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The Topic Leader (TL) is the most important person in all of a CAP project. It is the TL that will guide the project, decipher the community's discussion and translate it into slates, and ultimately push forward into the unknown in the pursuit of learning and understanding. For this reason, choosing the TL is a very important task, and one that is not left to the general public. The forum moderation staff reviews the TL applications, and then holds a public vote between the accepted candidates to decide who should be the TL for the coming CAP.

Stage Description

This is the thread for people to announce their desire to become the Topic Leader (TL) for this creation project. Do not suggest other users. If someone wants to become the TL, they will post on their own, and if they don't have a strong urge to be it then they shouldn't be signing up anyway. The CAP project requires the utmost dedication and a substantial amount of free time, especially to lead, meaning that only those who have carefully considered the magnitude of their application will apply at all. If you are not prepared to fulfill all of the responsibilities to the very end, then do not throw your hat into the ring.

TL candidates do not have to apply to the Policy Review Committee (PRC) as well as for TL. All TL candidates are automatically considered for the PRC without having to post two applications. If you are qualified enough to be applying for the position of Topic Leader, you are without a doubt qualified to be applying for a PRC position.

This thread is strictly for candidacy posts and posts supporting those candidates. Please stay on topic. Below are the guidelines for posting in this thread:

  • Candidates must have been actively involved through the entire duration of the most recent CAP project. Involvement in multiple CAP projects is strongly preferred.
  • Do not suggest other people. If you want you encourage someone else to run, then send them a PM or talk to them on IRC.
  • If you are new to the CAP project, do not sign up to be a TL. Instead, spend a project or two lurking, learning, and participating first.
  • Include a summary of your involvement in the CAP project.
  • Make a pitch for why you should be selected. If you can't present and defend yourself, then you can't expect to lead a project whose primary function is discussion and debate. Convince us that you are a good choice.
  • Poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar are great ways to look as though you don't know what you're talking about. A thoughtful and intelligent community leader should be capable of typing at a level above typical internet banter.
  • Even if you don't think you are better qualified than certain other candidates, you still should consider posting your application. Candidates not selected as the TL for this project will be on the watch list by the PRC for next time around. Don't post your name if you don't intend to be active in the project, even if you are not selected, since people will be scrutinizing your involvement more closely.
  • Feel free to post support for any candidates already named.
  • Do not post disparaging remarks about any candidates.

If these rules are not followed, the offending user will be subject to moderation.

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