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  • Sorry! I have not been dead but it we have huge time-zones differences (I am GMT-6) I will try to be online most of today - if that does not work out we can play during the next few days if we settle a time. I am starting school again tomorrow so the best would be to play today :)
    Hey, we've been matched up for the first round of the UU tournament. I am at GMT -8 and anytime other than tomorrow I'm free. What would be some good times for you to play? And it doesn't matter to me how soon we get this done or anything, I'd like to test some teams a little first, but you know, just whenever...haha. Have a good day!
    On Sunday, if you're talking about my time zone, I'll be online all afternoon, so a battle happening on Sunday afternoon is guaranteed. But if you're talking about your time zone, then it must be before/within Noon-12:59PM, in my time zone, or else I'll have to assume that you might be pressed to get impatient over a possible bedtime-to-prepare-for-school(although I'm still in school, I'm not a K-12 student that has to dread Sunday, January 2nd(the last day of winter break 2010-11 for K-12 students in your region and mine, university students in your region(France), you get the picture) as I am a community college student living in Arizona, thus, I get two more weeks while the community college teachers plan and meet for January's first two weeks, but how far are you?) conflict, since I don't know your age, since pokemon's mostly a youth's game, I have to assume that you're still in school, and who knows if you'll get tired as a result, so, are you talking about my time or yours? :)
    we have to play for stat specialization; i think that next year is better - no luck!
    I was about to pm you regarding the battle today, until you vm'd me... :)

    Anyway, I'm on Mountain standard time(GMT-7)...

    Let's see...

    Since I'm currently focusing on the smogon tourney and training pokemon for it, and knowing that in terms of the farceus tourney, the deadline's not until after the weekend, plus the fact that you're open for new year's weekend, is tomorrow morning or even Saturday or Sunday OK with you?
    remember me? lol we need to battle for stat specialization tournament. give me a time and time zone and hopefully i will be able to make it
    i think we just missed each other :( well i'll be on at 10 PM GMT +1 on CAP, see you there.
    ok should we battle now? i'm banned on CAP but we can go battle on pokemonexperte
    bonjour mon cher Agammemnon
    pardon, je crois que je suis parti pour ma competition de natation un peu apres que vous m'avez parle. pouvez-vous batailler dimanche? 5 PM mardi ici c'est pendant l'ecole pour moi...mais je peut batailler a 9 PM mardi (votre temps)
    Evening wil be problematic, so tomorrow will be better (in the afternoon). There has to be at least 20 minutes that are ok for you. So suggest a time
    nous devons combattre pour le move stat restriction tournoi, je suis en train de batir une equipe...
    Not sure, but i think Friday will be ok. Perhaps a bit earlier in the afternoon. 4 pm?
    PS: PO would be better. Let's take the Beta-Server instead of the Smogon cause it is more reliable...
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