Wobbuffet (Full Rewrite + Update) (QC 0/3)

Ok, Wobbuffet is in desperate need of a full rewrite and update, and no one else has decided to do so, so here I am.
(Skeleton, once again, is not so good, but whatever, it gets the points across)

Changes planned:
-move the fast Wobbuffet set to OO or just completely get rid of it. Gothitelle pretty much does the whole "take down walls" role much more effectively then Wobbuffet.

The most annoying punching bag around

  • Lol 8 moves.
  • ohwait, Shadow Tag.
  • seriously, Wobbuffet's pitiful movepool actually takes advantage of Shadow Tag perfectly, allowing Wobbuffet to almost gurantee a KO or free set-up.
  • Wobbuffet is also stupidly bulky, which lets him take a lot of punishment.
  • No recovery makes Wobbuffet a sad panda.
  • Taunt also makes Wobbuffet sad.
  • Gothitelle also gives Wobbuffet major competition, also possessing Shadow Tag with a much, much better movepool.
name: Oh No, It's Wobbuffet!
move 1: Encore
move 2: Mirror Coat
move 3: Counter
move 4: Safeguard
item: Leftovers
nature: Calm / Bold
evs: 28 HP / 228 Def / 252 SpD

[Set Comments]
  • Set has a veery simple goal; to trap an opponents Pokemon, and either KO it, or give a teammate a free set-up.
  • Encore allows Wobbuffet to give the infamous free turns it's known for to its teammates.
  • Counter and Mirror Coat allow Wobbuffet to reflect back physical and special attacks respectively.
  • This set works well against choiced-locked revenge killers, as Wobbuffet won't have to worry asbout predicting whether the opposing Pokemon will use a non--attacking move, or a special / physical move.
  • Safeguard offers status protection, but it really is just filler as Wobbuffet's dreadful Speed means it will be outsped before it can set it up.

[Additional Comments]
  • EV spread and nature choice honestly depends on what moves you want Wobbuffet to take.
  • The 28 HP EVs are to reach a Leftovers number.
  • Setup sweepers love Wobbuffet's ability to remove revenge killers and provide opprotunity's to set-up.
  • Taunt will severely cripple Wobbuffet, leaving it unable to use Encore.
  • A Wish passer will allow Wobbuffet to stay around for much longer to continue pestering the opponents team. Chansey or Blissey are particularly good at this because their bulbous forms will absorb any Ghost-type attacks thrown at them, while Wobbuffet can stomach Fighting-type attacks.

[Other Options]
  • There is Splash, Tickle, Charm, and Destiny Bond. Splash is Splash, Wobbuffet is too slow to utilize Destiny Bond, Charm, or Tickle effectively.
[Checks and Counters]
  • If we use a hard definition of countering, Wobbuffet has no counters because you need a minimum of 2 Pokemon to even have a chance of getting the "counter" in.
  • Shed SHell allows any Pokemon to escape from Wobbuffet's Shadow Tag.
  • U-turn and Volt Switch wwill also allow Pokemon to escape Wobbuffet's fury, but unless the opponent switches in a Ghosty-type in with U-turn, or a Drak-type in with Volt Switch, the switch-in will be hit by Counter / Mirror Coat.
  • Ghost-types using physical moves, and Dark-types using special moves will easily take down Wobbuffet because of their immunity to Counter / Mirror Coat.
  • Of course, a simple solution is to keep pounding Wobbuffet with extremely powerful moves so it can't risk switching in without risking a simple 2HKO.


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I wouldn't be so hasty with removing the fast Wobb set just yet, it still has an important niche. While yes, Gothitelle is faster and a seemingly better dedicated wall remover, Wobbuffet is still a lot bulkier than Gothitelle (even with max Speed, you can still pretty be very bulky on one side). Even a fast Wobbuffet can still set up sweepers since it has Encore, while Gothitelle doesn't. I'm perfectly happy to have fast Wobb as the second set, but I wouldn't rush into removing it altogether just yet.

Also, the EV spread used is the one used for Ubers, which generally have more special attackers, especially Scarfers. From what I'm seen, however, OU is a lot more physically oriented, at least in terms of Scarfers. I'd think maybe Bold might the preferred nature instead of Calm.


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Tickle is actually incredibly effective against slow walls if you run max Speed, especially ones running Stealth Rock.

Basically, here's how it works:
1. Switch in as X uses Stealth Rock / Calm Mind / some other ineffective move
2. Encore X into repeating that move
3. Repeatedly Tickle X (god that sounds so awkward)
4. When Encore ends, use Encore AGAIN
5. Repeat step 3 until X is at -6/-6
6. Switch to any Pursuit trapper
7. KO X
The whole thing about the EV spread is that you can't really suggest one over the other. It will all just depend on which certain Scarf users your team will want gone, and what is more threatening to your team. Personally, I use the Calm spread because special Scarfers are more dangerous to my team than physical. But I will change it back to what the original spread was if more people want me to. I will also add back in the Fast Wobb set, but I will mention that it faces major competition from Gothitelle as a Shadow Tag Pokemon that can break down walls.
Bulky is a better revenge killer, speedy gives more opportunity to lock slow pokes into a set up move for a team mate, those points should be emphasized in both sets.

Edit: the big niche Wob still has over goth is the ability to set up on walls and slow stuff, not just kill it, in which case goth is better.
Tickle should get a slash? With Dugtrio or a pursuit pokemon, it allows for a easy trap. (like on sun teams, politoed can be trapped)
Yeah don't remove the speedy set. Gothitelle is usually "better" yes, but Wobbuffet can still trap kill things like Blissey,Hippowdown,etc while still being able to actually check things like Scarf-users with its decent bulk.

You should stress that the speedy set faces some steep competition with Gothitelle though.


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If you keep the Speed set, you only need 180 Speed EVs with a neutral Nature. This much Speed lets it outrun Blissey and below, which is really everything you need to outspeed. Outrunning Skarmory is pretty pointless, especially since Skarmory often runs 24 Speed anyway, not to mention attempting to outrun it takes a lot of EVs.
Ok, we talked about Wobbuffet on IRC and decided that:

  • The main nature on the first set should be Bold. The benefits of running Bold are twofold; Genesect does not gain an attack boost upon switching into Wobbuffet, and it lets Wobbuffet take U-turns from Genesect a lot easier. Another advantage to using Bold is that Wobbuffet is never OHKOed by Choice Band Tyranitar's Crunch without SR, and Haxorus can never OHKO with Wobbufet with Outrage after a layer of spikes & SR. (in general, you want to tank physical attacks, as they're far more common)
  • The "speedy" set (or whatever you want to call it, it's more of a trapper) should look like this.
name: Speedy
move 1: Encore
move 2: Tickle
move 3: Mirror Coat
move 4: Counter
item: Leftovers
nature: Bold / Calm
evs: 252 Def / 76 SpD / 180 Spe

It needs support to work (Dugtrio or a strong Pursuit user... mostly Dugtrio) but it's a good set nonetheless. You can trap and kill Blissey, as well a bunch of other *slower* walls, at any time, and still act as a general check to weak attackers / scarf users.