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Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    Oh, I forgot to say I am a girl in the scramble for the purpose of humorous writing. Although you probably figured.

    Oh my god the irony, in order to get Slugma one of my phrases was "solid rock".
  2. Omnivore


    Feb 5, 2013
    If the challenge is too hard for you under these circumstances, take the following twist:
    Defeating all Bugs and Flying Types in Azalea Town grants OffBeat a onetime wildcard moveslot, you can spend that slot for Surf if you need it.

    I forgot to mention that you are free to choose an Item, if OffBeat does not need to hold the Everstone. And don´t forget to teach Kingler the non-damaging moves when getting frustrated asap!

    By the way I checked the pokemon I got until now and want to make sure I don´t do anything wrong, but let me start with an unfortunate message:
    I love the flavour of the dual Burmy challenge as I think it is heavily underrated and an interessting Pokemon to learn about. I calculated the odds of encountering Burmy, and there is no way I will encounter a second Burmy before the Fantina battle. I can either drop one of them or decide the challenge by gender of the first encountered Burmy and let you decide which challenges will follow afterwards or Celever changes his challenge, which can be a late-game Burmy that fits the game after Fantina (would be nice if it focusses on the evolved form at this point of the game, Wormadam can still be challenging to use with the right restrictions) or another Pokemon. Sorry for that!

    For Pride I got a bit confused which moves I am allowed to use:
    Under the given circumstances I will only have Piplup until I reach Floaroma, but with 40 PP for Growl I cannot avoid to use Pound or Bubble until I get Peck or does the move pool restriction only refer to Prinplup? By the way I would be completely fine to make heavy restrictions for the movepool to not make it too easy.
    Nevertheless a nice challenge, thank you!
  3. Pika25


    Mar 30, 2007
    Speaking of which, celever, my Mono-Water Scramble of White 2 has another update. Yaiba soloed not only Emolga; she effectively soloed Elesa's whole gym!
  4. shinyskarmory


    Jul 12, 2011
    I'm glad to see someone else doing prose. Seems like for a while people would start writing, write one chapter, and then we would never hear from them again.

    If you're gonna really go all the way with this, be aware that it is a MASSIVE time sink. If you hit writer's block, it can simply crush your resolve to keep going with it (I know that's happening to me with Ruby right now.)

    But for the sake of everyone who actually reads updates in this thread, I hope you continue. I need somebody to read too!
  5. Alice in Strings

    Alice in Strings

    Oct 12, 2012
    Ahaha, Pit will be Fuuuuun~ Pit and Axel have been accepted.
  6. klock


    Aug 5, 2008
    Hi guys, my White 2 is arriving shortly and I'd love to take up a challange :). But before I start it, I want to ask whether or not this is frowned upon (or allowed. read the rules though). Ever since competitive IV breeding was introduced in Gen IV and on, I never played a run-through without having perfectly bred, perfectly EV-trained pokemons at the lowest level possible because imperfections bother me so much. I hate them, and cannot stand them being anywhere near my main members.

    So my question is, if I accept the challange, am I good to go with RNG'ing and EV-training (at the lowest possible lvl, of course) and then sending them to my scramble game?

    EDIT: TL;DR RNG/ev-train pokes I get
  7. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
    I see no harm in this.

    Take SunnyD the Sunkern. I'm going to have a little fun with you, since you seem willing to put in the work. :3

    SunnyD must have a Modest nature, and be EV'd similar to a Choice Scarf special sweeper (4 HP/252 SpAtk/252 Spd). But here's the fun part:

    SunnyD cannot use special moves. :)

    Solo a trainer without using attacking moves to evolve (Leech Seed, my friend), and solo Elesa as a Sunflora!

    Good luck!
  8. klock


    Aug 5, 2008
    that sounds pretty harsh, hehe. when my cartridge arrives I'll get back to you :P

    EDIT: Actually since I'm gonna get my members ready while my cartridge arrives, I'll keep taking more pokemons! I'd like Braviary to be a member of my team though, as he is the reason I chose to get White 2. So 4 more!

    1. but I'd like to have my pokemon competitively viable, so no trolling like Modest Aerodactyl with 252 Sp.Atk or something, lol. please don't take advantage of my willingness to ev train T_T
    I don't mind suggestions like inanimate blob's though, Modest Sunflora restricted to only physical attacks are fine!

    2. I'd like to have all the HM moves available be distributed to all my 6 members, as I don't like having HM slaves.

    3. No type-overlapping.

    4. Hard mode please! but no impossible
  9. Phoenix512


    Nov 24, 2012
    Here is Chapter 8 of my Scramble and sorry for the long delay but finding time to do it was a bit tough. I'm hopeful to pick up the pace. Anyway, it covers the entire Ecruteak Gym part of the game.

    Chapter 8 (open)
    After I defeated Whitney, I try to leave Goldenrod via Route 35 but I force to stop at the Flower Shop next to the Gym. The person at the flower shop was telling me about a living tree on Route 36 that doesn’t like water and tasked me to use this Squirtbottle on the tree. Once again I’m the bitch errand boy for everyone in Johto but at least it’s a chick asking me instead of a guy. I finally left Goldenrod City and the guard at the gate wanted me to deliver a letter to a guy on Route 31 who would give me a TM if I deliver it. I accepted the request and gave me a Spearow with a letter.
    Route 35 had a gauntlet of trainers on it who immediately challenge you once you’re within eye contact of them. I use Quote to deal with 4 of the trainers by himself and almost defeated a 5th one but its health went into the red and Batman saved the day. Also Stubborn and Dratini was used as a team to deal with a couple of the trainers. After clearing out the trainers on Route 35, I entered the gate and discover that the Pokeathlon Stadium was nearby and decided to check it out. A crazy old man named Magnus with a Poliwrath was in front of the area and saying that my Pokemon has great potential to compete. After learning that the Pokeathlon doesn’t involve battling, I was bored and decided to leave for the Natural Park.

