Create-A-Pokémon Creation Process Events

This is the sequence of events that should normally be followed when creating a new species in the CAP Project. Each bullet represents a stage in the creation process. Multiple events on one dark bullet means the events should be kicked off simultaneously.

  • Policy Review Committee Applications
  • Topic Leader and Topic Leadership Team Nominations
  • Topic Leader Selection
  • Topic Leadership Team Selection
  • Concept Submissions
  • Part 1 (Concept Poll)
  • Concept Assessment
  • Part 2 (Type Poll)
  • Part 3 (Threats Discussion)
    Art Submissions
  • Part 4a (Primary Ability Discussion)
  • Part 4b (Primary Ability Poll)
  • Part 5 (Stat Limits)
  • Part 6a (Stat Spread Submissions)
  • Part 6b (Stat Spread Poll)
  • Part 7a (Secondary Ability Discussion)
  • Part 7b (Secondary Ability Poll)
  • Part 8 (Art Poll)
  • Part 9 (Counters Discussion)
    Name Submissions
  • Part 10 (Name Poll)
    Sprite Submissions
  • Part 11a (Attacking Moves Discussion)
  • Part 11b (Attacking Moves Poll)
  • Part 12a (Non-Attacking Moves Discussion)
  • Part 12b (Non-Attacking Moves Poll)
  • Part 13 (Movepool Limits)
  • Part 14a (Complete Movepool Discussion)
  • Part 14b (Complete Movepool Poll)
  • Part 15 (Sprite Poll)
  • Misc (Pre-Evos, Height, Weight, etc.)
    Server Implementation
  • Playtesting

A thread should be created by the moderators for each event in the process. Thread names are listed above. Each thread name should be prefixed with "CAP X -", with "X" being a numeric designation of the sequence of the overall project.

Topic Leadership should adhere to this event sequence as much as possible, however sometimes steps need to be accelerated or delayed to accommodate the specific needs of a given concept or project.

There has been MUCH debate in the past over the optimal sequence of events in a CAP project. There are many advantages and disadvantages to performing any given step before or after another step. There is no "perfect solution". Over the history of the CAP project, we have found the sequence above to be the most suitable for satisfying the overall project goals.