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Unlimited Victory Works

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by Go10, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Go10

    Go10 Storm Vanguard !

    May 22, 2009


    I'm not going to tell you how boring the Uber metagame is now, thanks to a certain newcomer. It's pretty easy to use a rain team, and you have to take a lot of risks when playing offense if you want to be original and not be swept by Arceus / walled by Ferrothorn.

    So, 6 month ago, my fellow Uber brother, Private, and I decided to build a team that wouldn't use any standard core currently used. We took a look at the current metagame and Kabutops was something that often came in our minds since he could walk through Drown All, shit on random offense, and make his way through Drought teams. This team peaked at #1 a lot of times, but hey, the Smogon and PO ladders aren't what we would call a challenge.

    We did something we can be proud of for sure, since this team was our most successful in BW Uber despite being restricted by a lot of things. Anyway, here is the team !


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    Started with Ogre + Kabu obviously since we wanted to make a rain team around the fossil.

    We were watching Dr. House and didn't have any ideas, so we used the house trump card : throw everything you have on the board and test it ! Mewtwo for wallbreaking here and there, Deo-A to setup SR and hit the whole metagame hard, Scizor for a cool Uturn and a needed dragon resist that can also "revenge kill" with BP, and DragoCeus in the last spot for a second Water resist and our second main sweeper. After some tests, Ferrothorn walled the whole team, recovering more on Leech Seed than what he lost on uturn ... Kyogre was also a pain in the ass.

    Ok so we kept the formula we used previously, removed Deo-A for Dialga LO SR, since it brought another water resist and could setup SR and hit Ferrothorn fairly hard with Fire Blast. However, Dialga doesn't hit hard when not super-effective (hi Arceus / Chansey / Lugia). It was a little better but still not good. And that's where we made the worst choice ever for an offense user ...

    Removed Dialga for BandChomp for an elec' immunity and very good dual STAB and put GrassCeus over DragoCeus. Ferrothorn wasn't able anymore to spam Leech Seed (free Spikes now though), but God ... it was really bad at best. GrassCeus is the worst Arceus ever for an offense user. He doesn't hit hard, he let a free setup for everything ... anyway, he wasn't what we needed. We also tried SD Chomp, but wow, Arceus eats Chomp alive ...

    Tried MixKrom over Chomp, we can lure Groudon and Ferrothorn easily and kill them with Focus Blast / Draco Meteor. But the team was a bit too much EH weak.

    Bronzong on Garchomp for a Groudon check and also to lure Ferrothorn and "kill" him with Hypnosis. He helped vs MindCeus too. Hi Pokemon Online; I never hit with this shit. We also used GroundCeus + Palkia: not bad, but still not what we want.

    Fuck off Mewtwo, here is TyraniBoss; we tried to make a team without him, but meh, he's too great. Changed GroundCeus for something more manly, with more swag--Ghostceus SD. The team worked really well, but we had nothing for checking Thunder. Since Hypnosis never worked, we decided to get rid of Bronzong.

    The team was almost perfect, the only thing that was a problem is (again) Ferrothorn and some other mons. We needed something that hit like a truck. Since MixKia wasnt good enough, we changed it for the Specs set and changed Ghostceus for EKceus. Here, it's perfect ! We got what we wanted.



    It's my style to simply take what I want.
    After all, I am Iskandar ... King of conquerors.


    @ Focus Sash

    • Sand Stream
    • 200 Atk / 56 SAtk / 252 Spd
    • Lonely Nature (+Atk, -Def)
    • Moveset:
      • Fire Blast - A gift for Groudon, Ferrothorn and Foretress. Groudon is 3HKOed and we're faster, a good thing for the weather war. The two other are 2HKOed.
      • Crunch - Main weapon. Strong enough to not let anything come as they want, perfect coverage with Low Kick and STABed. I used to play Payback back in the DPP days but with its nerf, Crunch became more effective.
      • Stealth Rock - Something we need to hurt Lugia, Ho-Oh and Rayquaza, three things the team doesn't really love. Every team need SR anyway.
      • Low Kick - Perfect coverage with Crunch, 2HKOes any Dialga and Ferrothorn, and does so-so against Fightceus if he try to setup on us.

    • Why this Pokémon?:
      Back in the business ! No true lead anymore with the team preview ? Tyranitar isn't suited for this spot ? Screw the rules ! We made and used this Tyranitar since DP, and God he's still a serious threat to take in account. Truly good at what he needs to do : lure, weaken the team and setup SR. He allows us to lead off well by firing off his STAB and lure out easily Skarmory and Kyogre (always thinking he can brainlessly spam Water Spout since we doesnt have a true Ogre counter). There is no doubt about the fact that Tyranitar was, and still is, THE anti-metagame Pokemon at the moment.

    • Speed, item and nature :
      Enough speed to outrun Groudon, Dialga and any defensive 90 bs. Enough SpA to 3HKO Groudon; the rest goes in attack for obvious reason. Focus Sash to let him take a hit he can't survive.