    Natural Park had a few trainers along with patches of grass with a fountain in the middle that shaped like a Pokeball. I was talking to one the guards at the gate of Natural Park which he mention about a Bug-Catching Contest which Depressed seem to be interested with the third place prize of a Sirtus Berry. I wouldn’t normally do it but Depressed really wanted that Berry but it was a Wednesday and the Contest wasn’t happening on that day. So I continued on to Route 36 where Stubborn and Dratini dealt with the trainers there. Then I walked up to the tree thing and spray it with the Squirtbottle. It wasn’t a tree at all but a Sudowoodo, a Pokemon that wasn’t a grass type but rock instead. After defeating it, Stubborn evolved to a Gyarados which the legend of Magikarp evolving into the powerful Gyarados was true after.

    After defeating the Sudowoodo, the flower girl from Goldenrod appeared and gave me Berry Pots for defeating the Sudowoodo along with some berries. These pots might come in handy once I get that Sitrus Berry from the Bug-Catching Contest. Afterwards, I was able to get to Route 31 pretty quickly and deliver the Spearow to the guy. He gave me the Rest TM so my Pokemon can possibly sleep in battle. I continued my journey to Ecruteak City which I encountered some more trainers on Route 37. I had Quote solo 2 more trainers along with Stubborn and Dratini defeated a double trainer battle.
    After spending a day in Ecruteak City, I went back to National Park to do the Bug-Catching Contest. It was rather hard to get third place on purpose and after a few tries, I managed to get a quality Paras that was good enough for third place. Depressed was rather happy with me getting the Sitrus Berry but for now, I decided to use a Berry Pot to grow more of them in case Depressed uses the Sitrus Berry in combat and didn’t have more. Depressed seem sad that he couldn’t get the berry right away but it was a necessary evil. I went back to Ecruteak and a guy gave me a Dowsing Machine to find random items hidden in the ground. I heard the one in Unova had much better functionality and worked better.

    I visited the Kimono Dance Theater and see that a Team Rocket grunt was harassing a Kimono Girl and immediately defeated the Rocket grunt. An old man in the audience was impressed by my efforts and gave me the Surf HM. I like beating up on Rocket grunts and people give me free stuff for it, not bad at all. I couldn’t challenge the Gym since the Gym Leader was at some burned up tower. I went there and talk with both the Gym leader, Morty and his friend, Eusine. They told me about the legend of the three beasts who served the legendary rainbow bird, Ho-Oh. I could see the legendary beasts from the giant hole to the basement. Eusine suggested that I should see them up close and pointed to the ladder. Before I climbed down the ladder, the jerk Soul was here as well and decided to fight me as usual.

    I sent out Dratini as my lead and he sent out Gastly. I easily defeated it with Dragon Rage but it was immediately defeated by Croconaw’s Ice Fang. So I sent out Joey and a couple Hyper Fangs later, Croconaw was KO. Joey was able to defeat his Zubat and Magnemite as well and Soul was defeated once again. So someone who keeps bragging about strength and calls me weak, he keeps getting defeated by me often. After trouncing Soul’s sorry excuse of an existence, I climbed down the latter and saw the three legendary beasts before they ran off. Before Suicune ran off, it looked at me with a bit of awe. Eusine seem rather annoyed that Suicune looked at me with awe since he’s been chasing it for ten years now. I get a bad vibe from Eusine for some reason but I don’t want another guy like Soul hating me as well.

    I left the Burned Tower and was able to challenge the gym since Morty has returned from the Burned Tower to do his gym leader duties. I used Joey’s new move, Crunch to take care of Morty’s trainers before having Batman deal with Morty. Unlike other battles in the past, I had trouble defeating Morty with just Batman. After some training with Batman, I once again challenged Morty with Batman. I managed to have Batman to resist the urge to use Leech Life as its move and convinced it to wait to the last Pokemon. It easily defeated Gastly with a Bite attack along with a Haunter which previously could survive a Bite attack. I couldn’t afford to have these ghosts to use Curse and trapping Batman with Mean look. His third Pokemon was his ace, Gengar which was faster than Batman. There was no way initially that Batman could survive two Shadow Ball attacks especially with its ability to lower his Special Defense. This time, Batman could survive in theory three Shadow Ball attacks but there might be a problem since Gengar healed its HP with a Sitrus Berry. Luckily for me, Gengar used Mean Look while Batman crit on the Bite attack so Morty couldn’t use a Hyper Potion to heal it. Morty’s last Pokemon was a Haunter which Batman used Leech Life while it used Curse. It made it easier to defeat Haunter when Batman defeated it with a Bite attack.

    After Batman kept rejecting his evolution since I guessed it wanted to defeat a Gym Leader by itself, it finally evolves into a Golbat. Morty gave me the Fog Badge for defeating him and able to use Surf outside of battle along with the Shadow Ball TM. He suggested using the Surf HM to travel to Olivine City for the next Gym. I leave Morty’s creepy gym and prepare to go to Olivine City.

    Party (open)

    Quote the Level 21 Gentle Male Quilava - Jiimera0
    Current BP Limit: 130 (+15 from soloing 6 trainers)
    Item: Charcoal

    Opinion: Quote managed to get a slight increase in his BP limit when it defeated 6 trainers by itself. I find it interesting that its current XP total is 6666. It also learned Flame Wheel as well but even though it's more powerful than Ember, it's physical and Quote has a better Special Attack than Attack stat.

