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The Official Name-Pronunciation Guide

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Seth Vilo, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Seth Vilo

    Seth Vilo

    Mar 6, 2009
    The Official Name-Pronunciation Guide

    With permission from Birkal, 11/15/12

    From Skiz-er to Sala-mAnce, Pokemon name pronunciations have always been an interesting thing left mostly up to personal interpretations (especially with the advent of the Smogcast, if you remember the Skiz-er or Row-tom firestorm in that struck Smogcast 1’s thread).

    Would this problem with pronunciation ever be solved???


    Enter the 3DS Pokedex Pro, which pronounces each of the 649 names, and formes associated with them.

    With help from this app, below is a list of each of the 5 generations, with all their respective members, as well as how to phonetically pronounce their names. Each is by their icon, as well as their name so they are "ctrl-F"-able.

    • All caps = emphasis
    • Separated by syllable
    • A lone vowel means prounce its short-sound (ex, “i” means like in “it” instead of like “pie”)
    • Two like-vowels together means the long sound (ex, “ee” means like in “leaf” instead of “meh”)
    • The difference between G and J: if I put a G, it’s like “gray”; if I put a J, it’s like “jam”

    [*]When possible, I’ll use common words in the pronunciations (like “rain” in Walrein) to ease sounding out
    Generation 1

    [​IMG]: Bulbasaur; BUL-buh-sore
    [​IMG]: Ivysaur; EYE-vee-sore
    [​IMG]: Venusaur; VEE-nuh-sore
    [​IMG]: Charmander; CHAR-man-der
    [​IMG]: Charmeleon; char-MEAL-ee-ehn
    [​IMG]: Charizard; CHAR-i-zard
    [​IMG]: Squirtle; SKWUR-tull
    [​IMG]: Wartortle; WAR-tor-tull
    [​IMG]: Blastoise; BLAST-oys
    [​IMG]: Caterpie; CAT-er-pee
    [​IMG]: Metapod; MET-uh-pod
    [​IMG]: Butterfree; BUT-er-free
    [​IMG]: Weedle; WEE-dull
    [​IMG]: Kakuna; ka-KOO-nah
    [​IMG]: Beedrill; BEE-drill
    [​IMG]: Pidgey; PID-jee
    [​IMG]: Pidgeotto; pid-JYO-toe
    [​IMG]: Pidgeot; PID-jit
    [​IMG]: Rattata; ruh-TA-tah
    [​IMG]: Raticate; RAT-i-kate
    [​IMG]: Spearow; SPEER-oh
    [​IMG]: Fearow; FEER-oh
    [​IMG]: Ekans; ECK-ehns
    [​IMG]: Arbok; AR-bock
    [​IMG]: Pikachu; PEEK-uh-chew
    [​IMG]: Raichu; RYE-chew
    [​IMG]: Sandshrew; SAND-shrew
    [​IMG]: Sandslash; SAND-slash
    [​IMG]: Nidoran; nee-door-ANN (female)
    [​IMG]: Nidorina; nee-door-EE-nuh
    [​IMG]: Nidoqueen; nee-doe-QUEEN
    [​IMG]: Nidoran; nee-door-ANN (male)
    [​IMG]: Nidorino; nee-door-EE-no
    [​IMG]: Nidoking; nee-doe-KING
    [​IMG]: Clefairy; cluh-FAIR-ee
    [​IMG]: Clefable; cluh-FAY-bull
    [​IMG]: Vulpix; VULL-picks
    [​IMG]: Ninetales; NINE-tails
    [​IMG]: Jigglypuff; jig-lee-PUFF
    [​IMG]: Wigglytuff; wig-lee-TUFF
    [​IMG]: Zubat; ZOO-bat
    [​IMG]: Golbat; GOAL-bat
    [​IMG]: Oddish; ODD-ish
    [​IMG]: Gloom; GLOOM duh…
    [​IMG]: Vileplume; VILE-ploom
    [​IMG]: Paras; PAR-iss Bonjour
    [​IMG]: Parasect; PAR-i-sekt
    [​IMG]: Venonat; VENN-oh-nat
    [​IMG]: Venomoth; VENN-oh-moth
    [​IMG]: Diglett; DIG-let
    [​IMG]: Dugtrio; dug-TREE-oh
