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  • Hi, was wondering if you have dw blaziken and which ball it's in, and if you're willing to trade it if you want something specific
    Thanks for the trade and for cloning. Enjoy Durant and Cleffa, just keep in mind they're not redistributable.
    I'll just catch a spare pokemon and head back to get Durant's copy. If there's anything you want for Golurk, we could trade it too.
    Thanks. I'd like EVed Virizion, but UT Ferroseed. Please add my White Code: 4641 9074 1114

    Also, let me know if there's anything else you'd like for your Golurk.
    Yes. I'd like 2 copies so I can run two sets. One for Battle Subway and one with Spikes for competitive play. If I delete Spikes I won't be able to teach it again, since it's an egg move.

    You see, I'd just take one copy and clone it myself, so I could have both sets. That not being the case, I'm asking you to clone it for me as a favor.
    Hi. just 2 questions before we trade.

    I can't clone, so could you send me a copy of Durant back if we trade?

    I was taking a second look at your thread, and I must say your Ferroseed caught my eye. Would you mind sending me 2 copies of Ferroseed, so I could run a non-spikes set on one and keep one with spikes for competitive playing?

    If that's alright, I'd prefer Ferroseed instead of Sandile. So it'd be Ferroseed and Virizion for Cleffa and Durant.
    Okay if I don't get back to you in an hour or so would tomorrow be an okay time? Im usually free every day an hour or 2 earlier than it is now.
    Hey sorry but I cannot trade right now since im trying to entralink RNG the event DW Banette. I will be free later on today though :)
    want to trade ? are these pokes semi redi btw?
    13laze13oy's evd amongus and evd ferrothorn for pimpmobile smeragle, winterzombies bisharp
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