    Current Moves:
    Quick Attack (40 BP)
    Cut (50 BP)
    Flame Wheel (90 BP)
    Ember (60 BP)


    Joey the Level 27 Rash Male Raticate - Recec
    Ability: Guts
    Rattatas solo: 20/20

    Opinion: I mostly used Joey to allow Batman to stay at Level 22 since the other four reached Level 21 and Joey was the only one who could continue to gain levels while everyone was stuck. I replaced Sucker Punch with Crunch since it needed a better Dark move to take care of Ghost types. It did a good job with cleaning up Morty's trainers.

    Current Moves:
    Rock Smash
    Quick Attack
    Hyper Fang


    Batman the Level 26 Mild Male Golbat - Present
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Item: Shell Bell

    Opinion: Trying to defeat Morty at Level 22 was too much for Batman and was forced to abandon my ideal of evolving Batman at Level 23. So I had to train to Level 25 to finally solo Morty completely. It has its final evolution now and should be able to outspeed most Pokemon now.

    Current Moves:
    Leech Life
    Wing Attack (usable due to soloing Proton)


    Depressed the Level 21 Male Lax Dunsparce - inanimate_blob
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Item: Sitrus Berry

    Opinion: After doing so much in the last chapter, it didn't get much action except for gaining a level. Now I have a Sitrus Berry, it will be harder to make sure that it doesn't eat the berry. Too bad I can't constantly encountered Pokemon with Unnerve.

    Current Moves:
    Rock Tomb
    Rock Smash


    Stubborn the Level 21 Brave Female Gyarados - King Serperior
    Ability: Intimidate

    Opinion: Training Stubborn will be much easier now since it has become a Gyarados but its level up moves aren't much at the moment. It doesn't get a STAB move until Level 35 with Aqua Tail. It's going to be tough for sure.

    Current Moves:


    Dratini from the Game Corner the Level 21 Jolly Male Dratini - Organization Member XIV
    Ability: Shed Skin

    Opinion: Dratini is still doing its combo of Dragon Rage and Twister. I began to get ready for the next part of Dratini's restrictions with learning Slam. I probably have Surf on it since I will need it for the next chapter.

    Current Moves:
    Slam (unusable)
    Thunder Wave (unusable)
    Dragon Rage

    Next chapter will be going to Olivine City and eventually challenge the Cianwood Gym with Quote for a decent increase in BP.

    Previous chapters are in my OP for the Scramble in the sig link below.
  10. CJorex


    May 31, 2012
    Once again, my scramble is forgotten. op is in my signature, and I want a Horsea and an ice or psychic type.
  11. Phoenix512


    Nov 24, 2012
    CJorex, take Senshi the Abra. This Abra is initially a bit of a coward but wants to fight with its body instead of its innate psychic powers. Before it could evolve into a Kadabra, it has to get its cowardness out of its system. So it has to use Teleport in 5 trainer battles. Once it evolves into a Kadabra, it has to learn two physical moves (in Gen IV+ terms) but it still won't use any special Psychic attack moves. It wants to prove to one of Sabrina's Pokemon that physical moves aren't that bad and must defeat one of the them with those moves only. It still wants to defeat all of her Pokemon as well if possible. Once it defeated Sabrina, it realizes the folly of not using special Psychic attack moves and should be using its innate psychic powers. At that point, it can evolve into Alakazam and can any move now. Its training is complete when it defeats one of your rival's Pokemon on its own in the final battle.


    -Evolve into Kadabra when it teleports 5 trainer battles
    -Learn two physical moves (in terms of Gen IV) and cannot use special Psychic attack moves
    -To remove move restriction and evolve into Alakazam, defeat one of Sabrina's Pokemon with physical moves only and solo Sabrina (the former is required but the latter is not and would prefer the latter would be done as well)
    -Solo one of your rival's Pokemon in the final battle
  12. CJorex


    May 31, 2012
    Did you read my OP? Easy difficulty, and Agatha is already being solo'd. I don't think physical attacks on a pokemon with base 35 attack is easy. And soloing Sabrina with a Kadabra? only possible with a lot of critical hits. Sorry, this really needs editing to suit my needs.
  13. Phoenix512


    Nov 24, 2012
    I edited my original challenge to you, CJorex. I checked Sabrina's moves and all but Venomoth have Psychic moves only. Removing the Mega Punch and Mega Kick usage should make the solo easier but still like to see you defeat one of her Pokemon with physical moves. If it's still not easy for you, I think of something interesting and easy to do.
  14. CJorex


    May 31, 2012
    Much better now. I'll add it right away. Now all I want is a Horsea and I'm all good.
  15. Recec


    Sep 27, 2010
    You get Sissel the Gastly (Ghost Trick). Sissel isn't the sort of guy, who just let's people die if he can help it. Unfortunatley due to the limitations of his Ghost Tricks, he can only help out after they've died. Sissel must switch in when one of your other Pokemon faints. As well as this, Sissel has amnesia and has forgotten all the Pokemon's types. As such, Sissel cannot use moves that deal super effective damage.

    I don't think that is too hard, if it is, I'll gladly edit it.

    As for my own Scramble (if any of you read it), expect another update at some point tonight. (I say tonight, because Australia.)
  16. CJorex


    May 31, 2012
    Alice in Strings, I'm going to go retro and give you Frogger the Croagunk. Frogger is afraid of trucks, like his namesake, and so must never get hit by steel attacks. If he does, he must switch out immediately. He only has three lives, so if he gets hit by three steel attacks you must take him to a Pokemon centre immediately. Once he solo five steel-types and Solos Crasher Wake (getting past the trucks and river), he may evolve. Additionally, after evolving he must solo every steel and water types, including Byron's gym and all elite four pokemon from members not already solo'd (Aaron's Scizor, Bertha's Whiscash, Lucian's Bronzong, Cynthia's Lucario and Milotic). Good luck!
    P.S. will edit if there are any problems
  17. Recec


    Sep 27, 2010
    Second to last update. Probably, I think I'll do the elite 4/champion all in one post. But that's not why you're here. You're here to hear a guy talk about playing Pokemon!


