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  • Yes, I can now. And take now that I'm not lazy at the time ;D
    VM back if you're going online and please, can you clone 3 each of the two pokemons for me?
    What are the flawless pokemons? can you list them?
    Or you're pertaining to the larvitar itself?
    I learned my lesson >_> Now newts make his Shiny Sceptile a full redis, LOL.

    So you are training the two for me?
    Your not on my blacklist. ;). so we're ok to trade.
    I might put you to the goodlist for turning to a new leaf ;p
    Just don't do bad anymore.
    I think you have them both >_>, if you accept this can you remove me from your blacklist? If the answer is no it's ok
    EVerything that's mine are FULL REDIS!! Enjoy =)
    BTW I began RNGing for IVs, I got a flawless timid Mismagius and flawless DD naughty bagon. intrested? That's for free and still is a full redis
    Hey man, chill out, stop posting in the Blacklist, and don't respond to anyone negative towards you. Trust me, you can bring your Rep. back up. Help people, be polite. It'll help trust me, try it out =)
    Cloning IS stealing!? Well I don't know that... And I when did I encourage hacks? What i posted are checked and confirmed legit...
    Look, everything you have done i not doing you any favors. Confused about what you have done in the first place? Let me break it down: 1. Traded hacked (presumably) Pokemon away in a 'Give'away. 2. Instead of giving them away for FREE, you steal clones of the Pokémon fodder, which is stealing, no two ways about it. 3. The 'You May Scam' thing was ridiculous. Smogon Wifi is a hack free zone, and encouraging hacks and scamming in a community is the same as telling people to light fires, not good. 4. Preparing people to check another website in case you get banned shows that you expect that to happen, you may of well had a sign saying 'Ban here'. And although it is harsh, Smogon does not like many of the other sites for Pokémon, as many Pokémon traded there are hacks, enough said. 5. The poor attitude to the mods and the rest of the community will do make you no friends here, and as for second chances, trading another person's stuff without permission took that away from you.
    We've had a history of incidents that we have to be as strict as we are now. My suggestion is to get involved in the Shoddy Battle and online competitive tournaments for now.
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