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  • I don't know if you got my PM before, but we need to get our match done soon with the deadline coming up.
    We need to battle for the UU tournament, when is good for you? Weeknights from 5 - 10 EST and Sunday are the best times for me.
    we need to battle for the tournament of second chances. let me know when you are available. i'm gmt-6
    So, (GMT, and GMT+11=this may be hard to do), the earliest I can get on during the week is 4pm (3am your time) which I don't expect you to make, on Saturdays the earliest I can get on at is 1pm (midnight your time) which may be do-able, and on Sundays the earliest I can get on at is 9am (8pm your time) which is probably the most convenient time for you, however I am very liable to be asleep as I usually don't get up until like 10am my time, so I propose we either do the Saturday job, or on Sunday at around 10am my time-9pm your time, does this sound ok to you? Alternatively- we could do it like so on either Saturday or Sunday- I go on at around 8-9pm, which is 7-8am for you. Apologies for this BIG wall of text, but I would really like to get this done soon as I have important exams coming up.
    Hey, we gotta battle for little cup tournament thing, you'll find me on Gary Oak server thing most of the time (I am GMT, and usually on from 5-9pm weekdays (my time)) (Oh, and pretty much any time on weekends)
    Hi I'll be facing you for the BST tournament, my timezone is +12. Let me know when you'll be available to play and what your timezone is. If you have IRC then you can usually find me in #stark and #smogon.
    hey so we're opponents in the ou tourney, my timezone is gmt +10, and i'll be available to play any time tonight, or on sunday as long as you let me know in advance. Let me know what works for you
    I'm actually at a library now and I'm leaving in 2-3 minutes (aka im getting kicked out cause im loitering in front of their building l0l). Really sorry, but can we do it Saturday?
    Okay well starting on Saturday I'll be back home with reliable internet, so we can plan on doing it then. If we randomly run into each other before that I suppose we can play, but no worries about that for now.
    When are you generally on? I've found semi-reliable internet so maybe we can get it done sooner!
    Hey nitro, I can play any time after Saturday since I don't have access to Shoddy until I get home.
    i'm most active on captains modded server on shoddybattle so if you are looking for me, you can find me there
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