    Do Gym Leaders even lift? (open)

    After defeating the twins, who are most certainly one boy and one girl, not two girls, and while I'm at it, that's a hat he's wearing, not his hair, I went off to stop Team Magma from getting the rocket fuel.

    Anyway, evolution!~ RNG evolved, because he hit level 43 and did his gym solo requirements.

    Steven and I got into an argument with Maxie and Tabitha, in which we asked them why they were planning to take the rocket fuel. They wanted to blow up Mt. Chimney, I'm fairly certain out of spite too.

    Anyway, Steven and I joined forces, and got screwed over so bad by critical hits it was ridiculous. Thank goodness his Skarmory has amazing defense, I don't know what we would have done otherwise.

    So Team Magma, decided to give up now. Satisfied that he had crushed their hopes and dreams, Steven gave me the HM for Dive. Yes, I could have taught Surf to Random, and Dive to RNG without braking any challenges. But screw that! So I went and caught a Tentacool (I don't think he's Quiet natured, I'm too tired to check right now. If he is I'll mention it in a latter post) to use as an HM slave.

    With the help from Sub (that's Tentacool's name btw) I infiltrated Aqua's Hideout, thankfully I didn't need another HM slave, coz I've got STRONG. STRONG is so helpful against Aqua/Magma, he does all the Rock Smash/Strength puzzles, and then she just tanks Swaggers from Poochyena/Mighteyena all day and then sweeps. Seriously, I cannot stess enough how often I see the 'OWN TEMPO prevents confusion' message.

    At the end of the cave, there it was. TM26 Earthquake... and Kyogre. Somehow I managed to beat Archie here. I guess it's because h's lazy. I knew I had to stop Archie from unleashing Kyogre on the world, so I battled him and won. Then he broke every rule in the RPG book and did it anyway. That's not how it works Archie. You're supposed to do something bad, and I stop you by making your pets faint. That's how it's always worked, you can't just rewrite the rules!

    After Archie received a transmission from one of his men about how the whole plant was being wrecked and everyone was dying, we went outside, where we met Maxie, who said some things, I dunno what, it was a couple of days ago now, and then he left. Then Steven came, and he said some more stuff, and he left too, and just as I prepared to leave, I got a phone call from an NPC that completely ruined the atmosphere.

    So I arrived in Sootopolis and watched that sorry excuse for a cutscene play out. Seriously Game Freak, give us an R/S remake, the cutscenes will be great.

    So after talking to Wallace for some arbitrarily designated reason, I went of to the Sky Pillar to awaken Rayquaza... then I had to Surf back, because I don't have a flyer.

    So I came back and watched another crappy cutscene. Then all the world's problems were solved. Except my problem of only having 7 badges. So I decided to fix that.

    Now this battle with Juan, was the first in a very long time that I haven't had to solo. And I had forgotten how easy gyms can be. Seriously, the closest thing I had to a problem was when Gorgeous fell in love with his Luvdisc. And even RNG's Surf's wrecked him pretty badly. So easy 8th badge, and an upcoming very difficult e4.

    The Team (open)

    RNG/Swampert (M) @Mystic Water
    Lv. 43
    Nature: Quiet
    Mud Sport

    Okay, I'll admit it, RNG is a lot better than I thought he ever was going to be. And the fact that he wrecked Juan pretty badly with only Surf, that's impressive. Still, he has to do what is essentially 2 e4 solo's. So I won't say he's all that great just yet.

    Gorgeous/Gardevoir (M) @Amulet Coin
    Lv. 42
    Nature: Quiet
    Light Screen
    Calm Mind

    Why are you a dude?! Seriously!? You could have destroyed Juan, but no. You had to get infatuated by that bloody Luvdisc! But other than that he's a general powerhouse... except... except... he has to solo Sidney! And all of a sudden, all the hate I had for King Serperior and Present, is instantly replaced with hate for Organisation Member XIV.

    Boombox/Exploud (F) @Silk Scarf
    Lv. 41
    Nature: Quiet

    Did I mention Boombox evolved? Because I'm fairly certain I didn't. Anyway, she hits a lot better now and has good HP (not as good as Random's but still pretty good). What is there to say? I really wish she could use better moves I guess? When does she learn Hyper Voice? I'll check. 65?! No way that's happening in time. Oh well.

    Random/Hariyama (F) @Cleanse Tag
    Nature: Quiet
    Vital Throw
    Arm Thrust

    Umm... about as helpful as ever I'd say. The Cleanse Tag is still there because... well mostly I forgot, and partly because I'm too lazy to do anything about it anyway. I might end up over leveling this guy, because he has to solo a certain elite 4 member who like to use Sheer Cold, so we'll see how it goes.

    Booster/Torkoal (M) @Quick Claw
    Lv. 42
    Nature: Quiet
    Body Slam

    Same old, same old. Amnesia is there to boost special defence, because regular defence is high enough, and the only physical type boss left is like, Phoebe, and RNG has to do most of the work in that fight anyway.

    STRONG/Spinda (F) @Lax Incense
    Lv. 42
    Nature: Mild
    Rock Smash
    Teeter Dance

    Ugh... I really don't like her anymore. She's fallen too far behind everybody else, especialy now that the team is fully evolved. I don't expect to see much out of her in the upcoming boss battles. Particularly as none of them use Swagger... At least, i don't think they do. Sidney might, but Gorgeous has to fight him anyway.

    On a final note. I really hate to do this, especially as I only have one update left to do, but: The final update will probably not be out until something like the 22nd at the earliest. And don't get excited and think that it's going to be something epic, it's just that these next few weeks are going to be long and hard, so I ask for your patience. Thanks.

