Gen 1 UU Team for NB

Me and my mate were playing on Pokemon Stadium yesterday, and we decided to have a UU match with some of my GameSharked Pokemon on my Pokemon Blue. After this match I decided to make a team for NB. This team is made for Pokemon RBY not Stadium, so Hyper Beam is still glitched, and so is Focus Energy.

Team at a Glance:

Team In-Depth

- Body Slam
- Fire Blast
- Mimic
- Reflect / Agility / Hyper Beam

I choose Arcanine as my lead because it lets me beat pretty much every other lead other than Electabuzz, Electrode and Rapidash. It also gives me a valuable check againts Tangela who walls the rest of my team.

His move set is pretty standard. Fire Blast for STAB over Flamethrower for the extra kick, Body Slam to make good use of his great Attack stat and Mimic for trying to get a good move like Earthquake from a Onyx switch on. The last slot is where I'm slightly stuck at. Reflect is good if I get Earthquake from Onyx, since with Reflect up I should be able to beat him 1 on 1. Agility on the other hand lets me beat Electabuzz leads if they use Thunder Wave on the first turn and it lets me not worry about Paralysis later on in the game. Hyper Beam is my last option which will let me pick off weakended Water types.

- Body Slam
- Earthquake
- Explosion
- Rock Slide

I don't know if Graveler is legal in UU, but since he isn't in a tier like Haunter and Kadabra, I think he must be.

Every team needs a Rock type in UU thanks to the abundunce of Normal and Fire type moves. I choose Graveler over Onyx and Rhyhorn because Onyx has crap Attack and Rhyhorn doesn't have Explosion. I didn't want Omastar because I need a Electric immunity and didn't feel like adding a Marowak on with Omastar.

His move set is just like his evolution's, QuakeSlide for unresisted STAB, Body Slam for Paralysis and Explosion to go out in a boom.

- Body Slam
- Earthquake
- Hyper Beam
- Submission

You can't have a UU team without Machamp, he is so overpowered for UU IMO. He has no true counter apart from Tangela, but Tangela is 3HKOed by 2 Submission then a Hyper Beam.

Also, there are no Psychic types in UU, so he will only be fearing weak unSTABed Psychics and the rare Drill Peck from Fearow.

His STAB Submission puts a dent in to a lot of things in UU, and everything that can take it are either frail or don't like taking an Earthquake to the face.

His moveset is ripped straight from the analysis. Submission for powerful STAB, Earthquake for extra coverage, Body Slam for the Paralysis and Hyper Beam for killing blows. I didn't put Rock Slide in there because it is really only helpful againts Golbat, but Body Slam + Hyper Beam should take it out anyway.

- Amnesia
- Blizzard / Hypnosis / Rest
- Submission
- Surf

Poliwrath is the key player to this team. He is my counter to Fire and Water types, and can beat take a couple hits from Onyx and his friends thank to his great physical bulk.

He also is my main late game sweeper when the opponents Grass and Electric types are out of the way thanks to Amnesia.

His move set is pretty much ripped from the analysis also. Surf for good Water STAB, Submission which gives me the ability to beat other Waters and Amnesia to let me sweep. I don't know what to use for the last move. Blizzard lets me kill Flying types faster and lets me give Grass types a good nudge on the switch. Hypnosis is great since it is a Sleep move, and Sleep is key in RBY. The last option is Rest since this guy will be taking a lot of hits, and after a couple of Amnesia he can take a hit from pretty much anything.

- Blizzard
- Body Slam / Quick Attack
- Hyper Beam
- Super Fang

Raticate IMO is like Machamp in the fact that he has no real counters apart from maybe Tangela, who doesn't do a good job.

The main problem I think with Raticate is that it has a really hard time of switching in since it doesn't resist anything, doesn't want to get Paralysed, unlike Machamp who doesn't mind, and is really frail. So he only really can come in on Pokemon stating up or for revenge kills. But once he gets in, something is going to die.

His moveset, like every other Pokemon on the team is standard. Super Fang since it is the reason why anyone would pick Raticate, Hyper Beam for a incredibly strong STAB to finish someone off after a Super Fang, Blizzard to finish of bulky Ground types who could survive a Hyper Beam and Body Slam is really a filler since if I can't kill them with a Super Fang + Hyper Beam / Blizzard, I would usually switch out. I'm thinking of adding in Quick Attack just in case the opponent has a weakended Rapidash or something, and I could come in and finish it off.