    • Lead matchup :
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      • Deo-S : Crunch it if he try to setup SR or setup it if he switch. Crunch does enough to 2HKO it even if he use Reflect.
      • Darkrai : Meh, no SR for us. We'll let Tar take the Dark Void then switch on Kyogre. He's annoying since he can force us to lock our Ogre on Water Spout and lose the momentum. Use SR anyway in case he misses.
      • Kyogre : See if its raining or not; we'll know if he's an offensive or defensive variant. Most of the time, we'll just SR since we dont really fear him.
      • Deo-A : Crunch. He can be annoying because he breaks our Sash and we'll always play without SR. No SR for him too though and we keep the momentum.
      • Dialga : Low Kick then SR. Use it in this order because Low Kick does enough damage to force him to switch out (most of the time for Skarmory or Arceus).
      • Groudon : The sun should shine. Fire Blast, Fire Blast, then SR. If he used EQ in the first turn, use SR instead of FB the 2nd time.
      • Foretress : Crunch/Low Kick to break Sturdy and let him think we cant do shit to him then Fire Blast.
      • Arceus : If its a type we are not weak to, then SR; if it is, then Crunch / Low Kick.
      • Tentacruel : Since we're leading with Kyogre on the team preview, they can sometimes try to lead with him (Protect for choice blablabla). Crunch the fuck out of him for a clean 2HKO then Fire Blast the obvious Ferrothorn incoming.
      • Thundurus : Fairly uncommon but pretty good anti-lead. Crunch or SR, it depends if you think he'll Taunt or not.

    Goodbye, boy.
    If you're going to mourn, mourn that you challenged me with such small skills.


    @ Choice Scarf

    • Drizzle
    • 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    • Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    • Moveset:
      • Water Spout - A powerful STAB we use early game to weaken Ferrothorn and Palkia so they can't wall Kabutops anymore.
      • Surf - Strong, STABed and perfect precision.
      • Ice Beam - Good when used with Surf&Thunder if you know what I mean.
      • Thunder - Boltbeam blablabla

    • Why this Pokémon?:
      First of all, we needed the rain since we wanted to build a team around Kabutops. We used the Specs in the beginning for a clean 2hko on Ferrothorn, which is always good to get rid off under rain. However, the lack of speed was annoying and after some tests, it appears to us that the Scarf was the most useful for its revenge kill abilities. Kyogre is extremely important for the rain; his type allowing some pivoting, and his power and speed are simply fabulous~.

    • Speed, item and nature :
      Timid to outrun Deo-A and avoid the tie with the overly common Modest ScarfOgre.

    • How does it works ?
      It depends on what we are facing. If we're playing against a sun team, we'll try to keep Ogre in good health so we can come on the field and summon the rain while taking Groudon's EQ should the need arise. He baits the opponent's water resist and opens a path for Kabutops. Against rain offense, Ogre is going to bait Thunder from Palkia or any Thunder user for Excadrill, and we really don't care about losing Kyogre. Of course, if we can sweep with him, we'll not waste it, and we'll be careful and keep him on the side since we don't need him to summon the rain. On the other hand, if we're facing rain stall, Kyogre's only purpose is going to be spamming Water Spout on Dialga / Ferrothorn and baiting the special wall (aka Giratina/Chansey) for a free Excadrill setup.
    It was an interesting duel, but I'll end this.


    @ Choice Specs

    • Pressure
    • 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    • Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    • Moveset:
      • Spacial Rend - A powerful STAB that can 2HKO the whole metagame beside Chansey/Blissey and the Steel type. Groudon and Dialga can be OHKOed with previous damage.
      • Hydropump- The "I dont give a shit" button when under rain.
      • Fire Blast - Can OHKO Ferrothorn even under rain, what a beautiful thing to see ... Used for the other steel type too but Hydro Pump is enough for them usually. 3HKO Ho-Oh too without SR ... nuff said.
      • Thunder - OHKOes Kyogre, Lugia and is powerful enough to hurt anyone trying to setup.

    • Why this Pokémon?:
      He was the last mon to be picked. We had absolutely nothing for Kyogre and we needed a check, so Palkia came in and saved our ass. But we needed also a strong wallbreaker, so we obviously tested MixKia. After some testing, he wasnt as good as we thought. Ferrothorn was a pain in the ass under rain since he was able to take Fire Blast and use leech seed. Arceus was in the same boat, coming on Palkia and setting up Calm Mind like if it was nothing. We tested every Kia: Expert belt was weak as fuck, Lustrous Orb wasnt powerful enough against Ferrothorn, and Life Orb drained Kia's health too much (no surprise factor anymore too). So we thought about the specs. We didnt believe it was worth the try at the beginning but we gave him a shot and god, that was the best decision we could make. Even though we had to switch when locked on a resist, SpecsKia was THE pokemon we needed. We didn't even have to use Fire Blast for getting rid off Ferrothorn under rain which is just awesome. Some of you might think "why not SpecsOgre and ScarfKia ? You still 2HKO Ferrothorn and revenge kill Rayquaza !" Fool ! The main advantage over Kyogre is his Dragon type. Palkia will NEVER come on Palkia, fearing Spacial Rend, so we can easily fire off Hydro Pump and catch Ferrothorn. In conclusion, SpecsKia can do the same job as MixKia, if not better, by luring and killing Ferrothorn, AND still having a fucking retarded Hydropump that 2HKOes almost everyone.

    • Speed, item and nature :
      Timid to outrun Rayquaza, obvious is obvious.

    • How does it works ?
      Come on the field when he can/you need to take Water Spout, then see what the opponent has. If it's raining and Chansey is below 82%, use Hydropump; we dont care about Ferrothorn or any other special wall (Giratina will never come on you, same for Palkia) and you get a free 2HKO/OHKO. If it's not raining, use one of the 3 other move (Fire Blast if you think the steel type is coming, Spacial Rend if there is no Steel, Thunder if you can OHKO something with it; if there is Chansey/Blissey, switch on Excadrill. He
      is simply here to wreck shit.

