VGC '12 Germany National - Essen - March 10th - WON BY toasdt!


Messeeingang Süd, Halle 1A
Norbertstr. 2
45131 Essen
Phone: +49.(0)201.7244.0​

Masters Registration: 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Juniors / Seniors Registration: 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM

The Pokémon Company for the first time has chosen Essen as the host to Germany's National Championships taking place this spring. The switch of venues was probably worth a try for them after Cologne's event hosts were not always as prepared for an event like this as the Pokémon Company would have liked them to be. Essen is the most populated city of the "Ruhrgebiet" (Ruhr region) and also smack-dab in it, a region which is one of the largest agglomerations in Europe with an estimated 10 million inhabitants.

Masters Division: 300 competitors maximum
Seniors Division: 200 competitors maximum
Juniors Division: 100 competitors maximum

  1. drug_duck (Germany, Masters)
  2. MewMisaki (Germany, Masters)
  3. Picollo (Germany, Masters)
  4. 13Random37 (Germany, Masters)
  5. Massi (Germany, Masters)
  6. Flame (Germany, Masters
  7. Pencake (Germany, Seniors)
  8. Lord Feraligatr (UK, Masters)
  9. toasdt (Germany, Seniors)
  10. tblakey89 (UK, Masters)
  11. Carii (Germany, Masters)
  12. no Peterko ._. (you're with us in our hearts)
  13. Naetoru (Sweden, Seniors)
  14. TV-Rocka (Germany, Masters)
  15. ~Michilele~ (Germany, Masters)
  16. jira (Germany, Masters)
  17. Terraquaza (Germany, Masters)
  18. Dark_Psiana (Germany, Masters)
  19. Conflict (Germany, Masters)
  20. Arkani (Germany, Masters)
  21. Muehlenmaedel (Germany, Masters)
  22. Malibu (Germany, Masters)
  23. Peach (Germany, Masters)
  24. Hudini (Germany, Masters)
  25. cow_guru7 (Netherlands, Seniors)
  26. Fatum (Germany, Masters)
  27. aqualta (UK, Masters)
  28. Pokérob (UK, Masters)
Oh wow this looks a tough one, good luck to all my niggas competing, COME ON YOU WONDERFUL GERMANS I WANT TO SEE YOU IN HAWAII!!!!


Never give up!
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This is sooner than I expected.

Unfortunately, this is exactly on the day of the parliamentary elections in my country and I can´t afford to miss those. Damn it.

Good luck fellow German friends, have fun in Essen and don´t demolish Picollo´s house/apartment, I´m sure that one will be overcrowded hahaha

Maybe I´ll meet some of you at one of the other tourneys ;)
From the looks of it he got to Round 3/4 in Seniors and then lost to a Focus _Band_ Mienshao and a Heat Wave miss.

I second the need for group pictures:pimp: