Topic Leader

A Topic Leader is the head of an individual Pokémon creation project. It is one of the most respected leadership positions on the CAP project. Powers and responsibilities include:

  • Ensure the construction process adheres to project standards and guidelines
  • Maintain project pace and momentum
  • Lead discussions
  • Determine voting style for polls
  • Record and interpret the results of all polls
  • Determine the necessity and format for secondary or spillover polls
  • Determine the slate of submissions for certain polls
  • Encourage participation

A new Topic Leader is chosen for each new Pokémon creation project. All Topic Leader candidates self-nominate in a nomination thread created at the start of a Pokémon creation project. Nominees should make their "pitch" in a self-nomination post. Individual community members can express support for a given candidate by posting in the nomination thread. Posts disparaging candidates are discouraged.

Topic Leaders and Moderators

  • Moderators will open threads for each part of the process. Threads made by moderators start closed. The TL will be the first reply in every non-poll thread, and after their post the TL will unlock the thread for further discussion.
  • The TL will close project threads with their slate.
  • The TL is expected to maintain contact with moderators and alert them to any upcoming absences when possible, so that the CAP project can keep pace.