Once a CAP Pokemon is implemented on the server, a two week playtesting period takes place. The regular ladder, with all of the CAPs allowed, will be replaced with the Playtesting ladder, which bans every CAP except for the one that was just created, in this case, the one being playtested. The playtesting period is meant to see how well the created CAP fares in the OU metagame on its own, because CAP Pokemon are specifically built for the OU metagame. Also, at the start of the playtesting period, a thread will be open to allow users to contribute their experiences of the new metagame.

The Playtesting ladder will have all scores cleared so every user starts off with an equal rating. After the end of the playtesting period, the user with highest Playtesting ladder score will be considered as the playtesting champion, and will be awarded with a custom title displaying that for the accomplishment.