Terrorist Gengar

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Why did people quit using Gengar leads? Hypnosis' accuracy. Well, that dosen't mean the suicide + anti-lead should end. This set in particular always does a great job. Just take a look:

name:Terrorist Gengar
move 1: Shadow Ball
move 2: Thunderbolt
move 3: Destiny Bond
move 4: Energy Ball / Taunt
item: black sludge/focus sash/life orb
nature: modest
evs: 6 DEF/252 SPE/252 SP.A
ability: levitate


-This set is both a lead and anti-lead. It can kill your everyday leads, then destiny bond whatever comes out to kill it.
-Shadow Ball OHKO's Azelf
-Thunderbolt OHKO's lead Aerodactyl (w/ life orb)
-94.2% - 110.9% with shadowball on leadape (w/ life orb)
-Shadow ball 2HKO's anti-lead machamp with shadowball
-OHKO's Swampert no matter what with energy ball
-May not get up entry hazards, but still eliminates some pokes
-If killed, try bringing in dugtrio. The three that screw him are Tyranitar Metagross and Heatran. Dugtrio gets em all
-Unaffected by fake-out
-Destiny Bond can finish whats finishing you
-You can even save it late game to get rid of sweepers

I know this set looks risky and a stretch, but try it. It does it's job (especially well with Dugtrio).
Modest can't even outpace base 100's, every lead still sets up like usual vs. this, and it has no solution for CB Scizor and Scarf Tyranitar, the two most common Pokemon in the game, who often come in on Gengar to revenge. Having something that's instant death fodder partner up well with a Pokemon like Dugtrio does not merit an analysis.

No from me.

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If this was Timid and had the Sash, it could be a different story altogether. Not to mention it gets terrorized by other leads (Machamp, Metagross).

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