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  • feraligatr learns SD? well do he have a priority move or a good strategy? hes a little bit weak due to speed?
    and instead of a feraligatr BP, can you do a corpish one?
    hey, since you receuve hgss, and youre gonna breed dd crawdant (thats awsome!) is it an egg move or tutor atack? itsto know if its ok to breed mine and then ask tutoring, thnx.

    if its an egg move id give you anything for a flawless adamant corpish.
    actually i don't really find anything i like to much,(the best is rotom with hp ghost 68!! lollol)

    well, anyway, do you have a tru regigigas? i dont care about ivs, just want one to get my regi trio, ill give the dragobite for him.

    also if you have one, id need it cloned, of course my dragonite.
    hey, i got an almost perfect dragoite ev trained in atk and speed, with the HGSS egg move exremespeed. this are his ivs:

    31/31/31/26(i think)/31/31

    would it be ok to CYT?
    xd thnx
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