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Zangoose (Update)

Discussion in 'Past Generation Archives' started by SuperJOCKE, Aug 25, 2012.

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    Nov 18, 2011
    c/p (open)

    <p>Zangoose has been a solid Pokemon throughout the years, though it has never been in the spotlight. It has a great Attack stat, good Speed, and rather good moves to cover what it needs to hit, but Zangoose was always overshadowed by other, generally better Pokemon. This was mostly due to Zangoose being rather frail and having a relatively crippling weakness to Fighting-type moves. Furthermore, it didn't stand out above the rest as it lacked any kind of niche. However, a bright light now shines on Zangoose as it got an amazing new tool to take advantage of: Toxic Boost. Toxic Boost raises Zangoose's Attack by 50% when it is poisoned, making it really powerful; its great offensive prowess coupled with its good Speed allow Zangoose to break through weakened teams, or just tear walls apart with Swords Dance-boosted attacks. This sets Zangoose apart from other Normal-types such as Ursaring and Tauros, who lack either the Speed or the raw power. However, Zangoose still has its drawbacks. Zangoose's frailty is also heightened with its newfound ability, as being poisoned will wear it down rapidly, making it even easier to KO. On top of that, many Pokemon in the NU tier, such as Absol and Gurdurr, carry strong priority moves that can easily KO Zangoose. Priority is not the only problem as faster foes such as Cinccino and Swellow lurk behind every corner. However, Zangoose is still one of the most devastating Pokemon around, and is definitely a threat to look out for.</p>

    name: All-Out Attacker
    move 1: Facade
    move 2: Close Combat
    move 3: Night Slash
    move 4: Quick Attack
    item: Toxic Orb
    ability: Toxic Boost
    nature: Jolly
    evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe


    <p>This set is designed to take advantage of Zangoose's extraordinary power and good Speed to take out weakened opponents and clean up the opposing team mid- to late-game. Facade is a great STAB move for Zangoose as it pairs really well with Toxic Boost; when Zangoose gets inflicted with a status condition—in this case badly poisoned—Facade's Base Power gets doubled and reaches a sky-high 210 after factoring in STAB. This is enough to KO the majority of the tier in one shot. Close Combat provides good coverage with Facade, as it allows Zangoose to hit Rock- and Steel-types that resist Facade for super effective damage. Night Slash completes Zangoose's coverage, hitting the common Ghost-types in the tier that Zangoose can't touch with either Facade or Close Combat. Quick Attack is a great tool for Zangoose in general. While Zangoose is fast in its own right, there are still Pokemon in the tier that can KO it by outspeeding it or using priority moves; Quick Attack alleviates this factor and allows Zangoose to pick off weakened, faster opponents, such as Swellow and Cinccino. It also lets Zangoose bypass slower priority users and prevent Sucker Punch users such as Absol from revenge killing it.</p>


    <p>The only other move worth using is Protect. Protect allows Zangoose to make sure that Toxic Orb activates, but shouldn't be taken as a good choice of a move. Zangoose needs all four moves already listed, and Protect serves more as an aid for players who have problems getting Zangoose in safely and activate Toxic Orb. Wish support is a nice way to keep Zangoose alive and healthy throughout the game, as the poison damage will wear it down quickly. Lickilicky and Alomomola stand out as the two best users of this move, and their large base HP will ensure that Zangoose gets back to full health. Lickilicky can also provide cleric support through the use of Heal Bell, but this can be a bit counterproductive; only use Heal Bell if Zangoose has been inflicted with a status condition other than poison, unless another teammate suffers from one. Gardevoir also gets a special mention. While it doesn't have a huge HP stat like Lickilicky and Alomomola, Gardevoir can take care of the many Fighting-types that threaten Zangoose while providing Wish support; it even has access to Heal Bell as well. Entry hazard support is a great aid, as some of the bulkier Pokemon in the tier can survive Zangoose's assaults. Garbodor is best choice around for this job, and pairs nicely with Zangoose as it resists Zangoose's Fighting-type weakness while having no trouble setting up Spikes. Pokemon such as Regirock, Armaldo, and Golurk are good at setting up Stealth Rock; Armaldo can even use Rapid Spin to remove any entry hazards on your team's side of the field, while Golurk is immune to Fighting-type moves.</p>