    [​IMG]: Meowth; me-OUTH
    [​IMG]: Persian; PURR-shin
    [​IMG]: Psyduck; SYE-duck
    [​IMG]: Golduck; GOAL-duck
    [​IMG]: Mankey; MANK-ee
    [​IMG]: Primeape; RIME-ape
    [​IMG]: Growlithe; GROWL-ith
    [​IMG]: Arcanine; ar-kuh-NINE
    [​IMG]: Poliwag; POL-ee-wag
    [​IMG]: Poliwhirl; POL-ee-wurl
    [​IMG]: Poliwrath; POL-ee-rath
    [​IMG]: Abra; AB-ruh
    [​IMG]: Kadabra; kah-DAB-ruh
    [​IMG]: Alakazam; AL-uh-kuh-ZAM
    [​IMG]: Machop; mah-CHOP
    [​IMG]: Machoke; mah-CHOKE
    [​IMG]: Machamp; mah-CHAMP
    [​IMG]: Bellsprout; BELL-sprout
    [​IMG]: Weepinbell; WEEP-in-bell
    [​IMG]: Victreebel; VICK-tree-bell
    [​IMG]: Tentacool; TENT-uh-cool
    [​IMG]: Tentacruel; TENT-uh-crool
    [​IMG]: Geodude; GEE-oh-dood
    [​IMG]: Graveler; GRAV-el-er
    [​IMG]: Golem; GOAL-um
    [​IMG]: Ponyta; po-NEE-tuh
    [​IMG]: Rapidash; RAP-i-dash
    [​IMG]: Slowpoke; SLOW-poke
    [​IMG]: Slowbro; SLOW-bro
    [​IMG]: Magnemite; MAG-nuh-mite
    [​IMG]: Magneton; MAG-nuh-ton
    [​IMG]: Farfetch'd; FAR-fetcht
    [​IMG]: Doduo; DOE-doo-oh
    [​IMG]: Dodrio; doe-DREE-oh
    [​IMG]: Seel; SEEL duh again…
    [​IMG]: Dewgong; DOO-gong
    [​IMG]: Grimer; GRIME-er
    [​IMG]: Muk; MUCK
    [​IMG]: Shellder; SHELL-der
    [​IMG]: Cloyster; CLOY-stir
    [​IMG]: Gastly; GAST-lee
    [​IMG]: Haunter; HAWN-ter
    [​IMG]: Gengar; GANG-gar
    [​IMG]: Onix; ON-icks
    [​IMG]: Drowzee; DROW-zee
    [​IMG]: Hypno; HIP-no
    [​IMG]: Crabby; CRA-bee
    [​IMG]: Kingler; KING-ler
    [​IMG]: Voltorb; VOL-torb
    [​IMG]: Electrode; ee-LECK-trode
    [​IMG]: Exeggcute; EGGS-egg-cute
    [​IMG]: Exeggutor; eks-EGG-you-tor
    [​IMG]: Cubone; CUE-bone
    [​IMG]: Marowack; MAR-row-wack
    [​IMG]: Hitmonlee; HIT-mon-lee
    [​IMG]: Hitmonchan; HIT-mon-chan
    [​IMG]: Lickitung; LICK-i-tung
    [​IMG]: Koffing; CAWF-ing
    [​IMG]: Weezing; WEEZE-ing
    [​IMG]: Rhyhorn; RYE-horn
    [​IMG]: Rhydon; RHY-donn
    [​IMG]: Chansey; CHAN-see
    [​IMG]: Tangela; TANG-guh-luh
    [​IMG]: Kangaskhan; KANG-gus-kon
    [​IMG]: Horsea; HORSE-ee
    [​IMG]: Seadra; SEE-druh
    [​IMG]: Goldeen; goal-DEEN
    [​IMG]: Seaking; SEE-king
    [​IMG]: Staryu; STAR-you
    [​IMG]: Starmie; STAR-me
    [​IMG]: Mr. Mime; MIS-ter-MIME
    [​IMG]: Scyther; SYE-ther
    [​IMG]: Jynx; JINCKS
    [​IMG]: Electabuzz; uh-LECK-tuh-buzz
    [​IMG]: Magmar; MAG-mar
    [​IMG]: Pinsir; PIN-ser
    [​IMG]: Tauros; TOR-ose
    [​IMG]: Magikarp; MAG-i-karp
    [​IMG]: Gyarados; GAR-i-dose
    [​IMG]: Lapras; LAP-ress
    [​IMG]: Ditto; DI-toh
    [​IMG]: Eevee; EE-vee
    [​IMG]: Vaporeon; vay-POR-ee-on
    [​IMG]: Jolteon; JOLT-ee-on
    [​IMG]: Flareon; FLARE-ee-on
    [​IMG]: Porygon; POR-ee-gon
    [​IMG]: Omanyte; AHM-uh-nite
    [​IMG]: Omastar; AHM-uh-star
    [​IMG]: Kabuto; kuh-BOO-toe
    [​IMG]: Kabutops; kuh-BOO-tops
    [​IMG]: Aerodactyl; air-oh-DACK-tull
    [​IMG]: Snorlax; SNORE-lacks
    [​IMG]: are-ti-KOO-no
    [​IMG]: Zapdos; ZAP-dose
    [​IMG]: Moltres; MOLE-trace
    [​IMG]: Dratini; druh-TEE-nee
    [​IMG]: Dragonair; DRAG-uh-NARE
    [​IMG]: Dragonite; DRAG-uh-NITE (like drag a knight… fitting for a dragon…)
    [​IMG]: Mewtwo; MYOO-too
    [​IMG]: Mew; MYOO