    I swear I will spend, like all of this weekend grinding, just so I can get this done for everyone, but mostly me.
  18. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    ShinySkarmory, I really like writing these updates, so I'm definitely not stopping. I'm actually in the middle of writing part 2, but it takes a little longer since I play and write at the same time, which isn't great for the grinding bit (Sluggish, learn ember dammit!) but Sluggish did do a massive come through which is already in the 1st draft of the update.
    Oh, and if there is a bit that I think would look good in a script I may do the part like that, just because I can only put "so" and "amazing" in that many places.
  19. Present


    Oct 20, 2012
    @klock, I'll get you your Braviary. I'll edit in in a moment as usual.
    Soooo, you'll get yourself a hardhitting mon for a hard team actually, especially ev trained. I'd say ev train your Braviary any way you want (Hp, Attack, SPeed), but keep in mind that in your playthrough, they won't be much help, hehe. Take Saddist the Braviary (the defiant one, on the sandy route in-game). This Braviary is Defiant of all your orders. You order it to use physical attacks, Braviary defies you and uses special attacks instead. As such, Braviary can not use any physical attacks whatsoever (he can learn them, but not use them in battle, think hm's like fly), only them special attacks are good enough for him, especially as it pisses you off. There is one exception to this though, and that is cut. As long as Braviary cannot defy your commands, as long as it has no special attacks, it will resort to using cut instead. However, as soon as you have the possibility to learn it a special attack, it grabs said tm and learns it, which results in you never being able to use a physical attack again. Braviary even defies your sense of logic, and battles tough foes, especially when it is at a typing disadvantage. As such, it wants to solo Clay's Excadrill, Skyla's Skarmory, Marlon's Carracosta, Shauntal's Cofagrigus, Grimsley's Bisharp, Catilin's Musharna and Iris's Aggron, because no well thinking human being would do so, thus Saddist will. (I'd be happy with special attacks actually, especially when hidden power turns out to be ok. All of them have higher physical defense). You may not reset the game when you fail any of these challenges, if the situation arrises that Saddist loses a solo (you may use revives), you have to lose the battle and retreat in shame. (to the nearest pokecenter)

    Saddist also has other saddistic qualities, namely stealing the 10 most expensive pokeballs OR the 5 most expensive items from your bag and molesting them (whichever costs the most), whenever its health gets into red, or he faints. Because obviously, when you let him get severely hurt, it will turn on you as you are a bad trainer. Whenever you switch Saddist out, or do not use him in 5 consecutive trainer battles, it will think you hate him and the above will happen too.

  20. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    Alice, take Okami the Remoraid.
    Okami and remoraid look horribly different. However they both share a massive similarity. They can both squirt out ink! Or in terms of remoraid, its evolution, octillery, can at least. But Remoraid needs to go out on an adventure to evolve (an adventure that will have you using a heart scale or two and a TM or two by the way, sorry 'bout that).
    Okami is in tune with nature, Remoraid needs to be as well. Defeat 10 grass types with bullet seed.
    In Okami, the secondary item it gets you to use in the tutorial is a shield; defeat a gym leader using protect every other turn.
    In Okami you are a sun god. Defeat a gym's trainers and the strongest pokemon of the leader by using only fire blast. (The one in like verity, you are not allowed to buy this move)
    In Okami, you can make the sun appear. Learn sunny day and use the sunny day and fire blast combo on 25 combos.

    Now you may evolve, you must learn both octazooka and gunk shot, replacing fire blast and protect.
    Keep that set forever and solo either 4 of Cynthia's pokemon, or an elite four member.
  21. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    931 word update, hope it is enough for you!

    12th February 2013

    OMG, this has been such an eventful day! Sluggish was really powerful this morning, but we need to start off with a total bummer. The gym was closed! :( But that creepy guy told me it would be a nice idea to train over in the bellsprout tower. He forgot to tell me where it was though! D: That was totally mean of him! Anyway, after finding the tower this bald guy came and battled me! Well I realized this would be a great way to train my lovely level 4 slugma (which I named Sluggish by the way due to his slightly derpish look :P) and it was, but the way that Sluggish came through for me is something totally worth writing about!!!

    So this guy had all these mean bellsprout! Sluggish was fairly tired, so he began yawning! Luckily though, the bellsprout began yawning too and eventually fell asleep! Anyway, Sluggish kept on firing smog after smog at bellsprout, and after he yawned 2 more times and had a potion used on him he finally managed to take down the bellsprout. The next bellsprout came in, and the same tactic took place. Suddenly though, Sluggish ran out of gas and couldn’t fire smog any more. He got incredibly dis-heartened and just kept on putting the bellsprout to sleep, even when he was sleeping. Even more suddenly he couldn’t yawn either and he just kept on struggling! He kept on going! That is what you must admire him for. Eventually, he actually took out the guy’s second bellsprout with the struggling somehow. But he had another bellsprout! Well, admiring the poor little guy, I ran on and gave him a potion, and I think that Sluggish, feeling new-found strength, managed to take out the bellsprout with 2 especially powerful struggles, the second one being a critical hit! That is truly spectacular, and I am now training Sluggish against wild pokemon to try and get it to learn a new move. I don’t want Sluggish to have to go through that again!

    While training, I decided to go back to the prof, to show him my amazing Slugma. I explained to him about how he is Sluggish, but the prof was examining her somehow. Elm explained that ever pokemon has individual values, or IVs, and that he is an expert on them. Apparently the more IVs a pokemon has in a certain aspect then the better it is at that aspect, and right now the highest IVs in one aspect you can get is 31. He managed to tell me Sluggish’s IVs, they are.
    HP 26
    Atk 25
    Def 11
    Sp.A 18
    Sp.D 11
    Spd 18
    I don’t know, I just find them pretty neat. It’s interesting how even though Sluggish has loads more physically attacking IVs, when it does things using special attack it is still slightly stronger! Ah well, later in the day, against a wild Hoppip, Slugma was finishing the unfortunate thing off with another smog… a smog on fire! I took Slugma back to the prof to check that everything was ok, but the prof told me that Sluggish wasn’t just fine, he was great. He learned a new move called ember. It seems so much stronger than smog, so I will be using that from now on I think.