    <p>Dark-types pair really well with Zangoose due to their ability to remove Ghost-types. This reduces the need for prediction and allows Zangoose to use Facade and Close Combat more freely. Absol and Skuntank are great choices for this job and have access to really useful Dark-type moves, such as Sucker Punch and Pursuit, to get rid of opposing Ghost-types. Kangaskhan can lure out Ghost-types and heavily damage them for Zangoose to finish them off, easing up its sweeping potential. Knock Off Gurdurr is another good teammate, as it can remove Eviolite from not only Misdreavus, but also Tangela, two bulky Pokemon that can give Zangoose trouble; without their Eviolites, Zangoose should have no trouble breaking through them. Emboar is another good teammate for a similar reason, as its raw power allows it to break through walls Zangoose has trouble with, such as Amoonguss, Tangela, and Regirock; to return the favor, Zangoose can pick off certain faster foes for Emboar. Swellow also has good offensive synergy with Zangoose, as Zangose can break through Rock-types other than Regirock with relative ease to allow Swellow to breeze through the opponent's team; in return, Swellow removes faster checks to Zangoose, such as Cinccino. As Alomomola is a huge problem for Zangoose to handle, Exeggutor pairs well with it as well. Exeggutor has no problem KOing Alomomola with its powerful Leaf Storm, while it also resists Fighting-type moves directed at Zangoose; Exeggutor's STAB Psychic also picks off troublesome Sawk and Gurdurr. Musharna is another good example for a Psychic-type partner, as it can easily set up on both Gurdurr and Sawk thanks to its great bulk while Zangoose can clear the path for Musharna by removing troublesome Steel-types who resist its Psychic- and Bug-type coverage with Close Combat. Musharna can also use its great bulk to support Zangoose by spreading paralysis throughout the opponent's team, making it easier for Zangoose to sweep by slowing down faster threats; Musharna can even use Heal Bell to remove troublesome status problems that Zangoose might suffer from as well.</p>

    name: Swords Dance
    move 1: Swords Dance
    move 2: Facade
    move 3: Close Combat
    move 4: Quick Attack / Night Slash
    item: Toxic Orb
    ability: Toxic Boost
    nature: Jolly
    evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe


    <p>With Swords Dance, Zangoose takes a role geared towards wallbreaking rather than late-game cleaning as its power after a Swords Dance boost is enormous. Facade has a Base Power of 210 with Toxic Orb activated and STAB factored in, and it will tear through some of the sturdiest walls after a Swords Dance boost; even defensive behemoths such as Alomomola will be hard-pressed to survive a hit, and even a little prior damage will make it done for. The choice between the last three moves depends on what you want Zangoose to be able to hit. Close Combat covers Rock- and Steel-types, such as Golem and Probopass, who would otherwise be full stops to Zangoose, easily OHKOing them all. The only Rock-type Pokemon that will be able to survive a +2 Close Combat is Regirock with major Defense investment. Quick Attack is a great asset for Zangoose, as it will allow it to pick off faster or priority-using opponents, such as Cinccino and Absol, who would otherwise outspeed and KO Zangoose and end its sweep. However, Night Slash covers an entirely different stop to Zangoose: Ghost-types. Facade, Quick Attack, and Close Combat will all fail to hit Ghost-types, while Night Slash KOes each and every single one of them. This is the main issue with this set; whichever of the two moves you pick, there will always be one kind of threat will stop Zangoose in its tracks.</p>


    <p>A huge problem of this set is to actually get Zangoose a Swords Dance boost. Because of this, teammates that can lure in Pokemon, preferably in a weakened state, for Zangoose to set up on are ideal. For example, Alomomola can lure in most Amoonguss expecting either Toxic, Wish, or Waterfall. Upon seeing Zangoose switching in, a weakened Amoonguss will likely switch out to safety and get some health back with Regenerator, which gives Zangoose a prime opportunity to set up. Zangoose can also set up on opposing Alomomola trying to stall Zangoose out with Wish and Protect, which allows it to use a turn to boost. Zangoose can also take advantage of other, weaker walls. Dual screen support can help a lot, as it bolsters Zangoose's defenses. Psychic-types, such as Musharna and Gardevoir, are the best choices for this as they resist Fighting-type attacks while taking out enemy Gurdurr and Sawk with STAB Psychic in the process. Depending on what move you choose for Zangoose's last slot, certain teammates are needed. If you go with Quick Attack, support in the form of Pursuit or Dark-types in general to remove opposing Ghost-types is a necessity. Absol and Skuntank are prime examples of powerful Dark-types with access to Pursuit and other Dark-type moves, and they can easily finish off most Ghost-types. However, if you pick Night Slash over Quick Attack, teammates than can handle faster checks to Zangoose are a godsend. Swellow can outspeed Pokemon such as Cinccino and easily KO them, while bulky Pokemon such as Musharna can take care of most Choice Scarf-wielding opponents such as Sawk and possibly even paralyze them.</p>

    <p>As mentioned before, Swords Dance Zangoose is more geared towards a wallbreaking role than sweeping, and its teammates should reflect this. For example, a Jolly Swords Dance-boosted Facade has over a 50% chance to OHKO Tangela, while it cleanly KOes Alomomola after Stealth Rock damage. A +2 Close Combat will OHKO every Steel- and Rock-type in the tier; even Solid Rock Carracosta with maximum Defense investment is OHKOed with the help of Stealth Rock. As such, Zangoose makes a good teammate for Bulk Up Gurdurr and Swords Dance Samurott, as it can remove any wall that can stop their sweep.</p>

    [Other Options]

