Syclar - Part 4 - Stat Submissions

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aaah sorry if this is too similar to somebody else's but there's no time to check

Final Submission

40 HP / 76 Atk / 45 Def / 74 SpA / 39 SpD / 91 Spe | BST - 365

(Diff) 30 HP / 40 Atk / 25 Def / 40 SpA / 25 Def / 30 Spe

Basically what I tried to do here is lop off multiples of five from each base stat while keeping the main essence of Syclant - a fast mixed attacker that's sort of frail. As you can see from the differences, it's pretty even throughout because Syclant's stats themselves were pretty even and it doesn't make much sense to disrupt that. More detailed justifications below.

The main trend to note about this spread in comparison with the rest of LC is that this Syclar's offensive stats - Atk, SpA, Spe - tend to be in the higher ranges, especially Speed, while its defensive stats - HP, Def, SpD - are down in the lower ranges; check this if you don't believe me! You can compare this to Syclant; its Speed is up pretty high and its offensive stats are pretty good as well (even better than Infernape, actually), but its defenses are pretty bad.


20 Spe is ridiculously fast in LC; the only three LC-legal mons are Diglett, Elekid, and something else that nobody cares about, and honestly I just don't think that Syclar is that fast. That being said, though, I do think it's decently fast and so 91 Spe is a good choice - it allows doesn't force Syclar to waste more EVs on Speed, which allows it to go mixed if it really wants to or just invest in some defense even though it probably is going to die after one or two hits >_> The only other option that lets Syclar hit 19 Spe is base 86 Spe, which really doesn't do anything except make it harder for it to go mixed, which was the main focus of Syclant iirc.

HP / Def / SpD crammed together because I'm out of time

Ice is a frail type. Bug is a frail type. Therefore, Ice / Bug is probably doubly frail and almost certainly frailer than our comparisons. 40 / 45 / 39 is pretty frail - Growtithe, Joltik, Karrablast, and Anorith are all bulkier than this spread is, with the average being somewhere around 45 / 50 / 50, I think, and we don't even need to look at Shelmet to know that it's bulkier than this Syclar is. However, the difference isn't too large, considering that the uninvested stats jump every ten, so we're looking at a difference of about 1 HP and SpD.

With 40 HP you can run less HP IVs to get 19 HP if you want to use a Life Orb but you're probably better off using Eviolite which is good on everything so there's really no point talking more about defensive stats.

Atk / SpA

So I basically just sliced off 45 from each of Syclant's offensive stats, since slicing anything less off leaves you with pretty daunting offensive stats considering they're both pretty good.

Its Attack is just above Karrablast - with a difference of a mere one point - which is a pretty good standard for Syclar in terms of physical offense, I think; it doesn't hurt that out of the examples listed Karrablast has the highest Attack. Its Special Attack is above Growlithe by four points, since, well, Growlithe seems like a good standard and its Special Attack is the highest out of the examples listed. Where have I heard that before?

tl;dr this Syclar has better offensive stats than the potential mirrors, worse defensive stats than the potential mirrors, and is pretty even in stat differences compared to Syclant, which can't be a bad thing. Let's hope the thread isn't locked yet.


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Ugh, try leading one of these sometime. Making slates is pretty darn difficult, haha. Huge thanks to Elevator Music for helping me organize my thoughts; he was key in helping me narrow this down. Almost every spread submitted here was believable. Thanks to everyone for their submissions! If you have any questions, send me off a PM. Here's the slate:

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