    Installment 1 of 5. More coming soon as I type them out!!
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  2. Seth Vilo

    Seth Vilo

    Mar 6, 2009

    Coming Soon….

    [​IMG]: Chikorita; CHIK-oh-REE-tah
    [​IMG]: Bayleef; BAY-leaf
    [​IMG]: Meganium; meh-GAY-nee-uhm
    [​IMG]: Cyndaquil; SIN-dah-kwil
    [​IMG]: Quilava; kwi-LA-vah
    [​IMG]: Typhlosion; ty-FLOW-shin (last syllable like in “explosion”, so “shin” is the best I can do here…)
    [​IMG]: Totodile; TO-to-dile
    [​IMG]: Croconaw; KROK-uh-nah
    [​IMG]: Feraligatr; fur-AHL-ih-gay-ter
    [​IMG]: Sentret; SEN-tret;
    [​IMG]: Furret; FUR-et
    [​IMG]: Hoothoot; HOOT-hoot (no “th” sound here!)
    [​IMG]: Noctowl; NOKT-owl
    [​IMG]: Ledyba; LED-ee-bah
    [​IMG]: Ledian; LED-ee-on
    [​IMG]: Spinarak; SPIN-ah-rak
    [​IMG]: Ariados; AIR-ee-ah-dos
    [​IMG]: Crobat; KROW-bat
    [​IMG]:Chinchou; CHIN-chow
    [​IMG]:Lanturn; LAN-tern
    [​IMG]: Pichu; PEE-choo
    [​IMG]: Cleffa; CLEF-ah
    [​IMG]: Igglybuff; IGG-lee-buff
    [​IMG]: Togepi; TOE-geh-pi
    [​IMG]: Togetic; TOE-geh-tik
    [​IMG]: Natu; NAH-too
    [​IMG]: Xatu; ZAH-too
    [​IMG]: Mareep; mah-REEP
    [​IMG]: Flaffy; FLA-fee
    [​IMG]: Ampheros; AM-fare-ohs
    [​IMG]:Bellossom; bel-OS-uhm
    [​IMG]: Marill; MAH-rill
    [​IMG]: Azumarill; ah-ZOO-mah-RIL
    [​IMG]: Sudowoodo; SOO-doh-WOO-doh
    [​IMG]: Politoed; POL-ee-towd
    [​IMG]: Hoppip; HOP-ip
    [​IMG]: Skiploom; SKIH-ploom
    [​IMG]: Jumpluff; JUM-pluff
    [​IMG]: Aipom; AY-pom
    [​IMG]: Sunkern; SUN-kern
    [​IMG]: Sunflora; sun-FLOR-ah
    [​IMG]: Yanma; YAN-mah
    [​IMG]: Whooper; WOO-per
    [​IMG]: Quagsire; KWAG-sire
    [​IMG]: Espeon; ES-pee-on
    [​IMG]: Umbreon; UM-bree-on
    [​IMG]: Murkrow; MER-krow
    [​IMG]: Slowking; SLOW-king
    [​IMG]: Misdreavus; mis-DREE-vis
    [​IMG]: Unown; UH-known
    [​IMG]: Wobbuffet; WOBB-uh-fet
    [​IMG]: Girafarig; jer-AF-ah-rig
    [​IMG]: Pineco; PINE-koh
    [​IMG]: Forretress; FOR-eh-tress
    [​IMG]: Dunsparce; DUN-sparse
    [​IMG]: Gligar; GLYE-gar
    [​IMG]: Steelix; STEEL-iks
    [​IMG]: Snubbulll; SNUH-bul
    [​IMG]: Granbull; GRAN-bul
    [​IMG]: Qwilfish; KWIL-fish
    [​IMG]: Scizor; SIZ-or (for the love of Arceus here’s how to say it)
    [​IMG]: Shuckle; SHUK-uhl
    [​IMG]: Heracross; HARE-uh-cross
    [​IMG]: Sneasel; SNEE-sel
    [​IMG]: Teddiursa; ted-ee-UR-sah
    [​IMG]: Ursaring; ER-sah-ring
    [​IMG]: Slugma; SLUG-mah
    [​IMG]: Magcargo; mag-KAR-go
    [​IMG]: Swinub; SWINE-ub
    [​IMG]: Piloswine; PIE-low-swine
    [​IMG]: Corsola; KOR-soh-lah
    [​IMG]: Remoraid; REM-oh-rade
    [​IMG]:Octillery; ok-TILL-er-ee
    [​IMG]: Delibird; DEH-lee-bird (like a bird that works at a deli)
    [​IMG]: Mantine; MAN-teen
    [​IMG]: Skarmory; SKARM-er-ee
    [​IMG]: Houndour; HOWN-dow-er (I kid you not…)
    [​IMG]: Houndoom; hown-DOOM
    [​IMG]: Kingdra; KING-drah
    [​IMG]: Phanpy; FAN-pee
    [​IMG]:Donphan; DON-fan
    [​IMG]: Porygon2; POR-ee-gon two
    [​IMG]: Stantler; STANT-ler
    [​IMG]: Smeargle; SMEER-guhl
    [​IMG]: Tyrogue; TIE-rowg
    [​IMG]: Hitmontop; HIT-mon-top
    [​IMG]: Smoochum; SMOO-chum
    [​IMG]: Elekid; EL-ih-kid
    [​IMG]: Magby; MAG-bee
    [​IMG]: Miltank; MIL-tank
    [​IMG]: Blissey; BLISS-ee
    [​IMG]: Raikou; RIE-koh
    [​IMG]: Entei; EN-tay
    [​IMG]: Suicune; SWEE-koon
    [​IMG]: Larvitar; LAR-vih-tar
    [​IMG]: Pupitar; PYOO-pih-tar
    [​IMG]: Tyranitar; tie-RAN-ih-tar
    [​IMG]: Lugia; LOO-gee-uh
    [​IMG]: Ho-oh; HO-oh (fairly simple)
    [​IMG]: Celebi; SELL-uh-bee
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  3. Seth Vilo