    <p>While Zangoose has many moves to choose from, none stand above Facade, Close Combat, Night Slash, and Quick Attack. However, a couple of moves still deserve a small note. Pursuit, while weaker than Night Slash on average, still hits Ghost-types that switch out in fear of Night Slash harder. Pursuit also allows for Zangoose to provide Pursuit support for Pokemon such as Gurdurr, although this is not the ideal option for Zangoose itself. Fling is a more gimmicky option over Night Slash. While Zangoose can Fling its Toxic Orb at the opponent to poison it, it can only be used once. Double Kick, while highly inferior to Close Combat, can be used to potentially break the opponent's Substitute; however, Double Kick is not highly recommended as it will not work well against certain Substitute users, such as Ghost-types and foes that can make Substitutes which are bulky enough to withstand a single hit. While they do not provide any extra coverage, Ice Punch, ThunderPunch, and Fire Punch are worth mentioning, as they hit certain targets harder than Facade. For example, Ice Punch hits Torterra and Altaria harder, while ThunderPunch hits Mantine, though Mantine shouldn't live through Facade either. Choice Band and Choice Scarf, while highly inferior to Toxic Orb which doesn't lock Zangoose into a move, are still usable if you can catch the opponent's Toxic with Zangoose. The power from a Choice Band Facade with Toxic Boost active allows Zangoose to OHKO Musharna over 90% of the time after Stealth Rock damage, while Amoonguss is guaranteed to be OHKOed. Choice Scarf, on the other hand, gives Zangoose the opportunity to outspeed faster checks such as Swellow and Cinccino. Taunt might seem like an odd choice on a Pokemon such as Zangoose, but it can actually do wonders at times. Taunt stops Pokemon such as Musharna and Alomomola from recovering health with their respective recovery moves, effectively stopping their attempts to stall out Zangoose's health. Zangoose also has a great special movepool, with access to many powerful moves such as Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Fire Blast, Focus Blast, and Shadow Ball, as well as Work Up, but has a horrible Special Attack stat which makes it really hard for Zangoose to take advantage of these moves.</p>

    [Checks and Counters]

    <p>As Zangoose boasts such power with Toxic Boost, nothing can straight up counter it. The easiest way to handle Zangoose is to bring in a healthy and faster Pokemon to check Zangoose after a teammate has gone down; Quick Attack is the only thing to watch out for in that kind of situation. Swellow and Cinccino are by far the most common fast heavy-hitters around as they both easily outspeed Zangoose and can bring it down in one hit with ease. Haunter is another good example, and it can even safely switch in on three of Zangoose's moves, only fearing Night Slash. At this point, Zangoose is done for, as Sludge Bomb and Hidden Power Fighting can easily KO Zangoose before it can hit Haunter. Gurdurr can also switch in on Facade and survive one hit, while it threatens Zangoose with Mach Punch; however, Zangoose must have lost around 25% of its health before Gurdurr can KO it with Mach Punch. However, if Gurdurr switches in after a teammate has fainted, you don't need to worry about Zangoose's health as Drain Punch always OHKOes. Other priority users such as Swords Dance Samurott can do about the same thing with their moves, although they won't hit as hard as Gurdurr without a boost. Choice Scarf users are of course great choices as well; Pokemon such as Sawk and Gardevoir should have no trouble OHKOing Zangoose with their STAB moves. Although Golurk is slower than Zangoose, it can come in, survive one Night Slash thanks to its good bulk, and then finish Zangoose off with a powerful Earthquake.</p>

    <p>While on the subject of great bulk, if your faster Pokemon and Choice Scarf users are out of the match and Zangoose remains on the opposing team, you must check to see what's still available on your team and prioritize. There are many bulky Pokemon in the tier that can survive Facade or any of Zangoose's coverage moves, such as the aforementioned Gurdurr and Golurk, and are able to retaliate. Musharna is a great example, as it can easily survive a Facade and KO Zangoose in return with Psychic. Musharna can then, if the situation allows it to, proceed to set up with Calm Mind against the opponent's other Pokemon and heal itself back to full health. Tangela is another great example, as it can also survive Facade while hitting Zangoose back with a relatively powerful Giga Drain, recovering health in the process. Regirock, Solid Rock Carracosta, and 252 HP Relicanth can also survive a super effective Close Combat and KO Zangoose after the Defense drop the move causes to Zangoose; Zangoose only has around a 1% chance to 2HKO Solid Rock Carracosta. Alomomola is a decent, albeit unreliable way to stop Zangoose. Alomomola relies on Protect to stall out Zangoose's Toxic damage most of the time, and while it can work in your favor at times, it can give Zangoose an opportunity to set up with Swords Dance. Inflicting a type of status other than poison onto Zangoose is another way to effectively shut it down, as it prevents Zangoose's Toxic Orb from activating effectively, cutting its power.</p>

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    Jun 4, 2010
    Alright, implemented. Thanks CL.

    This is done.

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    Good work, guys!

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