If you think that someone else could fit in well with this team instead of Raticate, I'll be happy to test it since Raticate is semi filler, although he is really powerful.

- Growth / Sword Dance
- Mega Drain
- Sleep Powder
- Stun Spore / Body Slam

Tangela is amazing in UU. He beats the common Electric, Ground and Water types of UU and can sleep dangerous threats to the team.

His move set is up in a toss up right now. Mega Drain is there for STAB and the ability to get a bit of HP recovery and Sleep Powder is a great move that lets me sleep a dangerous threat to the team like opposing Machamp. I don't know wether to run Growth + Stun Spore to have a 75% Paralysis chance and the ability to sweep with Mega Drain late game, or have go with Sword Dance + Body Slam which gives me a 30% chance for Paralysis, but gives me the ability to beat other Tangela and still let me sweep late game. I'm also considering dropping Growth for Body Slam and keeping Stun Spore so I can still beat opposing Tangela, but I won't be able to sweep later in the game.

I can't really see any standout weaknesses this team has apart from maybe Golduck who run Psychic > Body Slam, but he can be easly worn down so I'm not gonna worry about him too much.

Any and all suggestion are helpful, and if you would like to play againts me, then just PM me or tell me along with your rate.
Arcanine: Mimic doesn't really help, since you should be Fire Blasting Gravelers and you'll switch out against waters no matter what you Mimic. Go with Hyper Beam and Agility.

Graveler: Yes it's legal, and pretty valuable.

Machamp: It looks really good on paper but it's not very good actually. Although there is no surefire counter, it's speed (almost everything outspeeds) and defensive coupled with SM recoil means that Machamp will lose 1on1 against most things, and if it doesn win a matchup it's easily revenge killed after.

Poliwrath: Submission doesn't actually help against anything, since you will need a lot of luck to 3HKO Golduck, and with the recoil you won't have much opportunities. You should use Psychic, as Poliwrath is in nearly every team. In addition damages Kingler neutrally, Venomoth for SE, and is enough for Haze Vaporeon (spc falls will help). Hypnosis is recommended because Rest loses to Psychic Poliwrath and Dodrio, unlike Golduck.
A good alternative set for Poli is Ice Beam/Blizzard, EQ, Psychic and Hypnosis/Amnesia, which has a great coverage damaging it's common switch-ins (Golduck takes around 23%, and Vap around 21%) and it's especially dangerous.

As for weaknesses, standard Poliwrath has a great chance of eating this team, as has Golduck. You should use Vaporeon in any UU team. Surf, Blizzard, Haze, Rest is probably the best set, but remember than Haze removes opponent's status if you get outpredicted. Kingler can also destroy you when Tangela is low health, hence Electabuzz (or Magneton) is recommended as well, who can also help against amnesiers and is pretty good in a water-type dominated meta.
Ok, I'm gonna go with that Arcanine set, and thanks for clearing that Graveler thing up.

So who should I swap out for Vappy and Electabuzz? Machamp and Raticate?

Also, why no Surf on Poliwrath? Is Blizzard enough to get some key O/2HKOs? And is Earthquake tested to be good?

Would you like to have a match? My username on NBS is Joseph M
IMO, Machamp and 1 of Arcanine/Raticate
Surf is actually irrelevant. Graveler won't stay in (unless it predicts Amnesia and explodes or something), hitting with STAB+SE fire-types is not actually needed, they are rare and easily walled (Vap, Golduck, Kingler, Poli, Graveler...). The three moves offer really good coverage. EQ is pretty good for Electabuzz switch-ins, can somewhat damage Golduck if you can't sleep him, and can easily force a Vap to Rest if it stays in. I consider it better than SM but you decide.

I will be in NB around three hours later if you want to battle.
It's main abilities is to switch into Graveler and wall Kingler (and inducing sleep obv) and status/attack from there. The best set is Growth, MD, SP and SS (fire-types shouldn't be common and they don't enjoy para or a predicted switch-in), though unless you hit your opponent for SE you wont really do much damage. However, when you are faster than your opponent (it's para), you can actually try to sweep something like Vap, Golduck, Poli or Buzz if you Growth'd in the switch.
I like Body Dancing Tangela, it's quite funny, to see get paralyzed by Tangela. you could even use Amnesia if you like gsc tradebacks with mega drain.

i would put kangashan over raticate

maybe pinsir over machamp.
SD Tangela rarely sweeps paralyzed waters, but the Growth version can.
Pinsir is just a worse Kingler, though it can set up into Tangela. However, in a meta where fire-types are rare, it's completely viable.