    Feeling new hope for Sluggish, I went back to bellsprout tower, and proceeded to KO all of the monks in there with Sluggish’s ember! It was beautiful! Something of note did happen though; Sluggish threw a rock and a quick call to the prof told me it was an attack called rock throw! This would have really been great, but the prof told me that when he examined her for IVs he found that Sluggish can only throw these rocks once a day! What a total bummer. He explained that it really tires her out though, so I’ve decided it would be cruel to put Sluggish through that! After that, I found out that the gym was open again so I went and fought Falkner. The battles are so fun and awesome so I will post a rough log in here so I can remember it!
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    Level 9 Pidgey versus level 11 Sluggish!
    Turn 1:
    Pidgey used tackle!
    Sluggish used ember! A critical hit!
    Pidgey fainted
    Sluggish grew to level 12!

    Turn 2:
    Falkner sent out level 13 Pidgeotto!
    Level 13 Pidgeotto versus level 12 Sluggish!
    Pidgeotto used tackle!
    Sluggish used Ember!

    Turn 3:
    Pidgeotto used Roost
    Pidgeotto restored HP!
    Sluggish used Ember!

    Turn 4:
    Pidgeotto used gust!
    Sluggish used Ember!
    Pidgeotto was burned!

    Turn 5:
    Celever used a potion!
    Sluggish restored HP!
    Pidgeotto used Gust!
    Pidgeotto was hurt by its burn!

    Turn 6:
    Pidgeotto used gust!
    Sluggish used Ember!
    Pidgeotto was hurt by its burn!
    Pidgeotto fainted!
    Celever beat Falkner!

    Wow, I was like so lucky in that fight! Sorry, I shouldn’t say I, it was Sluggish doing all the work! Sluggish managed to get a critical hit first turn and even burned down Falkner’s Pidgeotto. My heart skipped a beat however, since I forgot to get potions and only had the one! Good job Sluggish, you deserved those extra poffins and getting to stay up out of your pokeball late.

    Let’s just see what tomorrow holds! :D

    My team and my comments:
    Sluggish the female Slugma
    - Yawn
    - Ember
    - Smog
    - rock throw
    Sluggish has done so much today, after struggling 2 bellsprout to death in the morning to burning and critting against Falkner just now. Well done, my friend.
  22. klock


    Aug 5, 2008
    I knew my Braviary would get neutered :P all the more fun, accepted! sounds very hard but I'll manage somehow.. lol. I guess I should shoot for 31/31/31/E/31/31 for HP electric. Rufflet learns Air Slash at 41... but I can get Hidden Power or Round at Pokemon World Tournament? whereever that might be.

    Anyways, need 4 more members! Currently have SunnyD the Sunflora and Saddist the Braviary
  23. Naix


    Apr 24, 2012
    CJorex, take Roka (Swedish for smoke) the Horsea. All Horsea have the ability to shoot ink from their mouths at high accuracy, but when Roka tries to do so all that comes out of its mouth smoke (which is pretty much equivalent to Smokescreen in terms of thickness). This is due to it growing up in toxic water, and the cause of the water being toxic? Poison-types. Roka hates Poison-types and everything related to them, so if it's in battle against a Poison-type, Roka will refuse to switch out until either it or its opponent faints. Soon after capture, Roka realizes that it has the chance of taking on Koga, the gym leader who specializes in the use of Poison-types, and naturally, Roka has a deep desire to solo him. After this is done, Roka believes that the score has been settled and as such feels ready to evolve. There's just one problem, though: Seadra have Poison Point as their ability. Upon learning this, Roka believes it has become part Poison-type, and the only way to change its type again is to evolve to Kingdra. However, as you know, Seadra can't evolve until after defeating the Pokemon League, and it's an unspoken rule that Pokemon who truly wish to become similar to that of the Dragon-types has to prove itself against a Dragon-type expert. Fortunately, Lance of the Pokemon League happens to be one and as such Roka must solo his Dragonair and Dragonite.


    By the way, these guys are still waiting to recieve Pokemon for their challanges. The former has been given a Lileep and a Seviper, while the latter has been offered a Mudkip and a Seedot.

    EDIT: It turns out I forgot about the Treecko and Whismur DragonBreath was given by Present and Quark, respectively. Sorry!
  24. Tyranitarphantom


    Aug 6, 2008
    Chapter 8 of my Pokemon Blue Scramble is up! I wrote three chapters this weekend....that's what having no internet for an entire weekend will do to you. I'll be uploading them all soon.

    Chapter 8: Double Gym Madness
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    Ttar arrived back in Cerulean City quickly enough. His team was ready to go, so he immediately went to the gym. Two trainers stood in his way, but they were disposed of easily. Before him stood his true target: Misty, the Gym Leader!

    As he approached the Leader's seat, Misty turned around and smiled. "I heard from Brock that a tough trainer was coming my way!" she said. "That wouldn't be you, would it? You don't really look the part."

    Ttar was taken aback by her rudeness. He nodded yes, that he was in fact the trainer Brock had mentioned. He then pulled a PokeBall from his belt, ready to battle.

    "Well, excuse me, then," Misty said. "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Misty, the Cerulean Gym Leader. I must ask, what is your approach when you catch Pokemon? Mine is to only use Water-types, and to go all-out with offense! Let's see if you can stand up to my Pokemon!"

