The Ubers Open I - Round 4

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Giving Malekith the win over Melee Mewtwo because Melee Mewtwo left after the third deciding game had started and he had seen Malekith's team and lead. You can't do that.
Confirming, Lost game1, Won game 2, and in the third one after choosing our leads he told me something like let me try to do this the tuesday and he leaves... lol

I dont know why he began the battle if he was gonna leave...

But well, GGs for those 2 battles, you played very good.
I was choosing my third team and didn't reading your PMs, all you had to tell me was: I cant battle, see you next day ._. Not begin the battle and leave..
Yeah, I had somebody on my back and I was trying to judge when I would have my opportunity to play you, now or later. I made my call and I called wrong. Oh well, thanks for being so cool our first match with the messed up team import and for the really great games.
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