    • Calc' damage :
      I'm not asking to trust me, but here is some calc' damage to show you how sad is the truth :
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      Hydropump on Chansey 4/252+ : 35.51 - 41.74%

      Hydropump on Blissey 4/252+ : 43.71 - 51.53%

      Hydropump on Ferrothorn 252/252+ : 46.59 - 54.82%

      Hydropump on Kyogre 4/0 : 53.21 - 62.86%

      Hydropump on Kyogre 252/0 : 45.04 - 53.21%

      Hydropump on Arceus 252/0 : 94.14 - 111.03%

      Hydropump on Arceus 252/0 after a Calm Mind : 62.83 - 73.87%

      Hydropump on Giratina-O : 61.67 - 72.78%

      Hydropump on Giratina physically : 41.15 - 48.5%

      Hydropump on Lugia 252/80 : 75.96 - 89.66%

      Fire Blast on Ferrothorn 252/252+ : 82.95 - 98.86% (under rain, yep)

    So you're going all out. You're betting everything in one strike.
    What courage. What a bold decision. I like that, but it is a foolish mistake against me.


    @ Leftovers

    • Sand Rush
    • 180 HP / 52 Atk / 48 Def / 196 SpD / 32 Spe
    • Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SpA)
    • Moveset:
      • Swords Dance - We could have used Rapid Spin, and it's viable, but SD is more useful since it allows us to be put the pressure on the opponent and can sweep if needed.
      • Substitute- What makes our Excadrill a boss. It allow him to rape Gira(-O); if allowed a free set-up, he can be easily at +2 ... WITH a sub. Useful against Ferrothorn, who can try to leech seed your face, and sometimes against Mewtwo under sand to bring him on the EQ range.
      • Rock Slide - EdgeQuake, hits Gira-O, Lugia, Skarm, Ho-Oh and Ray.
      • Earthquake- STABed, hits shit blablabla.

    • Why this Pokémon?:
      A thunder resist was needed, and a steel type too. Excadrill combines the two of them; not only that, but he can also setup on them ! He's the base of our pivoting that we use for our defense. He's often the one who opens a path for Arceus by hurting Skarm/Gira.

    • Speed, item and nature :
      A homemade spread that has became common by now, sadly. Enough in HP to make Substitute unbreakable by Seismic toss, enough in defense that allow the sub to survive Giratina-O's Dragon-Tail Adamant, full Atk, and finally enough Speed to outspeed any 90 bs stall and Deo-A under sand. The special defense allow us to take 2 Fire Blast under rain.

    • How does it works ?
      He's got a lot of purpose. First of all, he's our main weapon against the most common stallmons (Lugia, Giratina, Chansey, Ferrothorn, Forretress) since he can setup on them and put a lot of pressure on the opponent. So against stall, it's not that difficult to kill/hurt Giratina/Ferrothorn, which can lead to a Kabutops sweep. However, do not try to setup when the opponent has Groudon on his team ! When facing offense, we need Excadrill to check Dragons, mostly Zekrom, and Thunder. He's not a sweeper, just a wrecking ball against them.

    Surely you aren't expecting your pretty face to save you from my blade ?


    @ Life Orb

    • Swift Swim
    • 252 Atk / 36 Def / 220 Spe
    • Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SpA)
    • Moveset:
      • Waterfall - STABed, perfect accuracy, and can flinch.
      • Stone Edge - Covers the main threat that Waterfall doesn't kill like Lugia and Ho-Oh. Oh, and misses a lot, a lot ...
      • Low kick - Hi ferrothorn&Dialga ! Do a pretty good 75% on EKceus.
      • Aqua-Jet - Needed to kill Terrakion since we're outspeeded by the Scarf even under rain. Can be useful against Blaziken and Excadrill under sand (75-80%).

    • Why this Pokémon?:
      Since rain teams were the main archetype in Uber, he was somewhat the sweeper we dreamed of. Keeping the rain isnt difficult, his dual STAB is extremely good, the only cons : he doesnt hit THAT hard, but the team compensates for this. Kabutops was chosen instead of Kingdra because of his Rock type; a Normal resist is really useful for Arceus. Also, the metagame is more specially oriented, so something like Kabutops can really shake things up. Also, he doesn't need to be locked on Outrage for killing Kyogre, and his greatest advantage is Low Kick, really, FUCK YOU Ferrothorn, you heard that ? Fuck you !

    • Speed, item and nature :
      Enough in speed so you can outspeed ScarfChomp, Adamant because we need moar power, the rest goes in defense.

    • How does it works ?
      Comes in late game, when the team is weakened enough, and sweep the opponent. Don't bring him just for a revenge kill, its stupid, really. The team hate switch; it also hates not having the momentum, so yeah. Nothing difficult to understand.

    How dare you ...
    You're making me stand on the same ground as you ?
    I, who belong among the heavens ?
    Your impudence has sealed your eternal doom !
    Nothing will remain of your corpse, mongrel !


    @ Silk Scarf

    • Multitype
    • 252 Atk / 4 HP / 252 Spe
    • Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SpA)
    • Moveset:
      • Swords Dance - Do I need to explain, really ?
      • Extrem Speed - STABed, priority, blablabla
      • Shadow Claw - Giratina and Ghostceus, perfect coverage.
      • Brick Break - Fuck you Ferrothorn.

    • Why this Pokémon?:
      Why not ? I always, always use Arceus on any Uber team. He fits so easily and is so broken, omnomnom, it's just ridiculous to not use him. Needed something to revenge kill things without the rain, and I didnt wanted to be choice locked. Something that can sweep a whole team, something that setup so easily that you stop the BW Uber when beaten by him and something that can make you some coffee.