    Seth Vilo

    Mar 6, 2009

    [​IMG]:Treecko; TREE-kow
    [​IMG]:Grovyle; GROW-vile
    [​IMG]: Sceptile; SEP-tile
    [​IMG]: Torchic; TOR-chik
    [​IMG]: Combusken; kum-BUS-ken
    [​IMG]: Blaziken; BLAY-zih-ken
    [​IMG]: Mudkip; MUD-kip
    [​IMG]: Marshtomp; MARSH-tomp
    [​IMG]: Swampert; SWAM-pert
    [​IMG]: Poochyena; POO-chee-YEN-ah
    [​IMG]:Mightyena; MYE-tee-EHN-ah
    [​IMG]: Zigzagoon; zig-zag-OON
    [​IMG]: Linoone; lie-NOON
    [​IMG]: Wurmple; WORM-puhl
    [​IMG]: Silcoon; sil-KOON
    [​IMG]: Beautifly; BYOO-ti-fly
    [​IMG]: Cascoon; kas-KOON
    [​IMG]: Dustox; DUS-toks
    [​IMG]: Lotad; LOW-tad
    [​IMG]: Lombre; LOM-brey
    [​IMG]: Ludicolo; LOO-di-KO-loh
    [​IMG]: Seedot; SEE-dot
    [​IMG]: Nuzleaf; NUZ-leaf
    [​IMG]: Shiftry; SHIF-tree
    [​IMG]: Taillow; TAIL-oh
    [​IMG]: Swellow; SWELL-oh
    [​IMG]: Wingull; WEEN-gull
    [​IMG]:Pelipper; PEL-ih-per
    [​IMG]: Ralts; ROHLTS (much like “waltz”)
    [​IMG]: Kirlia; KER-lee-ah
    [​IMG]: Gardevoir; GAR-de-vwar
    [​IMG]: Surskit; SER-skit
    [​IMG]: Masquerain; mas-ker-AIN
    [​IMG]: Shroomish; SHROOM-ish
    [​IMG]: Breloom; BREH-loom
    [​IMG]: Slakoth; SLA-koth
    [​IMG]: Vigoroth; VIG-er-oth
    [​IMG]: Slaking; SLA-king
    [​IMG]: Nincada; nin-KA-duh
    [​IMG]: Ninjask; NIN-jask
    [​IMG]: Shedinja; shed-IN-jah
    [​IMG]:Whismur; WIS-mer
    [​IMG]: Loudred; LOW-dred
    [​IMG]: Exploud; eks-PLOWD
    [​IMG]: Makuhita; mah-koo-HEE-tah
    [​IMG]: Hariyama; har-ee-YA-mah
    [​IMG]: Azurilll; ah-ZOO-ril
    [​IMG]: Nosepass; NOZE-pas
    [​IMG]: Skitty; SKIT-ee
    [​IMG]: Delcatty; del-KAT-ee
    [​IMG]: Sableye; SAY-bel-eye
    [​IMG]: Mawile; MAH-wile
    [​IMG]: Aron; AIR-on
    [​IMG]: Lairon; LARE-on
    [​IMG]: Aggron; AG-ron
    [​IMG]: Meditite; MED-ih-tite
    [​IMG]: Medicham; MED-ih-cham
    [​IMG]: Electrike; ee-LEK-trike
    [​IMG]: Manectric; MANE-EK-trick
    [​IMG]: Plusle; PLUS-uhl
    [​IMG]: Minun; MY-nin
    [​IMG]: Volbeat; VOL-beet
    [​IMG]:Illumise; EE-loo-MEE-zay
    [​IMG]: Roselia; row-ZEL-ee-uh
    [​IMG]: Gulpin; GUL-pin
    [​IMG]: Swalot; SWAL-ot
    [​IMG]: Carvanha; kar-VAHN-uh
    [​IMG]: Sharpedo; shar-PEE-doh
    [​IMG]: Wailmer; WAYL-mer
    [​IMG]: Wailord; WAYL-ord
    [​IMG]: Numul; NUM-ul
    [​IMG]: Camerupt; KAM-er-upt
    [​IMG]: Torkoal; TOR-kol
    [​IMG]: Spoink; SPOINK
    [​IMG]: Grumpig; GRUM-pig
    [​IMG]: Spinda; SPIN-duh
    [​IMG]: Trapinch; TRA-pinch
    [​IMG]: Vibrava; vie-BRA-vah
    [​IMG]: Flygon; FLY-gon
    [​IMG]: Cacnea; KAK-nee-uh
    [​IMG]: Cacturne; KAK-tern
    [​IMG]: Swablu; SWAB-loo
    [​IMG]: Altaria; ahl-TAH-ree-uh
    [​IMG]: Zangoose; ZAN-goos
    [​IMG]: Seviper; suh-VIE-per
    [​IMG]: Lunatone; LOO-nah-tone
    [​IMG]: Solrock; SOHL-rock
    [​IMG]: Barboach; bar-BOCH
    [​IMG]: Whiscash; WIS-cash
    [​IMG]: Corphish; KOR-fish
    [​IMG]: Crawdaunt; CRAW-dohnt
    [​IMG]: Baltoy; BAHL-toy
    [​IMG]: Claydol; KLAY-dol
    [​IMG]: Lileep; lil-EEP
    [​IMG]: Cradily; cray-DILL-ee
    [​IMG]: Anorith; AN-oh-rith
    [​IMG]: Armaldo; ar-MAL-dow
    [​IMG]: Feebas; FEE-bas
    [​IMG]: Milotic; MY-low-tik
    [​IMG]: Castform; KAST-form
    [​IMG]:Kecleon; KEK-lee-on
    [​IMG]: Shuppet; SHUP-et
    [​IMG]: Banette; bay-NET
    [​IMG]: Duskull; DUS-kull
    [​IMG]: Disclops; DUS-klops
    [​IMG]: Tropius; TROP-ee-us
    [​IMG]: Chimecho; chime-EK-oh
    [​IMG]: Absol; AB-sahl
    [​IMG]: Wynaut; Why not?
    [​IMG]: Snorunt; SNOW-runt
    [​IMG]: Glalie; GLAY-lee
    [​IMG]: Spheal; SFEEL
    [​IMG]: Sealeo; SEEL-ee-oh
    [​IMG]:Walrein; WAL-rain
    [​IMG]: Clamperl; KLAM-perl
    [​IMG]: Huntail; HUN-tail
    [​IMG]: Goryebyss; GOR-ih-bis
    [​IMG]: Relicanth; REL-ih-kanth
    [​IMG]: Luvdisc; LUV-disk
    [​IMG]: Bagon; BAY-gon
    [​IMG]: Shelgon; SHEL-gon
    [​IMG]: Salamence; SAH-lah-mense (NOT SAY-lah-mense or SAH-lah-mance)
    [​IMG]: Beldum; BEL-dum
    [​IMG]: Metang; muh-TANG
    [​IMG]: Metagross; MEH-tah-gross
    [​IMG]: Regirock; REJ-ee-rock
    [​IMG]: Regice; REJ-ice (yes, 2 syllables)
    [​IMG]:Registeel; REJ-ee-steel
    [​IMG]: Latias; LAH-tee-ahs
    [​IMG]: Latios; LAH-tee-ohs
    [​IMG]: Kyogre; kie-OH-ger
    [​IMG]: Groudon; GROW-don
    [​IMG]: Rayquaza; RAY-KWAY-zuh
    [​IMG]: Jirachi; juh-RAH-chee
    [​IMG]: Deoxys; dee-OKS-is
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  4. Seth Vilo

