Move Discussion (Attacking and Non-Attacking, Competitive and Non-Competitive)

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An "Attacking Move" is a move that deals damage to an opponent as its main purpose. All other moves are considered "Non-Attacking Moves". As a general rule, any move that can be used under Taunt is considered to be an Attacking Move. However, there are a few exceptional moves that deal a small amount of damage, but their primary battle purpose is based on a secondary move effect, and are therefore considered Non-Attacking moves. For example, Rapid Spin and Knock Off are considered to be Non-Attacking Moves, even though they can be used under Taunt. U-turn can be used as an attacking move on Pokemon such as Scizor, which has a high Attack stat and gets STAB on the move. However, on Pokemon such as Fidgit, it is used more as a scouting or support move. The Movepool Leader has sole discretion for interpreting which moves are considered Attacking or Non-Attacking Moves for a given Pokemon.

All moves will be categorized as Competitive, Non-Competitive, or Required.

  • Competitive moves are moves that are viable for use in battle on a given Pokemon. This categorization is applicable depending on the Pokemon. Sometimes a move will be competitive on one Pokemon and non-competitive for another.
  • Required moves are moves that must be included in the final movepool, and are generally not up for discussion. A list of common Required moves can be found in X-Act's movepool guide.

The Movepool Leader will post a list of moves in the OP of the thread. This list will serve as a single point-of-reference for the current state of the discussion. The first list of moves should be compiled by the Movepool Leader prior to opening the thread, and will serve as the initial list of moves to begin discussion.

The list should contain all moves that are considered Competitive for the Pokemon being created. The Movepool Leader has final say for determining whether a move is Competitive, Non-Competitive, or Required. The TL should use these lists for moves that are generally considered Competitive moves.

The list of moves will be separated into three sections indicating the "status" of the move in the current discussion -- Allowed, Disallowed, Controversial, or Pending.

  • Allowed - Moves that have been agreed through general community consensus to be allowed in the Pokemon's final movepool
  • Disallowed - Moves that have been agreed through general community consensus to not be allowed in the Pokemon's final movepool
  • Controversial - Moves that did not reach general community consensus, and will require a specific vote.
  • Pending - Moves that have not received enough support or opposition to determine whether they are Allowed, Disallowed, or Controversial

The community should make posts arguing for moves to be Allowed or Disallowed. The Movepool Leader should re-categorize moves as the discussion progresses.

At the conclusion of the Movepool Discussion, the Movepool Leader will make a final update to the OP move list and the thread will be locked.

Any Controversial Moves will proceed to be voted on in a Move Poll. Any Controversial moves that receive a sufficient majority of votes, will be added to the Allowed moves list.

Move Discussion Posting Rules

(These should be posted in the OP)

  • The list of moves in this post will serve as the single point-of-reference for the current state of the discussion.
  • Post arguments for moves to be Allowed or Disallowed from the Pokemon's final movepool. All posts should be presented with reasoning.
  • Posting lists of moves is strictly prohibited. Do not copy the Movepool Leader's list, and then add "Yes/No" or a similarly worthless comment, beside each one. Posts that contain lists of moves will be deleted, even if the post contains additional reasoning and content.
  • The Movepool Leader will update the list continuously throughout the discussion, using recent posts to determine changes to the move list. Moves may have a fluctuating status as the community debates for or against the move in response to changes in the OP.
  • Posts should be based on the current state of the list in the OP. It is the responsibility of each member to check the OP before making any post in the thread. Posts that demonstrate lack of familiarity with the current OP will be deleted.
  • The Movepool Leader is the sole arbiter for determining "general community consensus". The Movepool Leader may ignore arguments for or against certain moves, if they feel the argument is not presented with sufficient evidence or reasoning. Do not assume that the existence of a few dissenting posts will ensure that a move will be categorized as Controversial.
  • All moves that are considered Competitive for this Pokemon are included in the list in the OP. Non-Competitive moves should not be discussed in this thread, unless you feel they are incorrectly categorized and should be considered Competitive (see next rule).
  • If you disagree with the Movepool Leader's categorization of a move as Competitive or Non-Competitive, you can post arguments in this thread, but reasoning must be supplied.