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  • Looking to trade for UT preferably RNG abused: Deoxys, Arceus, Modest Heatran with HP Grass, Timid Celebi with HP Fire, Jolly Jirachi, Timid Latios, Calm Latias, Calm Spiritomb, Timid Darkrai, Modest Porygon, if you have other REASONABLE offers please PM.

    Offering: Pokerus, Timid Mewtwo, Timid Mew, Jolly Azelf, Uxie, Dialga, Adamant Giratina, Timid Zapdos, shiny Mild Suicune, Timid Raikou, Mild or Rash Rotom, Adamant Groudon, and Kyogre

    ANY Dragon or Starter, Charmanders and Larvitar with Dragon Dance and Outrage,Adamant Beldum and other Steels. PM me for any other Pokemon u want and ill be happy to get it
    63 Doctile Tyranitar
    52 Naughty Walrein
    50 Serious Lucario
    20 Doctile Gallade
    25 Calm Exegutor
    72 Naive Charizard
    Sure! What's your Friend Code?

    (And sorry that I VMed, didn't see the PM thing, hope that's okay.)
    Still need a Jolly Jirachi and Modest Porygon? I can give you both for free. Both are RNGed, with Porygon shiny. Add 5027 5877 4250 for Jirachi and 0731 5750 3878 for Porygon.
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