Your most Memorable moment from Gold/Silver

omg my most memorable moment... a bad one in gold version. i was wondering around the place and i found a shiny raikou! i threw my master ball at it, caught it, and guess what?


It sucked. the only shiny pokemon i woulda had other than a hoot hoot, and a legend. it sucked so much...fawkin gay.
When I caught the only wild shiny i've ever seen.. a shiny hoothoot. Lol, I guess it's not really memorable since I did it like an hour ago.
My precious Kadabra(I had no one to trade with back then) getting to Lv100 :)

And my Kadabra sweeping the E4 apart from the Houndoom...including the Dragonite.

I was SOOOOOO thrilled when Wi-Fi and the GTS came out...and now the GTS sucks because of the stupid deals...I had NO ONE to trade with before Wi-Fi. And one thing I also wanted to do so much was battle a PERSON(I didn't know about Netbattle).

WOOOOOOOOOO! Gengar was now obtainable and so was Machamp! I still remembered the hope in my head while training Kadabra that I would meet someone at a store someday and trade...and get an Alakazam finally.

It never happened in Gold but I now have an Alakazam in Platinum to remember the old times.

Wow, rambling.

Moveset was

~ Psychic
~ Thunder Punch
~ Fire Punch
~ Ice Punch


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Let's see if I can remember...:

- A person traded me a Mewtwo in exchange for my Crobat
- The same person gave me a Ho-oh in exchange for my Meganium
- Getting my Pokemon to Level 100. I also believed i was invincible lol

- Fire Blast (no Sacred Fire)
- Thunder
- Hyper Beam (Can't deny it looks awesome in 2nd gen)
- Fly

- Aeroblast
- Recover
- Thunder
- Surf

- Blizzard
- Thunder
- Psychic
- Fire Blast

Don't question my movesets!

Also scamming a person out of a Suicune with my Dewgong (who apparently has a very high HP and I managed to get him by that).

Beating the Elite 4 over 200 times was a lot of fun as well.

Ahhh good times...
Getting my Dunsparce to LV.100. It has(Not had, HAS) this set:
Iron Tail

I thought it was lost forever until I found out a Friend had copied my saved data using a Gameboy Mega Memory Card back in the 2nd gen days. I got it back via trade and have it on my Crystal as I'm typing this post right now. And to make sure I never lose it again, I have TWO GBC Gamesharks with a copy of my Crystal Save file on them.
My most memorable moment was catching the Shiny Gyarados. <3. Also catching Lugia, Ho Oh, and best of all, going to Kanto. That's classic. I bet if Nintendo made a game of all 4 regions, it would sell like any Pokémon game has ever sold before.
I have a lot of moments from G/S, because it is my favorite generation of the pokemon franchise. It's hard naming just one. Probably the first memorable moment was catching my first shiny pokemon on my first play through, which was a Raticate. To the date, it is the only shiny pokemon that I have ever used in the elite 4.
My favorite moment was when I was playing through silver and gotten to the Kanto gym leaders. So I decided to try to go through the gym leaders way out of order just to save Erika for last. (I used to specialize in Grass Pokemon) I Pwned her with my lv 68 Pink Butterfree. ^^
Link battles late night vs. my cousins. So intense! Taking out Snorlax was way too hard...I got pissed when any Ground type came out, because it meant Raichu's only option was Hyper Beam...hahahah.


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Beating my friend's teams, he always only used Fire and Flying, and it took me a while to realize Rhydon just had a field day with it. Not like I always used it, but it was fun.

Close second was catching a Shiny Golduck in Gold.. On vacation in Maine.
My most memorable moment was when I was cruising the Cycling Road, to encounter a Shiny Slugma. I, not knowing what a shiny was back then, wanted to reset my game, but my friend (who didn't knew about shinies either) told me to catch it, because it's special.

So I caught it, even though I was very worried about my game. Now I'm still glad I DID caught it :)
Probably being able to go to the Kanto region after the defeat of the Elite Four. I thought it was really interesting to compare the G/S/C Kanto with the R/B/Y Kanto.
Mine was when I entered the bug catching contest to catch a Scyther, but then encountered a shiny (silver, actually) Pinsir. I got excited and threw my balls, and I eventually caught it. But then I got pissed when I got 2nd place :(. Also grinding E4 wasn't very boring like 3rd/4th Gen, it was actually fun to do.


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Did anyone else want every Pokemon on their team to know Hyper Beam? I had dreams of every member of my team knowing the move and destroying everything...

Unfortunately, That never became a reality. I got a total of one Hyper Beam TM in the second gen and taught it to my Meganium. Nevertheless, the day I taught him Hyper Beam was one of the happiest days of my child hood. :)
I remember going to the Sudowoodo and watering it. When I started battling it I was like, "WTF"

Back then, I caught only what I thought looked cool. Sudowoodo looked like someone on steroids and alcohol at the same time. So, I fainted it.

Good times.
Two things that I distinctly remember:

1. Joking around on a car ride, I saved in front of Ho-oh (in Silver) and started throwing pokeballs at it. Didn't attack at all, just talked and threw pokeballs. caught it on the third one. I was shocked, but very happy

2. Thinking that to get a shiny, you had to do something special. Gyardos was plot related, so when then a shiny hoot-hoot (friend's Noctowl) I decided must appear after you beat the elite 4, below one of the towns (i think mahagony)

Wow, I really want a remake now. =(


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When I caught my first shiny pokemon x)

Or when I discovered I could take the bullet train back to Kanto. :0
My brother raise a Snorlax to level 100. It was a higher level than anything on my team so he was really arrogant. Beat it with my level 60 Lugia using Fly to avoid Hyper Beam over and over. I eventually took Snorlax out with Typhlosion. That was a good day. I really loved that Typhlosion too.