    Seth Vilo

    Mar 6, 2009

    [​IMG]: Turtwig; TER-twig
    [​IMG]: Grotle; GROH-tle
    [​IMG]: Torterra; tor-TARE-uh
    [​IMG]: Chimchar; CHIM-char
    [​IMG]: Monferno; mon-FER-no
    [​IMG]: Infernape; in-FER-nape
    [​IMG]: Piplup; PIP-lup
    [​IMG]: Prinplup; PRIN-plup
    [​IMG]: Empoleon; em-POH-lee-on
    [​IMG]: Starly; STAR-ly
    [​IMG]: Staravia; stah-RAY-vee-uh
    [​IMG]: Staraptor; stah-RAP-tor
    [​IMG]: Bidoof; BEE-doof
    [​IMG]: Bibarel; BEE-bar-el
    [​IMG]: Kricketot; KRIK-eh-tot
    [​IMG]: Kricketune; KRIK-eh-toon
    [​IMG]: Shinx; SHINKS
    [​IMG]: Luxio; LUK-see-oh
    [​IMG]: Luxray; LUKS-ray
    [​IMG]: Budew; buh-DOO
    [​IMG]: Roserade; ROSE-rade
    [​IMG]: Cranidos; CRAY-nee-dos
    [​IMG]: Rampardos; ram-PAR-dos
    [​IMG]: Shieldon; SHEEL-don
    [​IMG]: Bastiodon; BASS-tee-oh-don
    [​IMG]: Burmy; BERM-ee
    [​IMG]: Wormadam; WERM-ah-dam
    [​IMG]: Mothim; MOTH-im
    [​IMG]: Combee; COWM-bee
    [​IMG]: Vespiquen; VES-pih-kwen
    [​IMG]: Pachirisu; pah-chee-REE-soo
    [​IMG]: Buizel; BWEE-zuhl
    [​IMG]: Floatzel; FLOAT-zuhl
    [​IMG]: Cherubi; che-ROO-bee
    [​IMG]: Cherrim; CHAIR-um
    [​IMG]: Shellos; SHELL-ohs
    [​IMG]: Gastrodon; GAS-trow-don
    [​IMG]: Ambipom; AM-bih-pom
    [​IMG]: Drifloon; DRIF-loon
    [​IMG]: Drifblim; DRIF-blim
    [​IMG]: Buneary; bun-EAR-ee
    [​IMG]: Lopunny; LOH-pun-ee
    [​IMG]: Mismagius; mis-MAG-ee-us
    [​IMG]: Honchkrow; HONCH-krow
    [​IMG]: Glameow; GLA-mee-ow
    [​IMG]: Purugly; per-UG-lee
    [​IMG]: Chingling; CHING-ling
    [​IMG]: Stunky; STUN-key
    [​IMG]: Skuntank; SKUN-tank
    [​IMG]: Bronzor; BRON-zore
    [​IMG]: Bronzong; bron-ZONG
    [​IMG]: Bonsly’ BON-sleye
    [​IMG]:Mime Jr.; MYME JYOON-yer (do I need to explain this one?)
    [​IMG]: Happiny; hah-PEE-nee
    [​IMG]: Chatot; CHA-tot
    [​IMG]: Spiritomb; SPEER-ih-toom
    [​IMG]: Gible; GIB-uhl
    [​IMG]: Gabite; guh-BITE
    [​IMG]: Garchomp; GAR-chomp
    [​IMG]: Munchlax; MUNCH-laks
    [​IMG]: Riolu; ree-OH-loo
    [​IMG]: Lucario; loo-KAR-ee-oh
    [​IMG]: Hippopotas; HI-pow-puh-TOS
    [​IMG]: Hippowdon; hih-POW-don
    [​IMG]: Skorupi; sku-ROO-pee
    [​IMG]: Drapion; DRAH-pee-on
    [​IMG]: Croagunk; KRO-gunk
    [​IMG]: Toxicroak; TOKS-ih-kroke
    [​IMG]: Carnivine; CAR-nih-vine
    [​IMG]: Finneon; FIN-ee-on
    [​IMG]: Luminion; lu-MIN-ee-on
    [​IMG]: Mantyke; MAN-tike
    [​IMG]: Snover; SNOW-ver
    [​IMG]: Abomasnow; ah-BOM-ah-snow
    [​IMG]: Weavile; WEE-vile
    [​IMG]:Magnezone; MAG-nuh-zone
    [​IMG]: Lickilicky; LIK-ee-LIK-ee
    [​IMG]: Rhyperior; ry-PEER-ee-er
    [​IMG]: Tangrowth; TANG-growth
    [​IMG]: Electivire; ee-LEK-tuh-vire (“vire” like “fire”)
    [​IMG]: Magmortar; mag-MOR-ter
    [​IMG]: Togekiss; TOE-guh-kiss
    [​IMG]: Yanmega; yan-MAY-guh
    [​IMG]: Leafeon; LEAF-ee-on
    [​IMG]: Glaceon; GLAY-see-on
    [​IMG]: Gliscor; GLYE-skor
    [​IMG]: Mamoswine; MAHM-oh-swine
    [​IMG]: Porygon-Z; POR-ee-gon ZEE
    [​IMG]: Gallade; guh-LADE
    [​IMG]: Probopass; PRO-bow-pass
    [​IMG]: Dusknoir; DUSK-nwar
    [​IMG]: Frosslass; FROS-las
    [​IMG]: Rotom; ROW-tom
    [​IMG]: Uxie; YOOK-see
    [​IMG]: Mesprit; MES-prit
    [​IMG]: Azelf; AZ-elf
    [​IMG]: Dialga; dee-AHL-guh
    [​IMG]: Palkia; PAHL-kee-uh
    [​IMG]: Heatran; HE-tran
    [​IMG]: Regigigus; re-ji-GEE-gus
    [​IMG]: Giratina; GEER-uh-TEE-nuh
    [​IMG]:Cresselia; cre-SEL-ee-uh
    [​IMG]: Phione; fee-OH-nay
    [​IMG]: Manaphy; MAN-uh-fee
    [​IMG]: Darkrai; DAR-kreye
    [​IMG]: Shaymin; SHAY-min
    [​IMG]: Arceus; AR-kee-is
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  5. Seth Vilo

