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  • It's been a long time! I'm graduating (almost) by March 2012 and finishing my thesis. Other than school, I'm fine as I was before. I thought you already forgotten about this site, lol. How about ya?
    Yo! Still visiting here? I haven't been here for a while. Belated Happy Birthday!
    Hey hiiiiiiiiii. I've been currently inactive with anything online. D: School is starting to kick in.
    Lol. Cicada's? ._. Seagulls, Cicadas, what's next? Amoeba?
    You must share this to me, lol. I wanted to watch something gore!
    Yea, I've watched Secret Garden and now I'm watching My Girlfriend is a Gu Mi Ho (Nine-tailed fox). Both are Korean series and they're both good! I'm looking for Tears to Tiara downloads because I stopped on the 8th episode only. D:
    My free time will be gone soon when classes start. D: It's been boring these days; I just download series over the net and watch them nonstop.
    Dream World... I currently have Vaporeon there and I haven't played for a long time. D: I got bored of Pokemon because I can't do Non-C Gear abuse with my DSi; C-Gear abuse is really annoying and very very very very very harddddddd.
    Cool! Now you have the time to enjoy stuff :D My new internet connection was good, then suddenly became bad. >_______>
    Wanna play a private server of Cabal with me? :D My friend is the owner and I'm playing it right now. Lol. I never purchased so much clothes, nor did I like shopping. I usually buy clothes like twice a year.
    I'm fine. :DD We transferred from the province to the capital and it is wtf hot here. >_>
    Will it be your summer vacation? :O It'll be freedom........... and a bit boring if you have nothing to do all day.......
    Lol. I know I've read this somewhere that you can only have a name change once. haha.
    It's good to hear that your exams are finally over. You must be bored with all those exams.
    Again, I fail for posting this on my profile..

    "By saying x/20, you mean there are only 20 questions in your exams? ._."
    Oh hiiiiiiiiiii. I just got home from the province, (and I told the internet there is horrible for surfing, especially posting, sending VM's.) How were the exams?!
    The internet connection here is horrible for browsing... >_> I have been trying to post this VM for THREE (was two days, 1 day, 12 hours)... How's the study spree going? :D
    Lol. A toy elephant... good thing it wasn't a toy mammoth. At least you're fine now XD. I'm not dying from allergy anymore, lol. I hope it stays this way.
    Good for you. :D (What happened anyway, lol)... (And don't tell me you didn't sit down while it was hurting!)
    Lol. What a place to hurt. Anyway, I'll be going back to the province in.............. 5 minutes. D: I'd have to do stuff for our thesis again and hopefully stay alive for the rest of the week spending time there.
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