After the playtesting period is over, a workshop thread will be posted to work on the CAP's analysis, which will be placed in its Strategy Pokedex once finished. Before anything is written, users may post sets that they think will be appropriate for the CAP's analysis; however, they can be easily rejected if they are not backed up by good reasoning or the set is deemed uncompetitive. Also, users can comment on other sets to add or remove options before they are finalized by the leader of the workshop thread.

Once the sets have been finalized, users are able to contribute to the analysis by writing up commentary for the sections they choose. If you decide to help write up some of the sections, be sure that they are written well and do not provide any false information, otherwise the leader of the workshop may omit your contribution.

Once the entire analysis for the CAP is complete, it will be HTML-ized and archived in its Strategy Pokedex.