    • Speed, item and nature :
      Full speed Jolly because I didn't want to be outstalled by Ghostceus; punching him in the face with a +2 Shadow Claw is always nice. Silk Scarf because Arceus is so bulky that it'd be a shame to use LO. Full Atk, because it's like that, and don't bother trying something else.

    • How does it works ?
      Arceus is what I usually call "The pokemon of the situation of any situation". He come on the field when I think he can make a game over, sets up SD because he dont give a fuck since he's bulky as fuck, then use the most obvious moves... difficult isnt it ?

  2. Go10

    Go10 Storm Vanguard !

    May 22, 2009

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    [​IMG] < When you build an offensive team in BW, Arceus is obviously going to laugh at your face because of his movepool, bulk and capacity (fuck you multitype).

    Arceus ExtremeKiller: Cant setup, every attack put him in the Low Kick range.

    Arceus Ghost: Same goes for SD Ghostceus, his Shadow Force/Claw isnt something we have to fear. However, the Calm Mind can, if played correctly, walk through the team. Its up to us to ensure he cant setup. Kyogre can spam his Surf, Kabutops revenge kill him with Waterfall; after that, Arceus can try the tie for a Shadow Claw if he's low health.

    Arceus Steel / Rock: Excadrill doesnt fear SteelCeus; WoW can be a bother but thats all. Kyogre is a decent switch-in for RockCeus, Palkia too since he can OHKO him even at +1 under rain. Kabutops and Arceus revenge kill both of them.

    Arceus Grass: Our nemesis. We usually need Kabutops + Arceus SD for killing him, but if there is Skarmory behind ... GrassCeus usually comes in on Kyogre, so if we predict it with an Ice Beam, its a gg since Excadrill can 2HKO him if he has to use recover and let a free turn.

    Arceus Fight: He will cost us a pokemon for sure. He'll setup on Tyranitar or Excadrill. If he setup on Tyranitar, use SR, then spam Low kick. After his death, bring Excadrill and spam Sub (you can do it 5 times), if he use recover, use SD and spam Earthquake. If Excadrill doesnt win the duel, bring Kyogre since you did enough for a Water Spout revenge kill.
    If he sets up on Excadrill under rain, spam Earthquake; after his death, bring Kabutops. If you didnt kill him with Waterfall, Kyogre or our Arceus can do it.

    Other Arceus: No problem. GroundCeus can seems to be a problem but he's not. He doesnt have Drought like Groudon and can't hold an item; Kyogre and Kabutops smash his face on the ground. DragoCeus can be a problem too, but Kyogre Ice Beam do a lot and we have Kabu/Arceus for a revenge kill. Also, we can feint the Scarf with palkia and force him to use Extreme Speed lol.

    [​IMG] < yo dawg, I heard you're fast, but its raining today !

    Turbo Dancer: Go straight for Kyogre, then Kabutops or Arceus on his protect (you can let something die if needed). He's used only in offense, so with 2 priority, its not a problem.

    [​IMG] < Let something die, then revenge kill it... he's not common though, thanks god.

    Scarf: Switch on Exca if he come on Palkia. If he come on Excadrill, let something die ... At least, he's a free Arceus setup.

    Bandurrrr: God, he's awful. Kyogre rk it but thats all, something is going to die.

    SD-Yache Berry: Kyogre, Arceus and Kabutops revenge kill it.

    [​IMG] < Not common for some obvious reason. With Ferrothorn, Kyogre, Tentacruel and Arceus everywhere, gl with Bullet Punch.

    Bandeau Choix: Excadrill for checking the set. If we die, then its up to you to let something take Uturn or "kill him before he kill you". We have a team with strong moves so its not that difficult to 2hko it.

    SD: Exca for checking the set. Spam EQ until he kill you use Roost and bring Kia/Ogre. Here is some water dude !

    [​IMG] < A bother with Dark void and the new mechanics.

    NP: Let something sleep then go for Ogre.

    [​IMG]/[​IMG]/[​IMG] < loled.

    Normal: No-one use it. No problem.

    Atk: He hit really hard, but hey, 1 scarfer and 2 priority.

    Speed: Only used in the lead position, we got Tyranitar lead, done.

    [​IMG] < With Tyranitar and Kyogre, Dialga doesnt live until the end.

    Mixed: Exca come on TW/Thunder and EQ his mum. Palkia and Kabutops can kill him. Free setup for Arceus if he doesnt have TW.

    Stall TW: Excadrill.

    Bulk Up: Excadrill, sub, whatever.

    [​IMG] < yo.

    Mixed: They used to have Thunder in the last slot, but now they use wow/EQ for whatever reason. If they dont have it, sub on his face.

    [​IMG] < Serious business.

    Tank: Tar can do a good job with Fire Blast. If he's not used in the lead position, its goind to be tricky.

    Rock Polish: DANGEROUS. Kyogre and Palkia can take a hit and OHKO it. Arceus can setup on him if he's low health. If you can summon the rain, Kabutops revenge kill it.

    Sword Dancer: Difficult to take his EQ but its somewhat the same shit as the tank, Dont be a fool for bringing Ogre on his TW though ...

    Double Dancer: Same as the RP, we're not retarded for being swept by a +2/+2 are we ?

    [​IMG] < Not really a problem. Uncommon.

    Taunt/Roar: The whole team can kill him, the only thing which can be a bother is if he's paired with Grassceus. You cant random Ice beam for grabbing Arceus. Mindgame, thats my favorite dessert.