    Seth Vilo

    Mar 6, 2009

    [​IMG]: Victini; vik-TEE-nee
    [​IMG]: Snivy; SNEYE-vee
    [​IMG]: Servine; SER-vine
    [​IMG]: Serperior; ser-PEER-ee-ore
    [​IMG]: Tepig – TEH-pig
    [​IMG]: Pignite; pig-NITE
    [​IMG]: Emboar; EM-bor
    [​IMG]: Oshawott; OSH-uh-wot
    [​IMG]: Dewott; DEW-ot
    [​IMG]: Samurott; SAM-ur-ot
    [​IMG]: Patrat; puh-TRAT (sounds like “patrol”)
    [​IMG]: Watchog; WACH-og
    [​IMG]: Lillipup; LIL-ee-pup
    [​IMG]: Herdier; HER-dee-er
    [​IMG]: Stoutland; STOWT-lind
    [​IMG]: Purrloin; PER-loyn
    [​IMG]: Liepard; LIE-perd
    [​IMG]: Pansage; PAN-sayj (like sage the plant, but my G J rule is confusing here)
    [​IMG]: Simisage; SIM-ee-sayj
    [​IMG]: Pansear; PAN-sear
    [​IMG]: Simisear; SIM-ee-sear
    [​IMG]: Panpour; PAN-poor
    [​IMG]: Simipour; SIM-ee-poor
    [​IMG]: Munna; MOON-uh
    [​IMG]: Musharna; moo-SHAR-nuh
    [​IMG]: Pidove; pee-DUV
    [​IMG]: Tranquill; TRANG-kwil
    [​IMG]: Unfezant; uhn-FEZ-ent
    [​IMG]: Blitzle; BLIT-zul
    [​IMG]: Zebstrika; zeb-STRYK-ah
    [​IMG]: Roggenrola; ROG-en-ROLL-ah (yes, rock and roller)
    [​IMG]: Boldore; BOWL-dor
    [​IMG]: Gigalith; GIHG-uh-lith (like a musical “gig”)
    [​IMG]: Woobat; WOO-bat
    [​IMG]: Swoobat; SWOO-bat
    [​IMG]: Drilbur; DRILL-ber
    [​IMG]: Exacdrill; EKS-kah-drill
    [​IMG]: Audino; OD-in-oh
    [​IMG]: Timburr; TIM-ber
    [​IMG]: Gurdurr; GER-der
    [​IMG]: Conkeldurr; kon-KEL-der
    [​IMG]: Tympole; TIM-pole
    [​IMG]: Palpitoed; PAPLP-ih-towd
    [​IMG]: Seismitoed; SIZE-muh-towd
    [​IMG]:Throh; THROW (surprise)
    [​IMG]: Sawk; SOCK
    [​IMG]: Sewaddle; se-WAD-ul
    [​IMG]: Swadloon; swad-LOON
    [​IMG]: Leavanny; lee-VAN-ee
    [​IMG]: Venipede; VEN-ih-peed
    [​IMG]: Whirlipede; WERL-ih-peed
    [​IMG]: Scolipede; SKOW-lih-peed
    [​IMG]: Cottonee; COT-uhn-ee
    [​IMG]: Whimsicott; WHIMS-ih-kot
    [​IMG]: Petilil; PET-ih-lil
    [​IMG]: Lilligant; LIL-uh-gint (sounds like elegant)
    [​IMG]: Basculin; BAS-kyoo-lin
    [​IMG]: Sandile; SAN-dile
    [​IMG]: Krokorok; KROK-uh-rok
    [​IMG]: Krookodile; KROOK-oh-dile
    [​IMG]: Darumaka; DAH-ru-MAH-kah
    [​IMG]: Darmanitan; dar-MAN-ih-tan
    [​IMG]:Maractus; muh-RAK-tis
    [​IMG]: Dewbble; DWEB-ul
    [​IMG]: Crustle; CRUST-ul
    [​IMG]: Scraggy; SKRAG-ee
    [​IMG]: Scrafty’ SKRAF-tee
    [​IMG]: Sigilyph; SIJ-ih-lif
    [​IMG]: Yamask; YAH-mask
    [​IMG]: Cofaggrigus; KOF-ah-gree-gus
    [​IMG]: Tirtouga; teer-TOO-guh
    [​IMG]: Carracosta; KAR-uh-KOS-tah
    [​IMG]: Archen; AR-ken
    [​IMG]: Archeops; AR-kee-ops
    [​IMG]: Trubbish; TRUB-ish
    [​IMG]: Garbodor; garb-OH-der
    [​IMG]: Zorua; ZO-roo-uh
    [​IMG]: Zoroark; ZO-row-ark
    [​IMG]: Minccino; min-CHEE-noh
    [​IMG]: Cinccino; chin-CHEE-noh
    [​IMG]: Gothita; goth-EE-tah
    [​IMG]: Gothorita; goth-uh-REE-tuh
    [​IMG]: Gothitelle; GOTH-ih-tell
    [​IMG]: Solosis; so-LOW-sis
    [​IMG]: Duosion; DU-OH-shin
    [​IMG]: Reuniclus; REE-you-NEE-klis
    [​IMG]: Ducklett; DUK-lit
    [​IMG]: Swanna; SWAH-nuh
    [​IMG]:Vanillite; vah-NIL-ite
    [​IMG]: Vanillish; vah-NIL-ish
    [​IMG]: Vanilluxe; vah-NIL-uks
    [​IMG]: Deerling; DEER-ling
    [​IMG]: Sawsbuck; SAWS-buk
    [​IMG]: Emolga; ee-MOL-guh
    [​IMG]: Karrablast; CARE-uh-blast (like the word “care”)
    [​IMG]: Escavalier; ES-KAV-uh-LEER (weird emphasis)
    [​IMG]: Foongus; FOON-gis
    [​IMG]: Amoonguss; uh-MOON-gis
    [​IMG]:Frillish; FRIL-ish
    [​IMG]: Jellicent; JEL-uh-sent
    [​IMG]: Alomomola; uh-LOW-muh-MOW-luh
    [​IMG]: Joltik; JOL-tik
    [​IMG]:Galvantula; gal-VAN-chuh-lah (take the “chuh” with a grain of salt – however that part of “tarantula” is pronounced; dictionary.com com says “ta-ran-tu-la”)
    [​IMG]: Ferroseed; fer-OH-seed
    [​IMG]: Ferrothorn; fer-OH-thorn (sorry Wild Eep…)
    [​IMG]:Klink; KLINK
    [​IMG]:Klang; KLANG
    [​IMG]: Klinklang; KLING-klang
    [​IMG]: Tynamo; TIE-nah-mow
    [​IMG]: Eelektrik; EEL-EK-trik
    [​IMG]: Eelektross; EEL-EK-tross
    [​IMG]: Elgyem; EL-gee-ehm
    [​IMG]: Beheeyem; BEE-hee-ehm
    [​IMG]: Litwick; LIT-wik
    [​IMG]: Lampent; LAM-pent
    [​IMG]: Chandelure; SHAN-dih-loor
    [​IMG]: Axew; AK-soo
    [​IMG]: Fraxure; FRAK-shur
    [​IMG]: Haxorus; HAX-er-us
    [​IMG]: Cubchoo; KUB-choo
    [​IMG]: Beartic; BEAR-tik
    [​IMG]: Cryogonal; cry-OG-ah-nul
    [​IMG]: Shelmet; SHELL-mit
    [​IMG]: Accelgor; ak-SEL-gore
    [​IMG]: Stunfisk; STUN-fisk
    [​IMG]: Mienfoo; MEEN-foo
    [​IMG]: Mienshao; meen-SHAW (long o; sounds like “pow”)
    [​IMG]: Druddigon; DRUD-i-gen
    [​IMG]: Golett; GO-let
    [​IMG]: Golurk; GO-lerk
    [​IMG]: Pawniard; PAWN-yard
    [​IMG]: Bisharp; BIH-sharp
    [​IMG]: Bouffalant; BOO-fuh-lont
    [​IMG]: Rufflet; RUFF-lit
    [​IMG]: Braviary; BRAY-vee-air-ee
    [​IMG]: Vullaby; VUL-uh-bye
    [​IMG]: Mandibuzz; MAN-dih-buzz
    [​IMG]: Heatmor; HEAT-mor
    [​IMG]: Durant; der-ANT
    [​IMG]: Deino; DEYE-no
    [​IMG]: Zweilous; ZVEYE-lis
    [​IMG]: Hydreigon; hi-DRY-gin
    [​IMG]: Larvesta; lar-VEST-ah
    [​IMG]: Volcarona; VOHL-kah-ROH-nah
    [​IMG]: Cobalion; co-BAY-lee-in
    [​IMG]: Terrakion; ter-AK-ee-in
    [​IMG]: Verizion; ver-EYE-zee-in
    [​IMG]: Tornadus; tor-NAY-dis
    [​IMG]: Thundurus; THUND-er-is
    [​IMG]: Reshiram; RESH-eh-ram
    [​IMG]: Zekrom; ZEK-rom
    [​IMG]: Landorus; LAND-or us
    [​IMG]:Kyurem; KYOO-rem
    [​IMG]: Keldeo; KEL-dee-oh
    [​IMG]:Meloetta; ???
    [​IMG]: Genesect; JEN-uh-sekt
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  6. Seth Vilo