    Misty pulled out a PokeBall, and tossed it forward. Out of it came a brown Pokemon in the shape of a star. It had a red jewel at it's center. Figuring it was just a Water-type, Ttar decided to give Creeper his first Gym Battle!

    "Staryu, use Water Gun!" Misty called out. The Staryu shot a bit of water at Creeper, but Creeper didn't seem bothered by it.

    "Use Hypnosis!" Ttar commanded. Creeper sent out a beam of energy, but the Staryu dodged it!

    Misty had her Staryu use Water Gun again. Ttar had Creeper go for another Hypnosis, and this time, it connected!

    "Now, Creeper, use Confusion!" Ttar shouted. Moving it's hands, Creeper sent out a pulse of psychic energy at the Staryu. It seemed heavily damaged! Ttar told Creeper to use Confusion again as the Staryu still slept. After the second Confusion, Staryu seemed to be on the verge of fainting! The Staryu continued to sleep, and Ttar ordered Creeper to use Confusion once more. This time, as the attack connected, the Staryu fell forward, fainted!

    Misty withdrew the Staryu. "That was just the warm-up round!" she said slyly. "Now, the real battle begins! Go, Starmie!"

    A much larger Pokemon came out this time. It was blue, and appeared to be made of two stars put together. The gem in it's center was much brighter, too. Ttar called Creeper back, and sent out enviro. A Grass-type would have the advantage over a Water-type, so the choice was clear.

    "Starmie, use Tackle!" Misty ordered. The Starmie charged straight at enviro, and it apparently hit a weak point. enviro suffered a critical hit!

    "enviro, use Stun Spore!" Ttar called out. enviro waited a second, then released a cloud of spores from it's mouth. The spores hit Starmie right in it's "face." It was paralyzed!

    "Good call," Misty said. "Starmie is really fast! I doubt any of your Pokemon could keep up. Paralyzing it was definitely the right choice!"

    Ttar grinned. He knew he had gotten the best of the Leader. His second badge was so close, he could feel it! He commanded enviro to use Vine Whip. With a lash from it's vines, the Starmie reeled back in pain. Misty had it use Tackle again. Thankfully, it didn't critical this time. Ttar ordered another Vine Whip, and the Starmie was now looking very hurt. It used Tackle again, but enviro seemed to still be ok.

    "Vine Whip again!" Ttar yelled. "Finish this!" enviro did as it was told, and with this hit, the Starmie too fell over. With both of her Pokemon fainted, Ttar had won the battle!

    "Wow, you're too much!" Misty said as she called her Starmie back. "I suppose looks can be deceiving! Here, to prove you beat me, take this CascadeBadge!"

    She handed Ttar a badge that looked like a drop of water. Ttar clutched it tightly. Misty continued, "So that's your second Badge? You've still got a long way to go. Here, maybe this will help!"

    She pulled a disc out of her bag, and handed it to Ttar. This disc was blue, and said TM11 on it. "That's my favorite TM," Misty said. "It teaches Bubblebeam. Use it on a Water-type of your own!"

    Misty then jumped into the pool and swam away. Satisfied with his victory, Ttar left the Gym, but not before using the TM11 on Arceustar. He figured that Bubblebeam would be a stronger Water move, and Arceustar needed all the power he could get. Ttar then walked out of the Gym.

    After a short rest at the Pokemon Center, Ttar headed back to Vermilion City. Now with two badges, he felt ready to take on anything! The journey back to Vermilion went quickly, and soon, Ttar was standing before the Gym!

    The man in the front of the Gym told Ttar that this Gym specializes in Electric-type Pokemon, and had a puzzle involving a secret switch inside some trash cans! Ttar knew that Arceustar and Angry Nerd wouldn't be much help here. He then noticed a few other trainers in the Gym. Ttar defeated them all first, and then turned his attention to the trash can puzzle.

    There were 15 trash cans, set up in three rows of five. The man had said that there were two switches. He said to find the first one, and then the second switch would be in a nearby trash can. Ttar did the only sensible thing: check every trash can!

    Of course, Ttar found the first switch in the last trash can he checked. He crossed his fingers, and checked the trash can nearest to the first switch. Quite to his surprise, inside was a switch that hadn't been there before! He pressed it, and from behind him, Ttar hear a motorized door slide open. That was much easier that Ttar had though it'd be.

    In the back room was a lone man. He wore a green army uniform, and had tall blond hair. He strongly resembled a character Ttar had seen in a fighting game once. Ttar approached him. The man looked up, clearly surprised.

    "Hey, kid!" he said. "I'm can't believe you found your way back here! I'm Lt. Surge, the Vermilion Gym Leader! I suppose you're looking for a battle?"

    Ttar nodded as he pulled out a PokeBall. This guy seemed tough, but Ttar knew he was tougher.

    "I see," Lt. Surge said, eyeing his opponent. "I tell ya, kid, Electric-types are tough. They saved me during the war! They zapped my enemies into paralysis! The same as I'll do to you!"

    Surge pulled a PokeBall from his belt and threw it. Out of it came a Pokemon who looked exactly like a PokeBall: a Voltorb! Ttar decided to start off the match with Creeper.

    Lt. Surge pulled an item out of his satchel, and tossed it at his Voltorb. Suddenly, the Voltorb appeared to be moving much faster! "X Speed," Surge said. "Makes Pokemon attack faster! Think you can keep up?"

    Ttar wasn't concerned with speed. "Creeper, use Hypnosis!" Ttar shouted. Creeper did the same thing as always, and the Voltorb closed it's eyes. It was asleep, completely vulnerable! Surge seemed bothered by this.

    The Voltorb continued to snooze as Creeper launched several Confusion attacks. It didn't take long before the Voltorb rolled over, fainted.

