a non revealing way sounds fitting.
Um, do you know what Snow Warning does? It's a weather-changing ability. If I remember correctly, when a Pokemon has a weather-changing ability, the final stage gets the ability with the question being about the prevos. So unless Syclant gets Snow Warning as a Hidden ability, Syclar shouldn't.

Anyway, I vote for Mountaineer as the family common ability; Compoundeyes never really made sense, as neither stage in this family even has the right and proper "bug eyes" that would go with that ability. I could get behind Shed Skin as a secondary ability, too, since I see that as a growing-bug ability (never got why all the cocoon Pokemon got this instead of their caterpillars, when it's the caterpillars that are shedding their skins to grow). I also like Illuminate, so if we're doing Hidden abilities that could be it.
Huh, I am a bit surprised people don't think Mountaineer should stay. My thought for that was that since real ants can climb up walls and stuff like that, it would make sense that Syclar is climbing up mountains, or even just cave walls. Reading some other thoughts, I realized Illuminate would be fine replacement for Compundeyes. Both Syclar's shiny and non-shiny are colors which make sense to me as being associatated with light, bright and visible. The Syclar would not be ready to see around caves on its own yet since it doesn't have Compoundeyes, but Illuminate would let the parent Syclant find them in the dark.
I am still fine with all of these suggestions (a little opposed to Shed Skin) I would like to suggest Hustle as another alternative ability. Hustle seems to me like a good, "per ability" to mountaineer. It hustles in preparation for moving through the mountains. Hustle is also an ability which is on several prevos but not their evos (Zweilious, Nidorina, Nidorino). just another suggestion!


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I am getting a Caterpie/Wurmple/Weedle vibe from Syclar. I think Rattled should be included instead of Mountaineer.
Rattled is Gen V, in much the same vein as Unnerve is. As this is a Gen IV CaP Prevo, we are unable to use Gen V abilities.

Also; Tail Glow is an Egg Move, so it's weird how people seem to be fixating on that in terms of Illuminate as a secondary. Snow Warning is a basically a no go too for obvious reasons.

I really like Snow Cloak/Swarm/Shell Armour. All are great flavour for Syclar.
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