    Seth Vilo

    Mar 6, 2009
    Feel free to post now I've gotten the first 5 slots reserved!

    EDIT: I guess this is for Gen VI now!

    Chespin; ??? [guess: CHES-pin]
    Fenniken; ??? [guess: FEN-ih-ken]
    Froakie; ??? [guess: FROW-kee]
    Pancham; ??? [guess: PAN-cham]
    Pangoro; ??? [guess: pan-GO-row]
    Fletchling; ??? [guess: FLETCH-ling]
    Talonflame; ??? [guess: TAH-lun-flame (as if a guess is needed here...)]
    Skiddo; ??? [guess; SKEE-do or SID-oh]
    Gogoat; ??? [guess: GO-goat (again with the hard names...)]
    Helioptile; ??? [guess: HE-le-op-tile]
    Scatterbug; ??? [guess: SKA-ter-bug (T.T)]
    Spewpa; ??? [guess: SPYOO-pah]
    Vivillon; ??? [guess: VEYE-vih-lon or -VIH-vih-lon]
    Noivern; ??? [guess: NOY-vern]
    Clauncher; ??? [guess: KLOHN-cher]
    Skrelp; ??? [guess: SKRELP (so hard...)]
    Litleo; ??? [guess: LIT-lee-oh (what's with Gen VI and easy names)]
    Flabebe; ??? [guess: flah-BEE-bee]
    Honedge; ??? [guess: HOWN-edje]
    Inkay; ??? [guess: IN-kay]
    Malamar; ??? [guess: MAL-uh-mar]
    Swirlix; ??? [guess: SWERL-iks]
    Spritzee; ??? [guess: SPRIT-zee)
    Orotto; not even English yet...
    Dedenne; ?????????? [guess: deh-DEEN or deh-DEN-uh or duh-DEEN-ay (no clue...)]
    Bunnelby; ??? [guess: BUN-el-bee]

    Sylveon; SIL-vee-on (confirmed from a trailer)
    Xerneas; ZURR-nee-us (official)
    Yventall; ee-VELL-tall (official)
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2013
  7. Codraroll

    Codraroll Cod Mod
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributoris a Smogon Media Contributor

    Nov 6, 2011
    Great idea for a thread. I've always wondered a little about the "Arr-kee-us" (Arr-ky-us?) vs. "Arr-see-us" thing. English is not my main language, so it's kinda hard to figure out stuff when in doubt (I literally learned to pronounce "Acid" two weeks ago).
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  8. Jangrafess


    Jun 15, 2009
    The actual pronunciation of Suicune has always annoyed me. :( (Soo-koon)
  9. Golden Gyarados

    Golden Gyarados
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Sep 17, 2011
    I've been playing Gens I and II since they first came out - I've never once seen the anime, and learned all of my pronunciations from either common sense, or Stadium. Therefore, it shocked me to learn it's "ARC-uh-nine" and not "ar-CAY-nine" like the Stadium announcer says. "eck-ans" and not "EE-kans" also threw me for a loop. Crazy the stuff you don't know after, what, 13 years? Thanks for putting this together!
  10. alkinesthetase

    alkinesthetase <@dtc> every day with alk is a bad day
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    Nov 8, 2010
    firstly: indeed, great thread idea
    much to the outrage and chagrin of those of us who watched arceus and the jewel of life together, it is actually ar-KEY-us in the dub, not ar-SEE-us <_< seriously sounds bad. idk if there were any other appearances of arceus in anime canon, where it might be pronounced differently.
  11. Jangrafess