    "That was a cheap trick, kid!" Surge screamed. "I won't let you get away with that!"

    He pulled out a second PokeBall and tossed it up. Out came a Pokemon Ttar was very familiar with, a small yellow mouse. It was a Pikachu! Ttar left Creeper in to take it on.

    "Go for Thundershock, Pikachu!" Surge yelled. The Pikachu charged a bit of electricity, and shot it at Creeper! It hardly seemed to do any damage, though. Ttar commanded Creeper to use Hypnosis, and again, Surge's Pokemon took a nap!

    Surge was clearly frustrated, but there was nothing he could do. Ttar had Creeper go for Confusion, and in only two hits, the Pikachu had fainted. Ttar believed that he had won, but Surge began to laugh.

    "I didn't want to have to do this, kid," he said, holding his head. "But you leave me no choice! Come on out, Raichu!"

    He sent out a Pokemon that looked a lot like Pikachu, but larger, and with an orange tint to it's fur. Ttar had believed that Gym Leaders only used two Pokemon, but it seemed he was wrong. Creeper had had enough for now, so Ttar called it back, and sent out Doomed instead.

    "Now we'll show you real power!" Surge shouted. "Raichu, use Thunderbolt!"

    The Raichu launched a huge blast of electricity right at Doomed. This did massive damage! Doomed already appeared to be on the verge of fainting! Ttar ordered her to use Body Slam. It appeared to do good damage, but the Raichu was still ready to fight!

    Ttar could see that Doomed couldn't take much more. He called her back, and sent out enviro. The Raichu launched another Thunderbolt, but thanks to being a Grass-type, enviro was able to take the hit fairly well.

    Surge commanded Raichu to use Thundershock. Ttar wasn't sure why, as Thunderbolt was just a stronger version, but he was ok with it. Ttar commanded enviro to use Stun Spore. It did, and just like Misty's Starmie, the Raichu was paralyzed!

    "You, paralyze me?" Surge cried. "I don't think so!"

    Ttar grinned. He believed he had Lt. Surge cornered! He commanded enviro to use Vine Whip. It did minor damage, but Raichu wasn't doing much back. Lt. Surge then reached into his satchel again. He pulled out another X Speed, and used it on Raichu!"

    "Getting a speed boost negates the speed drop from paralysis, kid!" Surge laughed. "You're just wasting your time!"

    Ttar was irritated. He was being outsmarted, but he hoped it wouldn't matter. The Raichu only seemed to know Electric moves, which wouldn't really hurt enviro. Ttar ordered another Vine Whip. This time, it scored a critical hit! The Raichu took major damage! It looked like one more would take it out!

    "We're not done yet!" Surge said. He commanded a Thunderbolt from his Raichu, which then scored a critical hit on enviro! enviro seemed to barely be hanging on, but it did as Ttar said, and used Vine Whip. As weak as it was. This appeared to be the final blow, as the Raichu cringed in pain, and then fell over on it's side. Ttar had won the battle!

    "AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH, NOOOOOOOOO!" Lt. Surge screamed! "HOW COULD I LOSE!" He then shook his head, and looked at Ttar.

    "Sorry about that, kid," he said. "I get so in to my battles sometimes. You're the real deal, y'know? Here, take this ThunderBadge!"

    He handed Ttar a badge that looked like a golden 8-pointed star. He placed it in the case with the rest of his Badges. Three down, five to go!

    "You're really something," Surge continued. "I want you to have this."

    He handed Ttar another disc. This one was yellow, and said TM24 on it. "That's the TM for Thunderbolt," Surge said. "It's a really powerful Electric move! Use it well. See ya around, kid!"

    Ttar thanked Lt. Surge, and then left the Gym. Outside, he took out his Badge case, and observed them. Three glistening badges, proofs of his conquests. He still had a long way to go, but he still felt full of energy. Ttar then took out the TM24. That Thunderbolt had packed a serious punch, and Ttar wanted to use it. His only Pokemon capable of learning it was Doomed, and after her failure in that battle, Ttar decided it was only fair to let her learn it.

    Doomed now had an entire moveset of TM-taught moves. Body Slam, Rest, Water Gun, and Thunderbolt. Doomed appeared full of energy. He remembered hearing in passing that the Pokemon Fan Club loved seeing powerful Pokemon! Ttar decided to head over there immediately.

    The Fan Club president greeted Ttar as he walked inside. "That is one amazing looking Pokemon, son!" he said. "You must be one heck of a trainer! Here, take this and use it on your Nidorina. You'll like what happens!"

    The president offered Ttar a shiny rock. Ttar didn't know what it would do, but he offered it to Doomed. She took it, and suddenly began to glow! Her form became much larger, and she began to stand on two legs! When the light faded, before Ttar stood a much larger, and much stronger looking Pokemon! Doomed had evolved into Nidoqueen!

    Ttar thanked the Fan Club president sincerely. Doomed was sure to be a huge threat to opposing trainers now. After a quick trip to the Pokemon Center, Ttar took off for the next town!

    Current Team:

    Arceustar the Squirtle
    Level 23
    -Tail Whip
    -Mega Punch

    Doomed the Nidoqueen
    Level 23
    -Body Slam
    -Water Gun

    Angry Nerd the Fearow
    Level 23
    -Mirror Move
    -Fury Attack
    [Special Attackers solo'd: 10/10]

    enviro the Weepinbell
    Level 23
    -Vine Whip
    -Sleep Powder
    -Stun Spore

    Creeper the Drowzee
    Level 22
    [Children solo'd: 0/10)
  25. Present


    Oct 20, 2012
    @Naix, I gave Dragonbreath a Treecko actually, but he / she hasn't posted yet since I submitted it.

    Oh and nice updates so far, enjoyed reading them, TyranitarPhantom and celever.

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