The Metagame Tweak - FINALS [Won by Dice]

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The Metagame Tweak - What it means to be OU

Approved by the TD Team

Art thanks to Elcheeso

What defines a Pokémon to be OU? Is it base stats? Ability? Moveset? If some things had it a little differently, would they still forever sit in the shadows and be outclassed – or would they rise up and take back their throne. In this tour, we discover what could have happened if Game Freak had altered the playing field a little bit.
In this tour I change several Pokémon per round to experiment and see what happens if certain Pokémon got something a little different from Game Freak.


  • Standard OU – but I will be changing a few select Pokѐmon.
  • Battles are to be made on the Pokѐcommunity Server – Under FireMage’s Tournament (Challenege --> FireMage’s Tournament)
  • All changes I make will be Flavourful AND Competitive (Ie, no Speed Boost Slowbro however, Magic Guard Gardevoir might make the cut)
  • Any changes I make will carry on and be in effect for the remainder of the tournament (unless I say so)(So round 1 changes will carry over into Round 2,3 and beyond.)
  • All Changes will be to movepools and abilities. Stats will not be effected.
  • Single Elimination
  • You do not have to play with the changed pokѐmon in the first few rounds. After Round 3 you will be required to use at least one.
  • All standard tournament rules and clauses are in effect – they can be viewed here
  • If something shanged is equivalent to a Dream World ability then all illegalities that go with it being a Dream World ability go with it. (For example, 3rd Gen tutor / Event / XD moves can't be used in tandem with any DW abilities) All illegalities will be explained in each post (if applicable)
  • You may use Previous round Pokémon

Final Changes

Dream World Event - FireMage’s Raikou - Forced Nickname Raikou
Raikou @ Volt Absorb
Forced Timid Nature
Forced IV’s 31/31/31/31/31/30 (30 IVs in speed, no matter what moves you run)
-Aura Sphere
-Weather Ball
-Volt Tackle
-Rain Dance

Dream World Event - FireMage’s Entei - Forced Nickname Entei
Entei @ Flash Fire
Forced Jolly Nature
-*Flare Blitz

Dream World Event - FireMage’s Suicune - Forced Nickname Suicune
Suicune @ Hydration
Forced Calm Nature
-Aqua Ring
-Baton Pass
-Calm Mind

All three above Events are for GEN 5 ONLY. Any moves obtained exclusively in Gen III and IV are illegal with them as are other Event moves.

+ Brave Bird, +Head Smash (Level up)
Justification - It’s really reckless.
Illegalities - None

+Chlorophyll (DW) +Weather Ball (DW Exclusive)
Justification - Shaymin sits at a great speed tier for abuse in the sun. With Weather ball, it can forgo HP Fire (In Sun) or HP ice (in Hail) for alternative HP types.
Illegalities - GEN III / IV Exclusives, Any Event moves.

Semi-Final Changes

+Nasty Plot (Level up)
Justification: Gengar is a mischievous soul and what could be more fitting than Nasty plot. Will it's fragile nature be something in which prevents setup? Will it even be worth setting up?
Illegalities: None

-Damp (DW) +Hydration(DW)+ Aqua Ring
Justification: Slightly different take on the traditional Kingdra. It's typing is really nice defensively allowing it to use a rest- hydration set to accumulate multiple boosts.
Illegalities: Gen III / VI Exclusive Tutor/TM Moves.

+Unaware(DW) -Damp(DW) +Slack Off
Justification: Unaware would be an excellent addition to Swampert. It has fantastic bulk , but what really kills it is the lack of reliable recovery.
Illegalities: Gen III / VI Exclusive Tutor/TM Moves. ALL Egg Moves

-Light Metal(DW) +Intimidate (DW) +Shift Gear
Justification: Intimidate is clearly justified here, as is shift gear. Hopefully this, coupled with amazing bulk, great resistances will give Metagross enough to bring it out of obscurity.
Illegalities: Gen III / VI Exclusive Tutor/TM Moves.

+Levitate (DW)
Justification: Sure, you're losing serene grace but you're covering up that nasty ground type weakness.
Illegalities: Gen III / VI Exclusive Tutor/TM Moves ALL event moves.

-Sturdy +Levitate
Justification: It basically floats about everywhere. Hopefull levitate could patch up some of it's weaknesses.
Illegalities: If it's legal with Sturdy, then it is legal with Levitate.

Azelf / Mesprit / Uxie
+Prankster (DW)
Justification: Mischevious Pixies. Dual screens becomes more viable, Uxie has a great support movepool so hopefully the trio would be used more.
Illegalities: Gen VI Exclusive Tutor/TM Moves.

Serperior / Emboar / Samurott
Release of DW abilities [MALE ONLY, level 10]
Justification: Unreleased Dream World abilities.
Illegalities: No Egg Moves.

