The Cross Server Tournament - Round 3

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The Cross-Server Tournament - Round 3
  • Please try hard to arrange a battle, so search for your opponent on his/her home server, your own server and Smogon. Make appointments as soon as possible.
  • Watch out the different time zones. For some players you can see it at Many german players won't be able to be online after 21:00 UTC +0000 because of school. If you want to compare clocks, check out
  • If you cannot find your opponent, or if he is not willing to arrange a date, report it to your captain
  • If you are not able to do your battles, report that to your captain immediately
  • Be online as much as possible, even if you are afk.
  • If your opponent is not online, ask around - sometimes they can be contacted on IM by friends.
  • If you really tried hard, but were not able to find a player, report it to your captain as soon as possible.
  • Also do so if your opponent doesn't show up.
  • These reports are also a part of the measurement for your activity and therefore influence freewins. (, §6: "If one player is being very active while another is not, disqualify the inactive player.")
  • Before starting a battle, ensure that your opponent is aware that it is your tourney battle. Do not challenge him without warning.
  • It is a OU tourney. Check tiers on the Smogon Uselist. CAPs are not allowed.
  • You should do your battles on unmodified servers. If you both agree, you can also use the Smogon server.
  • Clauses to enable are Evasion, Freeze, OHKO, Sleep, Species, Timed Battle. On Pokemonexperte server it is sufficient to select "! * Common Standards" Clause which automatically enables all required ones). Strict Damage is optional if you like.
  • Post your battling results (including the score) here in the forum.
  • The best 3 of every group will come into the next round. Standings are updated on a regular basis at
  • Deadline for Round 3 is Sunday, 4th of October, 20:00 UTC. There will be NO DEADLINE EXTENSION!
  • Subs are only accepted until Monday 28th, 20:00 UTC +0000
  • If there are any further questions, contact your captain.
Group 1:
CAP - Krack
CAP - Twist of Fate
PE - Skydiver
SNO - Bobtheball4
TU - Safe_kid
CAP - tito

Group 2:
CAP - Kevin Garrett
CAP - Umbreon Dan
PE - ShadowLucario
QB - Takashi
TU - defjam
PE - Moschuss

Group 3:
CAP - ReyScarface
CAP - twash
PE - Bina
QB - Saskip
TU - Blue Blur
PE - sasu

Group 4:
CAP - Vader
CAP - estranged
PE - Flygon
SNO - Sonaxy
TU - Albatross
TU - Dark Abyss

Group 5:
CAP - reachzero
CAP - Jimbo
PE - Sapientia
SNO - Zari
TU - Supertrunks8
TU - Milos

Group 6:
CAP - Bad Ass
CAP - locopoke
PE - Sasuke_Kun
PE - jira
TU - Cat
TU - Lunar

Current Standings

CAP - 12
PE - 7
TU - 11
QB - 1
SM - 3

Looks like CAP's doing well. Let's crush them! =)
CaP is doing awesome FUCK YEAH! Too bad I'm fucking out ;-;. Oh well, good luck (or no luck if you prefer *coughREYcough*) CaP!
Won vs Binabik 1-0 where my Infernape did a lucky comeback. Got a last turn crit on his <x> that won me the game, but earlier he got a crit on my Gengar who couldnt then finish the job of killing <x>.

Haxy match for both sides, I apologize for my crit, gg.
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