    [​IMG] < Eat theses rocks, I heard you like it.

    Standard: If SR is not up, its going to be a problem. We can revenge kill him or taking some hits.

    Nitro Charge: nah, its really not worth the try.

    [​IMG] < Nobody is going to save you Willy ...

    CM: Palkia Thunder 2hko it easily even at +1, bring something else if you think he's going to switch.

    Choice: The most feared verison and also the version I like the most since they are so easy to deal with. Excadrill on thunder, Palkia on his STAB then pump it. If the opponent brings Ferrothorn, nice. If he stays, you still 2hko Kyogre. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] < Let me put my balls on your face since its not a problem for you ...

    Standard: Palkia Thunder, CM or not, we win the duel. If it's tail glow and kills Palkia, Kyogre/Kabutops can revenge kill it.

    [​IMG] < Nice try dude

    BP: Tar doesn't let Deo-S setup his screen so eat my shit. If he use Shed Smash or I dont know what the name is, attack, if he try to spore you, let something sleep then bring Kabutops if SR break his sash, if not bring Excadrill then Sub if its Dialga the baton pass receiver. Anyway, you cant lost to this shit.

    [​IMG] < What I would call "being classy".

    Psycho Killer: Pivoting. Ogre on Fire Blast / CM, Exca on Psystrike. You can let something die then revenge kill it though.

    Stalltwo: Ugh, thankfully he's not used. He usually doesnt have Light Screen but Psystrike so Palkia and Kyogre can hurt him. If there is something we dont want to face beside Grassceus + Skarm, its him.

    [​IMG] < Sandy dude isnt fearless.

    Standard: Paired with Tar, his EQ is like Chomp and Groudon; however, we can revenge kill it more easily. Kabutops can surprise him even under sand, Kyogre kills him. Sand usually cant handle Kyogre very well.

    [​IMG] < You have to guess if he's choice or lustrous.

    Scarf: Kia/Ogre on Surf, Exca on Thunder/Spacial. Free arceus setup.

    Lustrous: Speed tie palkia, kyogre revenge kill it, Kabutops too.

    [​IMG] < The king of drag ...wait, WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS !?

    Swords Dancer: He's going to try a setup on Ogre or Exca, SR + random attack on his setup + Extrem speed.

    Dragon Dance: Same.

    Mixed: If you got the balls, bring Palkia/Kyogre and Fire Blast lol

    [​IMG] < Chifumi ?

    Choice: SR, Palkia and Ogre Ogre on his STAB Fire, Exca on his Dragon STAB. Arceus can setup after DM or on the Scarf.

    Nitro-Charge: Choice little Brother.

    [​IMG] < Well, I didnt found the Pokemon Online Sprite because its not just Skymin, but PO too you are facing

    Choice: Uncommon. Can revenge kill Kyogre and Kabutops ...

    SubSeed: Kabutops / Kyogre revenge kill it, Arceus 2hko him with ES or can SD on his Leech Seed if he's not behind a sub.

    [​IMG] < Strong shit

    Scarf: 0 immunity fight, he's a pain in the ass. Dont bring Arceus nor Excadrill without a Sub if you can. Ogre revenge kill it if in good health, same for Kabutops aaaaand ... that's all.

    Double Dancer: 0 setup, slow as hell, no problem.

    [​IMG] < Can be a bother if well played

    Standard Uber: Spam Hydropump/Water Spout on his face, bring Excadrill on SR and SD/Sub since he's going to switch anyway.

    Bandurrrr : Dangerous since he can pursuit Kia and Ogre for a clean OHKO.

    [​IMG] < Darker than Black, if you understand the reference, you're good.

    Bandurrr: Strong shit. If he use his STAB Elec, Excadrill can setup on his face, otherwise, revenge kill it.

    Scarf: Excadrill.



    [​IMG] < He's not a problem, but when paired with GrassCeus ... its another story.

    Standard: Palkia and Ogre can OHKO the shit out of him, Kabutops 2hko it with Waterfall and Tyra got Fire Blast. Excadrill do well with rock slid +2. Arceus is the only one who cant hurt him.

    [​IMG] < Be aware of his EH

    Standard: We dont have any ghost so yeah, just put the pressure and dont let him setup too much of his shit.

    [​IMG] < log(Gira)-2.

    The Wall, physically: wow is a bother but exca can setup on him. You have 2 shot with him, first, hope that he doesnt have Roar (its really uncommon, most of them have dragon-tail, but still), and second, hope that Stone edge DOESNT MISS !

    The Wall, specially: Same as the physically, but Stone Edge do a lot more so thats good.

    [​IMG] < She's a member of the trinity, with Arceus and Ferrothorn, the 3 most annoying pokemon in BW Uber

    Standard: With Eviolite, this thing is ridiculous and bulky as fuck. Excadrill is going to be da boss with Sub. You need to do a lot of double switch for bringin her in the hydropump range.

    [​IMG] < Izy Izy

    Standard: Same as Chansey but a lot more easy to handle.

    [​IMG] < Beautiful but handled without problem

    The Great Wall: SR, Kia, Ogre and Kia.

    Calm Mind: If the last slot is Whirlwind, then its the same as the great wall. If its reflect then setup Excadrill, he cant pp wast since a +6 EQ / Rock slide is a free kill. You can spam Thunder from Palkia / Ogre, it do a lot and you can para.

    [​IMG] < fuck you, that's why.

