The 3-mon Tournament - Finals! [Won by Myzozoa]

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The 3-Mon Tournament II - Semifinals!

Awesome Artwork by Bummer from the Artwork for Tournaments Thread!

What if, in the world of Pokémon, belts were less strong and could only hold 3 Pokéballs? Things would change, that's for sure. In this tournament, the participants will try to build a solid team with just 3 Pokémon! Will stall still be able to handle every threat while just using 3 Pokémon? Will a fully offensive team of just three Pokémon be able to power through the opponent's team? We'll see...

Tournament Rules:
-3v3 Singles
-Best of Three


I expect many battles to be completed under alts and I expect many battles to be completed on other servers to prevent scouting. These kind of factors are pretty bad for tournament security, and thus I will make this clear: If I hear any whispers of identity theft (battling as someone you are not) or proxy battling (helping someone else battle through pm) I will not be pleased and I will take severe actions.


Next, I do not want to hear anything about counterteaming, at all. It is the silliest thing I have ever heard, any battler worth their marbles has more than one team. Do not complain about it. I also don't want to hear about any forceful scouting, whether it be spying on another teams irc channel or following your opponent around on PO. There is a difference between "ipl is known for using stall" and "let me follow ipl around all day to watch all his battles since I am his opponent". I expect a lot of the former and none of the latter.

With that said, I give permission to all battlers to ask any person spectating their battle to leave if they do not want them watching. However, given the fact that this is the big stage, I am sure a lot of people want to watch, so don't be too mean.

Timer Clause

As for taking long between moves, if your opponent asks you to hurry up, please oblige. If you are doing a damage calc for a key turn that is one thing, but prolonging every move is suspicious and annoying. Don't do it. Furthermore, Battle Timeout is a rule for a reason. If you run out of time, you lose, simple as that. It does not matter what your opponent says. Do not battle if you think you will have to leave mid battle, and instead reschedule for a better time. Timing out is still classified as a loss, unless the reason for timing out is a disconnection. If there is any suspicion that a disconnect was carried out deliberately to take advantage of this rule in any way, we reserve the right to exercise a harsh punishment.


If a player disconnects and either player contends that they could still win, the optimal solution is to recreate the exact situation the disconnection occurred at during the battle. If it is agreed between players that this is not feasible due to unreasonable battle length, highly improbable circumstances, or some other reason, the player who did not disconnect may choose to rematch with either the same teams or (the option to use) new teams. Timing out is still classified as a loss, unless the reason for timing out is a disconnection. If there is any suspicion that a disconnect was carried out deliberately to take advantage of this rule in any way, we reserve the right to exercise a harsh punishment. Do not do it.

I know that was a lot to read, but it is all necessary for me to have posted here so everyone can see it in the case of a dispute. I don't want any confusion or any problems.

-Wifi Battle
-Species Clause
-Sleep Clause
-Timer Clause
-Evasion Clause
-OHKO Clause

  • This is a BW2 Tournament. Battles are to be played by default on Showdown, but can be played on PO if both contestants agree.
  • It is advised to keep logs in case of a dispute
  • If there are still any questions, don't hesitate to PM me or ask them in the thread.

Activity Wins:
SoulWind vs zzazzdsa

Semifinal Pairings:

locopoke vs Friar
Myzozoa vs Jayde
SoulWind vs mostwanted

Final Pairings:
locopoke vs Myzozoa
Myzozoa vs mostwanted
mostwanted vs locopoke

The deadline for Semifinal Matches is Thursday the 3rd of Januari 2013, 9:00 PM GMT +1 (due to christmas and new year i'm giving you some extra time)
lol that's unexpected

Since i don't have time to update it officially, i think i'ts okay to just continue the finals in this thread. I'll update the OP in a few mins (i'm really in a hurry though so it might be a little crappy)
i'm waiting for confirmation on mw vs locopoke.


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Lost to myzozoa, good games and congrats

This was my team:

Ditto @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Imposter
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def
Relaxed Nature
IVs: 0 Spd
- Transform

Liepard @ Leftovers
Trait: Prankster
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 HP / 6 Def
Timid Nature
- Assist
- Substitute
- Swagger
- Foul Play

Breloom @ Focus Sash
Trait: Poison Heal
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 Atk / 212 HP / 44 Def
Adamant Nature
- Spore
- Focus Punch
- Counter
- Protect

The only reason I played this tournament, really broken and fun to use but probably loses flat out to Espeon.
No johns!

Thanks for finishing these matches so quickly, guys. I had lots of fun hosting this tournament. Congratulations to mostwanted and locopoke for getting this far, and big props to Myzozoa for winning it all!
Can anyone provide the public with logs of the finals matches?
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