Stat Spread Submissions

The Stat Spread Submission thread is where members are allowed to submit their Base Stat Spreads for the CAP in question, and also serves as a discussion thread for potential stat spreads based on the Limits specified by the Stats Leader. This stage is traditionally started very early in the process, as it has a large effect on the rest of the Pokemon's build.

The final Stat Spreads submitted for the stat spread poll must conform to the numeric rating limits decided by the Stats Leader in the Stat Limits Discussion - these include the Physical Tankiness (PT), Special Tankiness (ST), Physical Sweepiness (PS), Special Sweepiness (SS), and overall Base Stat Rating (BSR). Any spread that does not conform to these limits will be disqualified. Base Stat Total is not and should not be considered a factor as part of the stat spread.

More information about the different numeric rating system is located here.