    Standard: Ex can sub on LS or Power miss, Palkia bait him easily and 2HKO with pump, Kabu low kick. You need to play so that he cant spam Leech Seed / Spikes. You have the tools for it, its up to you now.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]< He combines 2 weapons we fear : EQ and the poison.

    SubToxicTaunt: We have to play carefully to deny him a free setup; otherwise, we're done. Thanks to team preview, we will be able to see him coming. If he can sub, go straight for Ogre and spam Surf.
    [​IMG] < Can be a bother with spin and toxic spikes.

    Standard: Play your cards well and its an okay threat.

    [​IMG] < Wob Wob Wob WOBBUFFET!

    Trapper:Double switch or you're done.


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    [​IMG] - Ultra Offence - [​IMG]

    The most interesting matchup with a lot of fun and mindgames. It usually doesn't last, 10-15 turns. Our (and his) objective is to keep the momentum and force the opponent to revenge kill our mons until the end. The first to setup his late game usually wins the game. The matchup is on our side thanks to Tyranitar, who doesn't lose besides vs Darkrai, but it's not difficult to handle and they often lead with Mewtwo or Deo-A. Also, they have some problems handling Kabutops and Excadrill, forcing the opponent to use their Rayquaza / Groudon more often than they want.

    [​IMG] - Bulky Offence - [​IMG]
    The most common style and for good reason. We, again, have a very good lead matchup since they usually lead with Dialga, Deo-S or Groudon/Kyogre. Keeping the momentum isnt difficult at all. The game begin when you both have SR, lead are dead and you're trying to break the walls. Our plan is simple : a palkia sweep. He can 2hko ferrothorn, OHKO Arceus, so Ogre and Kabutops can sweep easily. Excadrill is an important member too (not that much but still) since he can check Gira-O, Zekrom and Dialga who are always used in these teams.

    [​IMG] - Soft Stall - [​IMG]

    Ugh, almost the worst matchup since they have access to strong revenge kill ability and solid stallmons. They lead more than often with Groudon, a good point for us. Palkia is, as always, the mvp since he's the one who'll decide the winner. If we cant kill Ghostceus and Skarm, our only late game sweeper, Arceus, is going to be walled (Kabutops isnt reliable because of the Groudon's staying power). Use Fire Blast, Hydropump or Spacial Rend wisely; if you try just to use a random move, they have ScarfKia in most cases, so you're done. If they dont have Skarmory, its a lot more easier.

    [​IMG] - Hard Stall - [​IMG]

    Kyogre vs Groudon, water vs fire, offense vs stall, these two are the most extreme opposite. Our teams are the complete opposite of each other.
    There are two kinds of Hard Stall, the ones who are raped by SubExca, and the other. We'll talk about the other. They always have Kyogre so we dont have to worry about the weather. Second advantage : the lead, Tyraniboss with his mixed capacity can wallbreak in a way.
    Rainstall usually uses GrassCeus + Skarmory + Giratina + Chansey, which is what we fear the most. The most annoying is obviously Chansey who can take Hydropump like nothing. You should remember that I said Giratina isnt a problem right ? Well, when combined with these three mons, its an another story since with GrassCeus and Skarmory, SubExca cant do much. Here is the plan :
    1/ Palkia's sweep. You have to weaken Arceus + Skarm, so that Exca +2 can kill one of them. For this, you'll need a lot of double switch and an incredible mindgame. If you let the opponent take the momentum, you can forfeit.
    2/ Excadrill. Bait Chansey or Giratina, which is easy, then bring Exca and Sub (or SD if you know he's going to bring Giratina and is slower than you (and doesnt have roar)). If you did well with Palkia, Skarm and Arceus arent a problem anymore.
    3/ Arceus or Kabutops's sweep. Be careful with Stone Edge misses though, I reached this level a lot of time and missed [​IMG]
    If the opponent use GrassCeus + Chansey + Skarm + Giratina Roar, you're done, you cant win, forfeit.

    [​IMG] - Other Styles - [​IMG]

    A short paragraph about smashpass and trick room. Against smashpass, they lead with Deo-S, crunch it. They'll then send their weather inducer to remove the SS. Attack and use your focus sash, then switch off. You can switch straight but its always good to do some damage on groudon/ogre. The opponent is going to let something die then try to setup Smeargle. Let something sleep then go for Arceus and OHKO it with ES. If you think he's going to use setup and not spore, go straight for Arceus or just attack if you can KO him. It is usually like that but it can change, its not a problem if you play well anyway.
    Against trick room, Tar'll win his duel vs Dialga. Setup SR, try to waste his TR turn, setup Palkia or Arceus, gg. Ogre or Kabutops can late game. ​


    We had a lot of fun with this team in team building and battles. I hope you liked this RMT, and maybe even the team. The team did very well in tournament, even thought I went 0-4 or 0-5 in SPL with it, Kabutops wasnt well trained enough with Stone Edge ...

    Thanks to Eo Dude Mortus for the grammar check, some things were awful lol. Thx to Ojama too for his help and every shit like here and here.

