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Discussion in 'Global Battle Union' started by Ashenlock, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Ashenlock


    Aug 17, 2007
    Many Normal-type Pokemon have a hard time finding a niche in the Singles metagame because it's so difficult to switch them in safely (short of them being absurdly bulky, like Blissey). Double Battles are different because a Pokemon can Protect and be almost perfectly safe for one turn while something happens in its favor at the same time, due to the existence of partners. This is how Ursaring finds its niche in this metagame, one filled with so many special environments.

    Ordinarily, too, Ursaring would run into trouble because straight Normal-typing doesn't offer much coverage. It takes care of that by not only possessing Dark- and Fighting-type moves--almost perfect coverage right away--but, with a monstrous Atk stat, a great ability, and the move Facade, it blows through things without even having to hit supereffectively.

    There are a number of different ways to take advantage of Ursaring's might.

    Ursaring #217

    HP: 90
    Atk: 130
    Def: 75
    SpA: 75
    SpD: 75
    Spe: 55
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    Level-Up Moves
    --Fake Tears
    Lv8 Fury Swipes
    Lv15 Faint Attack
    Lv22 Sweet Scent
    Lv29 Slash
    Lv38 Scary Face
    Lv47 Rest
    Lv49 Snore
    Lv58 Thrash
    Lv67 Hammer Arm
    Machine Moves
    TM01 Hone Claws
    TM05 Roar
    TM06 Toxic
    TM08 Bulk Up
    TM10 Hidden Power
    TM11 Sunny Day
    TM12 Taunt
    TM15 Hyper Beam
    TM17 Protect
    TM18 Rain Dance
    TM21 Frustration
    TM23 Smack Down
    TM26 Earthquake
    TM28 Dig
    TM31 Brick 
    TM32 Double Team
    TM39 Rock Tomb
    TM40 Aerial Ace
    TM41 Torment
    TM42 Facade
    TM44 Rest
    TM45 Attract
    TM46 Thief
    TM48 Round
    TM52 Focus Blast
    TM56 Fling
    TM65 Shadow Claw
    TM66 Payback
    TM67 Retaliate
    TM68 Giga Impact
    TM71 Stone Edge
    TM75 Swords Dance
    TM78 Bulldoze
    TM80 Rock Slide
    TM83 Work Up
    TM87 Swagger
    TM90 Substitute
    TM94 Rock Smash
    HM01 Cut
    HM04 Strength
    Egg Moves
    Belly Drum
    Chip Away
    Close Combat
    Cross Chop
    Fake Tears
    Metal Claw
    Night Slash
    Seismic Toss
    Sleep Talk
    Take Down
    -evolution Moves
    Gen IV Tutor Moves
    (Pt/HG/SSFire Punch
    (Pt/HG/SSFury Cutter
    (Pt/HG/SSGunk Shot
    (Pt/HG/SSIce Punch
    (Pt/HG/SSLast Resort
    (Pt/HG/SSSeed Bomb
    (HG/SSLow Kick
    Ursaring -> Double Battles

    ->Standard Guts<-

    Ursaring @ Flame Orb / Toxic Orb
    6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    -Close Combat / Earthquake

    This is the main set for Ursaring-abusing-Guts. With Guts activation, he reaches a staggering 300 Atk at level 50, and while BRN'd or PSN'd, STAB Facade becomes a 210 attack power move. Close Combat takes care of Rock- and Steel-types, while Crunch OHKOs about any Ghost-type besides Dusclops and Dusknoir.

    There are three main ways to get past Ursaring's speed limitations. They are 1) Thunder Wave-ing the foe's team, 2) Icy Wind-ing the foe's team, and 3) Tailwind-ing your own team. Thunder Wave has viable partners in Murkrow, Thundurus, Jolteon, and many others; the less accessible (mostly 4th Gen only) Icy Wind can be used well by Cresselia, Suicune, Latias, and lots more; Tailwind of course sees good use with the Prankster duo of Tornadus and Whimsicott (and, hell, let's throw Murkrow in there again too).

