Would you call this a hyper offensive team?

Hyper offensive is just my main style of battling so don't suggest me using any walls because stalling is just not my playstyle. Alright so I've heard hyper offensive teams usually has a screener in the beginning so the rest can set up and proceed to sweep. But I don't need one because that's just a waste of a pokemon slot in my team when I could be filling them up with an additional sweeper. This team does pretty decent but I still sometimes lose pretty badly. So I want to know what possible problems can be a devastation to this team. (Note: 1)Houndoom is my favorite pokemon so don't tell me to change him. 2) Someone please actually reply because no one did in my other past RMTs)

Houndoom-Life orb
Ability:Flash fire
-Fire blast
-Sucker punch
-Role play
-Hidden power ground

Sweeper #1 the blazing hound and my favorite pokemon of all time. Fire blast of course for its amazing base power along with stab to destroy pokes who don't resist it, sucker punch for those Latios's, starmies, and finishing off weakened pokes. The thing I realize is that surprisingly to me, (I dont know why) barely anyone expects a sucker punch from Houndoom thinking he has dark pulse. So most times when I face, Starmies, Alakazams, Latios, they always stay instead of switching. Or they can be fearing pursuit, but oh well who knows. Role play is actually useful on him, copying water absorbs from vaproreon/jellicent and recovering from a water attack from the damages he took from life orb. He can also use this on Blissey and find out if she has toxic or T-wave and switch out right away to cure his status thanks to her natural cure. Hp ground is for those common heatran switch ins who would otherwise wall my Houndoom set.

Ability:Thick fat
-Ice shard
-Stealth rock

The icy boar/mammoth of sweeper #2. Man this guy just has raw power. I also like how he can take decent amount of hits,thanks to his high HP, and hit them back with his strong attacks. Ice shard solves all DD dragons, finishes off weakened pokes(even genesect takes about 16% from ice shard), and makes up for the lack of speed.(I find speed useless on him due to the amount of faster pokemon rising this gen and he is slow as is anyways) Stealth rock for nice support of sweeping, and superpower for Blisseys/Chanseys. All I can say about him is just one word. POWER!

-Dragon dance
-Thunder wave

The mighty sea serpent of destruction, sweeper #3. We all know how dangerous he is after a couple DD's. But the problem is IF he is able to set them up safely. So my Magneton takes care of those ferros who stop this guy from sweeping which makes Gyarados more viable of sweeping. But anyway, all he does is DDs and sweeps. If I predict a switch or something Ill use T-wave. T-wave is a nice support for my team as well because most of my pokes are slow. Bounce also is a good choice for stab and high paralysis chance. It also gets free leftovers recovery while in the air.

Ability:Magnet pull
-Flash cannon
-Hidden power fire
-Magic coat

Sweeper....ehh.. supporterish #4.. the zapping magnet (At least he's got nice spatk) Thunder for more power despite the low accuracy but with the common rain teams, it shouldn't be that much of a problem. Flash cannon for another stab. ALRIGHT, most important thing. This guy is the #1 counter to ferrorthorn in my team. He traps him, magic coats, bounces back T-wave, doesnt bounce back leechseed but prevents it and also bounces back entry hazards. Once the ferro user thinks I will magic bounce all day, he starts attacking. Then I use HP fire for a 2KO. I've actually stopped entry hazards ALOT because of this guy. As for the weird evs, 252HP is self explanatory on an eviolite supporter, 224 SpAtk is for sweeping capabilites, 24Spdef to make Spdef exactly 200 so with eviolite it goes 300, just the stat I'm looking for, and 8 speed to outspeed Skarmorys and Scizors.

Gengar-Life orb
-Shadow ball
-Sludge bomb
-Focus blast

The bad luck black cat of sweeper #5. He is just my primary special sweeper. Due to many pokes being either scarfed, or outspeeding base 110 Spd anyway, I dont need much speed on him. And besides, I've got paralyze support from Gyarados. Every move there should be self explanatory, just that sludge bomb for those Brelooms(Shadow ball doesn't usually KO him) And since grass types have become more common this gen, sludge bomb gets its use. Oh and he is also my spinblocker.

Breloom-Toxic orb
Ability:Poison heal
-Focus punch
-Stone edge

Poisonous mushroom kangaroo of sweeper #6. Yea, the subpunch Breloom. This set is just plain sweeperish. He spores, subs, and either kills off opponents with its brutal focus punch or stone edges for pokes like dragonite who resist his focus punch. The only problem is bulky psychics and Gliscor. But Gliscor is taken care of by my Mamoswine, and bulky psychics from Gengar/Houndoom. This guys just got raw power, he even KOes Alakazams with focus punches.