    Importable :

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    Caster (Kyogre) @ Choice Scarf
    Trait: Drizzle
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Water Spout
    - Surf
    - Ice Beam
    - Thunder

    Saber (Kabutops) (M) @ Life Orb
    Trait: Swift Swim
    EVs: 252 Atk / 36 Def / 220 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Waterfall
    - Stone Edge
    - Low Kick
    - Aqua Jet

    Archer (Arceus) @ Silk Scarf
    Trait: Multitype
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
    - Swords Dance
    - Brick Break
    - ExtremeSpeed
    - Shadow Claw

    Berserker (Palkia) @ Choice Specs
    Trait: Pressure
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Hydro Pump
    - Thunder
    - Spacial Rend
    - Fire Blast

    Lancer (Excadrill) (M) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Sand Rush
    EVs: 180 HP / 52 Atk / 48 Def / 196 SDef / 32 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Swords Dance
    - Earthquake
    - Rock Slide
    - Substitute

    Rider (Tyranitar) (M) @ Focus Sash
    Trait: Sand Stream
    EVs: 192 Atk / 64 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Lonely Nature (+Atk, -Def)
    - Fire Blast
    - Crunch
    - Stealth Rock
    - Low Kick

    Use my nicknames's pokemon if you want to play/test this team please, thanks !
  3. Furai

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    May 4, 2010
    This team is absolutely fantastic. I really have no words, besides maybe changing a bit Kyogre's nature and EV spread, but that would be fairly redundant. Props for the fantastic team guys, Luvdisc'd!
  4. polop

    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Apr 29, 2011
    Incredible HO team :D. At least SOMEONE still makes them around here, with stall dominating the meta you never see these around :(.

    I actually have nothing to say, except well perhaps Swords Dance > Aqua Jet on Kabutops, but its your decision, and idk if your going to sweep it helps a lot :D (which IS what the team is geared around right? and
    , the con is ridden of)

    He uses Exca to uh... mess around with Giratina-o! Giratina-o will do pathetic if not non-existent damage in the rain (which means more SD, so it doesn't really matter...), and in sand, sand rush is better (honestly, Tyranitar's presence actually makes mold breaker inferior IMO). Multiscale Lugia doesn't like Specs Kia's and Kyogre's hits either, Thunder and Rain Boosted Hydro Pump will leave a mark even if Multi-scale is active.
  5. His Eminence Lord Poppington II

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    Jul 29, 2010
    yeah so offensive teams rely a lot on getting a good lead matchup and maintaining constant offensive pressure, as i'm sure you know.

    even taking that into consideration this team suffers a heavy weakness from fighting and ground attacks, making (as you've correctly identified) offensive groudon and terrakion huge threats.

    also worrying are lategame scarf palkia, and a well played offensive dialga

    i'd really like to see a giratina-o somewhere on this team, but i know it's hard to fit.

    alternatively you can bump up excadrills speed to 192 to outspeed scarf terrakion.

    after bumping the speed up perhaps rapid spin on kabutops over aqua jet might be a good idea?

    if i were to actually change pokemon on this team i would give yourself a fast specially based giratina-o over palkia and a CM grass arceus over extremekiller
  6. shrang

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    Jul 24, 2009
    Rating this by request.

    This is a great team. As you rightly fully pointed out, Grass Arceus godstomps you hard. You pretty much have nothing to take it down, lol. Calm Mind versions (as much as they suck) destroy you without even blinking, while standard support can just sit around and paralyse everything with Thunder Wave. Without going into BW2, I have two suggestions you could try out according to your team. One is Scizor (and I know you've tested it, but I think it fits well), and the other is Ho-oh.

    Scizor @ Leftovers / Lum Berry
    Ability: Technician
    EVs: 200 HP / 56 Atk / 252 SpD
    Nature: Adamant
    - Swords Dance
    - Bug Bite
    - Bullet Punch
    - Roost

    With this, you totally roll Grass Arceus as well as revenge kill Terrakion easily. With Lum Berry, Mewtwo can't burn with WoW either before you completely demolish it with Bug Bite. I know you tested this and don't like it, but it seems to fix a lot of your problems.


    Ho-oh @ Leftovers
    Ability: Pressure
    EVs: 248 HP / 192 Atk / 76 SpD
    Nature: Adamant
    - Sacred Fire
    - Brave Bird
    - Substitute
    - Recover

    Yeah, I know this seems really weird to put Ho-oh on a sand/rain team, but it synergises with your team really well. Grass Arceus isn't getting past it in a million years, it gives you a Fighting resist, and helps against the one weather condition that your team does not benefit from (sun). Plus, the loss of Sacred Fire in the rain, isn't too massive, since you still destroy Ferro and still burn things.

    Otherwise, you can use BW2 stuff like Tornadus-T and Latias, both excellent answers to your problems.

    Other notable thing I'd like to see is Draco Meteor > Fire Blast on Specs Palkia. Seriously, you come very close to 2HKOing Ferrothorn in the rain with Hydro Pump anyway.

    Great team, and good luck.
  7. Private


    Dec 29, 2009
    Hi, I'm Private, the one who made this team with Go10. Thx for the rates.

  8. shrang

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    Jul 24, 2009
    You do realise you potentially have two very viable spinners in Excadrill or Kabutops, right? You can easily replace Rapid Spin with a move on one of them.
  9. Go10

    Go10 Storm Vanguard !

    May 22, 2009
    Ho-Oh solve a lot of problem as you said. He's able to check FightCeus, GhostCeus and nearly any CMceus with whom we face a problem. Also, he's able to setup on Ferrothorn and help a lot vs Sun team. The reasons we can't use Ho-Oh are pretty simple thought :

    1/ Excadrill without Swords Dance is really shaky in this team, we need it to put the pressure. Without the attack's bonus, he's a complete setup bait for any Arceus, CMogre, Lugia, and the list goes on. Also, not only he become a setup bait, but we need to switch a lot since he's not doing that much damage, the team doesnt really like when the battle last too much, so yeah, Swords Dance is a necessity on Excadrill. What about Kabutops then ? He's weak to every entry hasards, he's our late game sweeper and finally, he doesnt have any resistance. How are we supposed to use Rapid Spin when he's so fragile ? The only time we use Kabu is in late game, when we know we are going to die with him or finish the game. We cant count on him to clean the field for Ho-Oh. It'll probably works one time, maybe two, but there is no way we can fully use Ho-Oh by counting on Kabutops Rapid Spin.

