Policy Committee

(To be posted in the OP)

This is the thread for people to apply for membership on the Policy Review Committee for the upcoming creation project. Do not suggest other people.

The Policy Review Committee performs the following key functions:

  • Creating Policy Review topics
  • Discussing Policy Review topics
  • Voting in Policy Review polls

The Policy Review Committee selection process is designed to be open to any qualified members. This is not a popularity contest. Policy Review Committee applications are open to anyone with an established record of recent, active involvement on the CAP project. The main purpose of this thread, is to force members to overtly request to be a part of the committee, and be willing to advertise their recent track record of involvement on the CAP project. That's it. Selection to this committee should have nothing to do with whether a person is "liked" or "disliked" -- but you must be "active".

All Topic Leader nominees will be automatically applied for membership on the Policy Review Committee, after the conclusion of the Topic Leader vote. Anyone that is active enough on the CAP project to seek the TL position, is assumed to be active enough to desire a position on the Policy Review Committee. However, just because the TL nominees are automatically applied for membership on the Policy Review Committee, does not mean they will be automatically selected. See the Process guide sticky for more information about the Policy Review Committee.

This thread is strictly for PRC application posts. Do not post support for any applicants, since this is not a public poll. This is not a discussion topic about the Policy Review Committee, so please do not ask questions about it here.

Here are the rules for Policy Review Committee application posting:

  • Candidates must have been actively involved over the past two most recent CAP projects (CAP X and Y). Voting is not "active involvement". Lurking is not "active involvement". You must have a strong track record of making intelligent posts and contributions to the project. Active playtesting on the CAP server is a highly valued contribution to the project.
  • You must have a clear understanding of the CAP process and rules. If you are not familiar with current policy, you cannot expect to participate in changing it.
  • Current PRC members are no longer automatically accepted onto the new Policy Review Committee. All members must apply equally, and all members will be evaluated equally.
  • PRC applicants should post an application in the following form:
    • 1. In a short paragraph, characterize your involvement with the last two CAP projects.
    • 2. In two or three sentences, characterize your activity on the Create-A-Pokémon Server.
    • 3. Link to a few posts in which you supported a choice with competitive reasoning and/or link to a few of your posts in a Policy Review thread.(Optional)
  • Make application posts only. A sure-fire way to prove that you do not understand CAP rules is to go off-topic in this thread.