Houndoom:Fire, Psychic
Interesting team to say the least the only change I would personally make is HP fire > Sludge bomb on Gengar. Since you said you don't care about speed on him anyway HP fire hits steel types a little bit more reliably than Focus Blast and is an OHKO on scizor that might want to scare you away with pursuit. Other than that nothing is noticeably screaming 'HEY CHANGE ME' but I'll take a closer look later
For starters i dont really see a reason running a magneton instead of magnezone?.... its a hyper offensive team the eviolite isnt necessary. I suggest running the same set with life orb on a magnezone. Also change the yellow font for the name, its a bit difficult to read. Or you could try leftovers and run substitute over the magic coat. Im just skimming over the team and saying just any small things i see because im a bit short on time. Definitly take sludge bomb off of gengar and either use hp fire or substitute, if you use sub make sure to add leftovers. I like your strategy on houndoom, but i also see you really dont have any hazards at all so that affects a offensive team a bit. Maybe a heatran in place of a houndoom? i doubt that though since you said its your favorite of all time. Really this is just nit picky things since i dont have the most time on my hands right now but i might give you some more in depth suggestions later. Good luck with the team!
Alright first of all guys thanks for the very fast replies. And yea your right.. I dont need to fear Scizor if I have hp fire so Ill try it out. And I use magneton because first I can have the bulk while having nice spatk at the same time, thanks to eviolite. Its spatk isnt that different from zone and having extra bulk is always nice. And magnetons faster than zone too, so it can outspeed most scizors, and skarms before he sets up. And also, I like magneton better than zone. I was a bit dissapointed when he got a new ugly evolution in 4th gen. Though this has nothing to do with competitive battle lol.
And as for the entry hazards, I have mamoswine with stealth rocks

Cool team. Looking at what could trouble you, Terrakion can simply run through you atm, especially the Choice Band set. It outspeeds your whole team, and can spam either Stone edge or Close combat and if you mispredict what it chose, you will be finding yourself another pokemon down. On the other hand, the Choice Scarf set can switch in and revenge all of your pokemon, including +1 Gyarados.

First off, your team isn't benefiting from Magneton much at all. Houndoom and Gengar both beat up on Ferrothorn and Skarmory, so trapping both of them isn't that big for your team. Scizor and Forretress are a non issue as well, with Houndoom frying them and being able to switch in comfortably into them. Instead, I felt your team could really use more hazards, to help your sweepers score more KO's as well as to punish switches more. Also, your Mamoswine would really love to give up Stealth Rock. For these reasons I suggest Offensive Stacker Deoxy-D > Magneton. This would fit naturally into your team, and lets you get up Stealth Rocks, and usually can get 2 layers of spikes up. These extra spikes layers greatly aid your sweepers, as it lets them achieve the OHKO and 2HKO's they can't achieve with just Stealth Rock down. Having multiple forms of hazards is also easily done by your team, as you have Gengar to spinblock and also utilize the hazards himself to know stuff down. This Deoxy-D set also beats Terrakion, and can use HP [FIRE] to roast Ferrothorn, Forretress and Scizor who will either attack or set up their own hazards on you respectively.

Now that Deoxy-D is carrying Stealth Rock, Mamoswine has a free moveslot. I suggest Icicle Spear to be used as it breaks through the opponents substitute if they have one up, and is in general a high power Ice STAB for when you need one. NeverMeltIce is not a good item choice on Mamoswine, it really needs the power of Life Orb behind its attacks, as this gives it the power nessecary to really damage things in OU, as without it your Earthquake and Superpower are noticeably weaker, which isn't a good thing. Since Mamoswine is weak to so many common attack types, running full HP on it isn't the best idea, as you still don't stand a chance to the powerful rain boosted water attacks and Scizor Bullet Punch's that plague OU. Instead, use a spread of 252Atk/ 4Def/ 252Spe with a jolly nature, which really lets you outspeed some key threats, the fastest being Adamant Lucario and Adamant Toxicroak, which is a really nice speed tier.

Your Gengar set needs a makeup to. Both Sludge bomb and thunderbolt aren't necessary on Gengar, as it achieves perfect coverage with just Shadow Ball and Focus Blast. Your EV's aren't ideal either, as even with EV's put into bulk gengar is still incredibly frail, and will fall to anything that has a decent damage output. I thought a Gengar set that could protect all of your new hazards while also thriving off them would be a far better set for your team. Thats why I recommend standard Sub + Disable gengar over your current set. This set can protect your hazards very well, and is a great abuser of them, as a lot of enemies only carry 1 move to hit gengar with, disable will force them out as they won't have a move to hit gengar with, and inbetween Gengars powerful assaults and the damage it causes through switches I think that this set would be a far greater option for your team. If you don't want the sub + disable set, still change EV's to 252SpA/ 4SpD/ 252spe with timid nature. This lets you speed tie with Lati@s and lets you outspeed the muskateers, and still packs a powerful punch with its attacks.

GL with the team

Deoxy-D @ Fire Gem
Nature: Timid (+Spe -Atk)
Trait: Pressure
EV's: 252HP/ 4SpA/ 252Spe
Fire Gem/ Psycho Boost/ Stealth Rock/ Spikes

Gengar @ Black Sludge
Nature: Timid (+Spe -Atk)
Trait: Levitate
EV's: 252SpA/ 4SpD/ 252Spe
Substitute/ Disable/ Shadow Ball/ Focus Blast