    Jun 15, 2009
    Do we know who's to blame for these pronunciations? I reckon we ought to stage a coup ahead of sixth gen.
  12. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    This is weird... Some of the names I'm sure where right! How is kangaskhan kan-gas-kOn!? It has an A in the name - not an O! And what!? Pidgit!? Pidgeot is Pidgit! I thought it went pidg-ee-ot! You know, like the name! Either the spelling went wrong somewhere in translation or they're just EXTREMELY weird names!
  13. viol and bass

    viol and bass

    Jun 20, 2009
    Kangaskhan is made to sound like "Genghis khan". I'm pretty sure that's the sound the "O" is indicating.
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  14. Jangrafess


    Jun 15, 2009
    Was Genghis Khan pronounced Gen-gas kOn? Everyone I know with the surname Khan has been pronounced Karn.
  15. Ashenlock


    Aug 17, 2007
    It doesn't have Genesect iirc, and that's one I had wondered on. "Genosect" is easy, but when it was changed for NA it sounded like it might be a portmanteau of "genesis" and "insect" instead.
  16. Age of Kings

    Age of Kings of the Ash Legion
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    Oct 14, 2007
    Not to be a negative nelly, but I think the OP needs some work. Some of them aren't consistent: i.e. RYE-horn vs. RHY-donn and others I think should be improved ("MYOO" should be changed to "ME-you", I don't think the former properly conveys how it is supposed to be pronounced). Others are unclear (I would avoid using the letter C in pronunciation tables since it is unclear where it is a hard or soft C; i.e. CAWF-ing) or contradicted by canon sources (Pidgeot is pronounced as "pidge-ot" in Stadium), which I don't blame you for because the pronunciation of different names is rarely a standardized thing even in different Pokemon media or among the fans (I refuse to say Arceus as "ar-key-us"). I haven't seen the anime in years with the exception of watching the films on CN, so it might be pronounced differently there.

    I'm sorry to look nit-picky, I think this thread is a good idea, but I hope you see where I'm coming from.
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  17. Golden Gyarados

    Golden Gyarados
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    Sep 17, 2011
    Looks like someone hasn't seen Star Trek II. But that name is, indeed, pronounced that way.

  18. Jorgen

    Jorgen World's Strongest Fairy
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    Jun 5, 2010
    This is a great idea. Personally I've never known how to pronounce Raikou. What do you do with that "ou"?

    That being said, it'd be nice to go back through these and write out the pronunciations with the phonetic alphabet to avoid ambiguity (e.g., Kangaskhan's "Khan" being "kon").
  19. DEMo_Gorgon47


    Mar 27, 2011
    Idc what it says, Nidoran will forever be pronounced Ni-doe-ran to me. And Pidgeotto is pidg-ee-oh-tow
  20. rocky505


    Dec 13, 2006
    I have a book with pronunciations and it says pidgeot is pid-JEE-ot.
  21. Seth Vilo

    Seth Vilo

    Mar 6, 2009
    I completely understand where you're coming from, and can do there. I'll probably edit it a bit here and there for clearer interpretation. To be honest, it was quite late the first round, and I got most of them from the old "Official Pokemon Handbook" for this Gen 1 batch, which I had to edit to make more sense here and there.

    You're right on the C thing. I tried to catch as many as I could, but think in c's if that makes sense. I'll revise to improve clarity though.

    Also, you're right Ashenlock. Genesect isn't in this... I guess the coming movie is all we'll have for a bit...

    EDIT: Also, being completely honest again, this Gen 1 list was a sort of Beta to see how I should efficiently go about doing the rest to make them clearest. These criticisms are helping me a lot to plan how to assemble the other 548 names now instead of editing all 649 at once.
  22. Count Serperior

    Count Serperior

    Jul 29, 2011
    If you wanna know about Genesect you should probably use the pronunciation from the Dex App once they reveal the password.

    The official Arceus pronunciation still bothers me. I mean, I don't hate it, but I've been using Ar-see-us for so long it takes me a second to realize I'm "supposed' to use the official one.
    That's the only major one that stuck out when I went through the dex. Some were slight variations on the emphasis, and I'm surprised I got Suicune right all this time even though English isn't my main language XD (Tidus too, not Tye-dus/Tide-us, for FFX fans)

    [And since this thread is bound for nitpicking: Ivysaur's eyes are NOT purple.]
  23. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    Well, I don't know if this is official, but I've always said it Rye-KOO. I sincerely hope I am correct - since Rye - COW would just be stupid. Also, what is so wrong with Are-KEY-us? I've said it like that since I first saw the name!
  24. Banryu


    Feb 26, 2009
    I'm assuming these are from the anime and not necessarily how these should logically be pronounced.

    I really hate how they say several names in the show, namely MY-low-TICK, AR-kee-us, and GEAR-uh-TEE-nuh (gear-a-tina? Really?) Please tell me that Milotic at least will be 'my-LAH-tick' (same syllable emphasis as 'exotic'). My issue with 'AR-kee-us' is mainly that the 'c' in Arceus' name looks like a soft C-- My thought was that if they wanted it pronounced with a hard C, they'd just spell it with a K. (Also, AR-see-us just sounds flat-out better to me, but that's my opinion.) Giratina I've always thought should be pronounced something like 'Gi-RAH-tih-nah' (probably with a hard G)-- mainly because, again it sounds better to me... Though I think this one is because it avoids the incredibly-dumb sounding pronunciation of the female name 'tina' in there. That may be how it's pronounced in Japanese, but the cultural context of 'tina' is different for Japan, being as it's not really a name like it is here.

    Also, I recently realized something about Blastoise's name.
    It's a combination of the words 'blast' and 'tortoise', right?
    Well, here's the thing. Tortoise is pronounced 'TORT-iss' (or TORT-uss)... It's not pronounced 'TORT-oyz'. So logically, shouldn't Blastoise's name be pronounced 'BLAST-uss' or 'BLAST-iss'? (It really sounds weird to the ear, but it's probably just nostalgia-headphones, if you think about it. I wonder if the 4Kids dubbers actually knew that and decided it should be pronounced differently, or if they were just downright too dumb to realize it.)

    Incidentally, I'm not going to argue that 'BLAST-oyz' isn't the 'official' pronunciation, this is just food for thought.
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  25. rocky505


    Dec 13, 2006
    It's BLAS-toyce.

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