Little Cup Resources

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Ask a Little Cup, Get a Little Answer - Ask any Little Cup questions in this thread.

The LC Viability Rankings - Find out what the best Pokemon in LC are, and what's not so good in the tier.

New/Creative Movesets - Read cool and creative movesets here and get feedback from other members on your sets.

Little Cup Usage Statistics - Updated monthly.

Articles and Guides




LC Contributions & Corrections Forum - Writing and editing center for LC analyses. Read the forum announcements for more information!

The Next Best Thing - As different Pokemon are thrown into discussion each week, nominate new, uncommon sets for those Pokemon and then vote for which set you think is best!

LC Theorymonning - Theorymon about movepool or ability changes to Pokemon eligible for LC and discuss your ideas with others.

Little Cup Replay Thread - Enjoy viewing LC replays posted by other users or post your own replays!

Dark Horse Challenge - Join the Dark Horse challenge, where Little Cup players attempt to dominate the ladder using unpopular "dark horse" Pokemon on their teams.

Little Cup Teambuilding Competitions - Practice your teambuilding skills by building around a new 2 Pokemon core every round!

Lost Cave 2 - Fight your way through some of Little Cup's finest in an Elite 4-style challenge!