    It may seem like it's as simple as Protecting, letting the other member do his stuff, then bulldozing over the opposition, but a number of things can get in the way. You can only safely Protect once, but that may not be enough to paralyze both foes with Thunder Wave, and the one that wasn't hit with it may be fast enough to KO Ursaring. Also, Ursaring is slow enough that many Pokemon will still outspeed it after losing one stage of Spe. Tailwind can be stopped with priority Thunder Wave (although Ursaring will be safely BRN'd at that point, Thunder Wave can still wreck that battle style) and 2/3 of its turns stalled out safely with Protect. And that's not to mention what could happen to your partner on the first turn while Ursaring is safe.

    Flame Orb and Toxic Orb are situational. The former keeps going at 2/16 HP's damage at the end of every turn, while the latter goes 1/16, then 2/16, then 3/16, then 4/16, etc., forever. If you plan to only be in for 2 turns at a time, Toxic is a tiny bit better; 3 turns, they're identical; after that, it only favors Flame Orb.

    ->Trick Room<-


    Ursaring @ Flame Orb / Toxic Orb
    252 HP / 252 Atk / 6 Def
    -Hammer Arm / Close Combat / Earthquake

    This can be seen as the "4th-method-in-spirit" of dealing with Ursaring's low speed, or, in this case, of taking advantage of it. Not only does Ursaring get to invest in some bulk, but, if your foe isn't running a TR team too, Ursa should be faster than anything he can throw at you, regardless of him firing Thunder Wave, Icy Wind, or Bulldoze. Hammer Arm lets you become "faster" progressively, but has lower power and accuracy than Close Combat.

    This set runs into more problems than before, because Trick Room is harder to set up and usually requires a helpful partner (Not one who just sits his ass behind a Protect). It's often very predictable and can be stopped one way or the other, so your best bet is a disguised TR user like Chandelure or Jellicent, who can both run speedy sets as well as TR.
  2. lucariojr

    lucariojr MS State Pokemon!!!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 2, 2009
    merge the two sets, they're pretty much the same thing except with different nature/slashed in hammer arm
  3. Virizion


    Mar 27, 2011
    No, they're not. One is for Trick Room, which requires different EV's, nature, set description, and IV's (0 Spe).
  4. Unreality

    Unreality not hatching shiny values, go away

    Mar 1, 2009
    Take out the second set, add in TR as the fourth option.
  5. Superpokemon67


    Aug 7, 2011
    Is fling viable in TR? It seems like a good way to cripple physical attackers.
  6. muffinhead

    muffinhead b202 wifi vgc
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 6, 2010
    I think Earthquake should be the main option over Close Combat. It still hits a lot of things that EQ does, but gets the coverage on Metagross for 30 more bp. Brave 0 Speed should be the only doubles set, because Trick Room is easier to get up than Thunder Waving everything. And because Ursaring is meant to be in Trick Room, it is meant to survive for 4 turns. Therefore, Flame Orb is the better item because it deals less total damage after 3 turns than Toxic Orb.
  7. Ashenlock


    Aug 17, 2007
    I think Earthquake should be *an* option, and it's my mistake not putting it in there, but I don't think Earthquake should ever be a main option unless it's integral to a Pokemon's role (Like Garchomp). When it's just there to provide coverage, it should be second to other moves because moves like Close Combat are combatible with every partner as far as safety goes, whereas Earthquake is dependent on the ally in tandem with Ursaring. It certainly deserves a position, and I'll edit it in with the move lists.
  8. muffinhead

    muffinhead b202 wifi vgc
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 6, 2010
    cosmicexplorer is a suck\

    earthquake is better than close combat because or ursaring's teammates: if ursaring is used with a trick room pokemon, then cresselia and musharna are both immune to earthquake (and can boost it with helping hand). if reuniclus or jellicent is used, then focus blast / water spout will do enough damage to the targeted pokemon.

    on top of this, the best fighting move is low kick, no defense drops.
  9. DreamTalon


    Jun 13, 2011
    I'd recommend mentioning Quick Feet, as they make Ursaring capable of being used in a faster paced tram.

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