The dude who walked through a cornfield (random story)

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This is a very random story that i wrote i dont want to post it on smeargles studio for the fear that it is too random and i think it might be quite amusing to read so i posted it here. enjoy:

There was this other dude who was walking through this cornfield when suddenly This potato walked up to him and asked “hey dude what the heck are you doing in my cornfield ?“ The dude walking through the cornfield said “hey shut up dude this aint your cornfield or they dude that wrote this story would have written: there was this dude walking through a potatoes cornfield “this made the potato very angry “STFU! I don’t give a Fu** about the dude who wrote this cruddy story!” The dude that was writing the story decided he had had enough of the potato insulting his story so he ran into the kitchen and asked his mum “Mum could you please make some mashed potato for lunch if I buy the potatoes for you?” his mum was happy that her boy was finally going to eat vegetables so she agreed. The only problem was that the dude that was walking through the cornfield realized that he was talking to a potato he stuffed the potato in his sack that he carried around in his pocket for no apparent reason and asked his wife whether she could make fried potatoes for lunch. This totally enraged the dude writing the story “THAT IS MY FUCKING POTATO “He bellowed at the dude who had been walking through the cornfield “hey no fair you can say fuck as loudly as you want to and I can only say Fu**!”The dude exclaimed. The dude writing the story relented “ok you can say fuck if you want to but I don’t encourage it because bad language isn’t good for the young children who might be reading this story.”The dude who had walked through the cornfield was still not satisfied “I still don’t think this is a good story I think I will now talk in first person just to confuse the heck out of people.
“Well today I walked through a cornfield when suddenly something strange happened there was this potato which shouted at me “what the heck are you doing in my cornfield I told it “this aint your corn field or the guy writing the story would have said so”
“Wait a minute!” the guy writing the story shouted “AM I writing this story or not? If I say we talk in third person then we talk in third person!” he seemed rather annoyed that his characters were interfering with his story “from now on we are talking in present tense is that understood?!”
Dude: There is this potato which I really want to eat for lunch!
Writer: There is this dude who I really want to shut up
Potato: I am saying STFU
Dude: It is MY potato!
Potato: There are these two people standing in front of me arguing and I really wish they would go fu** themselves and SHUT UP!
Writer: oh screw this story I quit writing it is getting too stressful
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