Threat Discussion

After the Typing Poll, the topic leader should post a thread asking questions about which Pokemon should be able to check or counter the CAP. Specifically, these questions should be posted in the OP:

  • Going specifically by typing, what Pokemon found in the OU (or relevant) metagame will be able to comfortably give this CAP project trouble?

  • What Pokemon will be major threats to this project right off the bat?

  • What Pokemon have the potential to become counters?

  • What Pokemon may end up as threats, but must be contained or dealt with per the concept?

  • Will the concept succeed with these set list of threats?

  • Is this list of threats acceptable for the project?

  • What Pokemon will be threatened by the CAP based off of typing?

  • Are these Pokemon targets that we want CAP to hit?

  • Will these targets be "unavoidable" to threaten based solely on the typing?

  • What direction must the project go in now that a set list of basic threats has been identified?

  • What must be done in order to make these threats "wanted counters" or these threats be eliminated from counter discussion?

  • What Pokemon do we want this project to counter entirely?

Be aware that this list of questions is not a checklist, and not every question must be definitively answered in every response.