Justification: Psychic typing and a mischievous nature (at least according to the anime) make it perfect for Prankster. What strategies could be unfurled and executed which a +1 priority on all non damaging moves?
Illegalities: Gen III / VI Exclusive Tutor/TM Moves. ALL event moves.

Releasing it's DW ability - MALE ONLY. Also Changing it from Shadow Tag to Levitate
Justification:Shadow Tag Chandelure is pretty scary and flavourwise, I can see it working. However, Levitate is better fit to compliment it's already numerous immunities. I can see this working better than Shadow Tag could in some situations.
Illegalities: No Egg Moves.

-Sheer Force +Intimidate
Justification:Big Hulking Bird, I'd be really scared to square up to it. I see it as a slightly more usable Staraptor, maybe.
Illegalities: None.

-Heavy Metal (DW) +Drizzle(DW) +Heal Bell
Justification: According to it's dex entry "In ages past, this Pokémon was revered as a bringer of rain. It was found buried in the ground." Bronzong was revered as bringing rain to harvest (using both BW and BW2 Entires) So it'll be able to bring rain to the battlefield. Heal bell is mostly because it's a bell.
Illegalities: Gen VI Exclusive Move tutor/TMs

Move Change
Comet Punch is now a Fighting type Move

+Comet Punch, +Mach Punch (Level Up)
Justification: Comet Punch is mostly flavour, it can throw 1000 punches a second with it's 4 arms (well, according to the Dex entires anyway) So giving it a multi-hit punching move seems like a logical change. Mach punch may give Machamp enough to compete with Conkeldurr on teams.
Illegalities: none

+Slack Off
Justification: Snorlax relies on Rest to recover health and status. Slack off can somewhat migitate the damage taken and can now stand up to the plethora of attacks in the inow packed tier.
Illegalities: none

Articuno / Zapdos / Moltres
Release of their DW Abilities
Justification: Each of them are just yearning to have their DW abilities released. With the buff to Hail in Kyurem Articuno's Ice Body ability may see some use on Hail Stall teams. Zapdos has always been waiting for Lightningrod to be released - and accompanied with the addition of hurricane to it's movepool you've got ot be wary about using electirc type attacks.
Illegalities: Gen III / IV Exclusive TM/Event Moves

-Effect Spore +Toxic Boost (Trade to Gen V with Effect Spore). +Comet Punch
Justification - Breloom now has now got to choose between three excellent abilities. Forgoing the consistent boost of technician to it's lower Base Power moves. Or have immunity to other status effects whilst being able to either heal or lose survivability at the cost of boosting it's hoigher power moves.
Illegalities: Anything that Effect Spore is legal with, Toxic boost will also be legal with.

Super Luck (DW) +Sheer Force (DW)
Justification:Do you need Serene Graces additional effects to disrupt your opponents strategies? Or would you forgo any additional effect go gain a power boost instead? The decision is all up to you.
Illegalities- Gen III / IV TM / Event/ Exclusive TM Moves.

-Pickpocket (DW) +Technician(DW)
Justification: Whilst Pickpocket is a little more flavourful, technician turns all of it's many low base power moves into something that benefits its masive attack stat.
Illegalities - Gen IV Event/Exclusive Move Tutors/TMs

-Swarm +Sap Sipper (Gen 5)
Justification - More flavourful than anything. an Immunity to Grass type attacks and getting a +1 boost to your attack is something that's not always going to be a bad thing.
Illegalities - Gen III / IV Events/Move Tutor Exclusives / TM + HM Exclusives

-Serene Grace (DW) + Reckless (DW)
Justification - Serene Grace on Sawksbuck is useless. At least you can get a lot more Oomph out of Reckless.
Illegalities - None

+Hurricane (Move Tutor)
Justification - The other two birds get it and what Zapdos needs is a Strong Specal Flying type STAB. This'll turn it into a fearsome Rain 'mon.
Illegalites - None

-Justified(Dream World) + Drought (Dream World)
Justification - Arcanine should've been the OU Sun setter - Ninetales just sits there. I theorise Arcanine will be able to do a lot more for Sun teams offensively.
Illegalities - Gen III / IV Event + Gen III / IV Specific Tutor Moves

-Telepathy (Dream World), +Magic Guard (Dream World)
Justification - Gardevoir's vunerability to Hazards, and residual damage in general puts her in a position in which her great special bulk is comprimised. I see her as a bulkier Alakazam and could give him competition for certain teamslots.
Illegalities - Event + GEN II/I / IV Exclusive Tutor Moves

+ Snow Warning (Dream World)
Justification - Hail needs a better setter Who else than a mon that flash froze the Giant Chasm.
Illegalities - Gen V Event Moves

+ Flare Blitz, + Wild Charge (Level up)
Justification - If Flareon got Flare Blitz + Coverage move will it be able to function in OU?
Illegalities - none


None, get it done asap, please.

You now have to use at least 1 of the changed Pokémon.
Play using Custom Game - skylight sucks
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