    2/ As you, and I said, Ho-Oh resolve a lot of problem, but he bring a lot of problem too. Which pokemon are we supposed to remove ? Excadrill ? We lose our only Thunder immunity and Dragon resistance. Arceus then ? He's one of the most important pokemon in the team thanks to his priority and bulk. Palkia ? Being swept by Kyogre isnt funny at all, the Arceus's staying power is ridiculous, so Ho-Oh need to be able to live until the end. However, each time Kyogre'll be on the field, we'll lose someone.

    Tbh, I dont think we can change something in the team. We tried again and again, each time you remove something, another threat came up. It's Pokemon, you cant handle everything and it's even more true with BW. We rely on our revenge kill ability to handle FightCeus and every Fighting moves user and on our mindgame to handle GrassCeus (we can do it and we did it a lot of time against very good players, unless there is a Giratina Roar for some odd reasons).

    Thanks for the rates guys.
  10. Jerp


    May 3, 2012
    This is a really nice RMT. This looks like one of the best anti meta teams I've ever seen. One critical weakness on your team:


    That, coupled with offensive threats like Mewtwo, Rayquaza, etc, could really give your team problems, as the only immunity is Exca, and rayquaza picks him off easily... I'm curious as to how you'd react to T-Spikes...

    Mewtwo threatens with his speed and coverage which could really hurt if not kill every poke on this team.

    Rayquaza can switch into one of your choice locked monsters, DD, and proceed to rape from there.

    Tenta switches in on either of your weather starters and tsikes

    Groudon also poses problems as a weather starter, paralyzer, and check/counters arceus.
  11. locoghoul


    Apr 29, 2008
    ^ that's true. I faced a similar team (it may have been the same team idk, it definitely had Kabutops, Exca, Kyogre and Arceus) and TSpikes + Giratina was the bane of it. Props for using Kabutops and Specs Palkia (very nasty)
  12. Stone RG

    Stone RG Megas are broke

    Jun 11, 2012
    Any person that watches Dr. House is my bro so i cant let you go without a constructive criticism.

    The main weakness (as well as the only one) i can see in your team is the fact that you lack a giratina-a check since itt can spam phazing moves and tar wont enjoy a burn, roar variants are specially dangerous considering exca cant set up on it. I think you can work around it but i still see your team being very vulnerable to being spike-stacked.

    But the new kyurem formes look to me as another big threats, since you have no save switch into kyurem-w, much less to kyurem-b. However during this weeks most teams will be weak to them since they are both easily the best wallbreakers in the game, however it will take some time until there is a standard set (i see choice specs/band variants of both being very common).
  13. ChaoticaMortis


    Jun 24, 2011
    Coming from NU to say this is the best RMT I've ever seen. Props on it, I might actually try out Ubers now. Sorry that I can't actually give any advice, but honestly, it doesn't look like you need any.

    EDIT: Plus 1 fucking Luvdisc, dude.
  14. Go10

    Go10 Storm Vanguard !

    May 22, 2009
    Toxic Spikes + 5 other offense mons is the less threatening strategie you can face. It's well know that TS need some time to be effective, and the battle between our team isnt going to last more than 10-15 turns thanks to our style. When you use Toxic Spikes in an offense, its for only ONE reason : CM Arceus, since he's so difficult to handle in an offense, and i'm not using it so I cant care less about it. Most of the time, they're just going to waste a turn or two to setup their TS while I setup my own sweeper.

    These teams are weak to Excadrill and Kabutops, really weak, and they rely either on Groudon/Kyogre to change the weather (if the sand / Rain is up), or on Rayquaza (LO, I have SR, two priority, and 2 other mons outspeed him, he's not going do to that much damage). Mewtwo cant sweep, there is no way he's going to kill more than one pokemon if I play well my cards. He's too frail, and I have two weather abuse. Also, I can even setup my Arceus on him if I can late game ... The same goes for Rayquaza, He's 2HKOed by Hydropump (even under Air Lock), Excadrill 2HKO it with Rock Slide too, and I can setup, again, my Arceus on him (or just revenge kill it with ES if I want to be full life). If someone is facing some problem with them, it's probably because you arent playing well the team (like spamming Surf/Water Spout like a dead brain when Rayquaza is still around).

    Groudon doesnt pose any problem as a starter since Tyranitar is built to take him one-on-one, but yes, he's obviously a threat since I have no Ground resist and need the rain, that's why he's red in the threat list; you can handle it with a good mindgame though.

    The team is an All Out Offense, so there is never a true check to something, you need to use a lot of double switch and pivoting if you want to handle a threat, they are really difficult to build and use, that's why they're not used anymore and stall is so dominant in BW Uber. That's what i'm doing with Gira-a, bait it with Kyogre or Arceus, double switch on Exca and you can setup on it, or bring Palkia and kill something. Obviously, Roar variant are really annoying but almost nobody used it in the past 6 months, Dragon tail was the most move used and that's why we created this Excadrill, to take down Gira-a wow/dt. If people start to use Gira-a roar now, then be it, the team is rated and we dont use it anymore.

    This team cant handle Kyurem-W/B because its a BW1 team, not BW2.

    Thanks for the rate guys.

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