Gen 2 That Team I Always Use With Jolteon


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That Borat helped me make at one point in time, I believe.

Jolteon (M) @ Leftovers ** Second Chance
- Baton Pass
- Growth
- Hidden Power [Water]
- Thunderbolt

I just like having first turn BP as a lead. Sue me. Doesn't really get active until mid-game when hopefully Roar Raikou is gone or late game as that last chance for a sweep. I like Jolteon as a Growth passer, as it actually has potential to get rid of most non-Raikou phazers the opponent might be carrying.

Exeggutor (M) @ Leftovers ** Chaotic Waltz
- Leech Seed
- Psychic
- Stun Spore
- Substitute

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE this set. It's highly prominent at forcing switches (relevant when Spikes are in play, of course) and with some aid from Jolteon, it becomes something akin to a monster. Also of note is how much more advantageous it is when a Zapdos so switch in expecting Sleep Powder, only to become paralyzed.

Cloyster (M) @ Leftovers ** Backless
- Explosion
- Spikes
- Surf
- Toxic

The usual stuff. I don't like running Toxic when Stun Spore/Thunder is aiming to paralyze, but for Starmie/Cloyster, I'll make an exception. I considered running HP Electric at one point, as it potentially benefits from a +1 from Jolteon, but Toxic's uses are a bit more universal.

Snorlax (M) @ Leftovers ** Birthday Cake
- Curse
- Double-Edge
- Earthquake
- Rest

Double-Edge because I like to go big or go home.

Steelix (M) @ Leftovers ** Earthworm Jim
- Curse
- Earthquake
- Explosion
- Roar


Zapdos @ Leftovers ** Dream Wing
- Hidden Power [Ice]
- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Thunder

Jolteon passing Growths to Zapdos creates a powerhouse that makes me squeal.

Team gets wrecked by Tyranitar. Quite often. D:

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Very t-tar weak. jolteon cannot 2HKO, egg cannot touch it, cloy cant come forever, lax will have a hard time vs it especially if it has roar (or curse), fire blast version can destroy steelix, and rock slide does 70% to zapdos.
Maybe BP vaporeon instead of Jolteon?
It can still pass growths, and you won't have t-tar problems anymore (maybe thunder HP water zapdos problems, but curselax with sleeptalk usually beats it).
Also giving egg Giga Drain would help too (sadly no place for it if you want subseed egg)
If you put water on zapdos, you can ST vs ttars pretty safely imo.

The funny thing is, if you find out early enough, you can generally play around ttar pretty often. Cloy gives you a first time switch pretty often. If it mixes, you can try stalling it with lax/something. Mix is easy imo unless it gets dpunch happy, then cloy to bail you out. If it curses, egg can seed it. Egg can para it. The only real switch it gets is egg; it doesn't get in on anything else comfortably. And that egg paras, which a lot of ttars (on teams without bell) are desperately trying to avoid. You can throw out a sub the subsequent turn to scout a move, maybe fish for FP. And bar tbolt, cloyster is relatively safe switch to any move it may have.

I dont think he'd change to vaporeon for personal reasons.


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It kinda looks like Borat helped you with it (as you said). It's basically that same explosion team, with Jolteon for Vap and Egg made to seed instead of explode. Granted, the team is more focused on getting the strategic pass instead of just exploding on things. So it looks the same, but definitely has a different flavor.

Growth-passing Jolt is very good, though. Raikou's the only thing phazing it reliably, and Raikou can take a beating if it's busy being all defensive like that.

Also, to reiterate, the team has enough pressure to keep Ttar out. Even in favorable matchups, Ttar generally gets smacked around and has a hard time doing what it's supposed to do. Not to mention that even if it does catch a break, it's always possible to play around Ttar.

BP vap vs. BP Jolt is the choice between accepting Raikou's ability to kill you in return for your own ability to kill Raikou, and forcing Raikou to Roar you out while relinquishing your passer's ability to flatout kill a Raikou. Also, Suicune (though the team is well-equipped to explode on Suicune to take it out).
Worth pointing out that a passing vap doesnt exactly stop ttar anyway.

Furthermore, I don't think ttar is that big of a threat to begin with, at least not compared to the many other threats that exist.
If your're going to Pass to Zapdos, then make sure It's not the RestTalk Varient, Thats a pile of Crawp. You only need RestTalk, if you're not boosted. Also use Thunderbolt over Thunder.


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Zapdos is only one possible recipient of Growth, and that's not to say I'll 100% pull it off in any given match as it is. RestTalk is fine for general purposes. The team has no other way of dealing with with Sleep moves and Zapdos uses Sleep Talk generally well. If anything, being able to attack boosted while sleeping/restoring health can make it even more dangerous to deal with.