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  • hey, we have to play for the clear entry tourny. my timezone is gmt- 8, so vm back the best times for you to play!
    Bartman, do you know everyone can read those homophobic messages ?
    Stop being a public douchebag.
    My Timezone is GMT, I haven't made a team yet, but I will do very soon. Tomorrow I should be online most of the day, and on weekdays (bar tuesdays) I'm usually online from 6:30pm-9pm my time, so we should be able to do our battle before the deadline with ease.
    ive not been dead by any stretch of the imagination. ive been online everyday this past week and was on a considerable amount of time last weekend. tonight, tommorow and most probably sunday. i will have enough time for you to be able to set up a time if thats what its going to take. oh, and gmt+0 its 6 in the afternoon as i post this message. if youre able to do this match shortly then for goodness sake can you make it?

    no worries either way
    Hi, I'm GMT -5 and I have a lot of stuff going on today. I think I can probably be on from about 4pm to 6pm today. I will be available basically all day Saturday and Sunday though, so we could probably get it done one of those days if I don't see you today. I'll try to stay on the Smogon server from the times I said. I will be on as IFM or ME=STUPID.
    I waited there - I have witnesses. I saw you going offline on the forums so I logged off too. But it is okay, we can play tomorrow!
    I am not ignoring your VM - I just saw it; it is different. Anyway, why should not we play today? I do not see the point of setting up a date when we are both online. Get on TU server.

    Ubisoft tipped us off to a new Flash game they've made to promote Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Now, it may just be that I've been playing a lot of Tomena Sanner lately but I think this is damn good.

    You can check out the game here. I do recommend it. A surprisingly fun diversion, this.

    Flash Games for Teenagers
    Games for Kids
    Arcade games
    Adventure games
    Casino games
    It seems like I missed you. I will try my hardest to get on tomorrow in time.
    Damn, sorry about that. Yes I am able to play. I'll get on right now actually.
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