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  • If i missed you i'm terribly sorry. Have fun guys, not gonna be signing into this for a pretty long while so, peace.
    solely pkmn friends who i was cool with(no particular order): Icey Tea, Dundies, Tidal Waltz, Llamas, Arikado, Feen, Kableye, Slurmz, MrAldo
    Trash- ik you're dead like me but you're one of the most down to earth guys i ever met on here. gl with everything in life bro
    Bleve-hahahhaha the victini will be mine forever. you're cute and we were close in bw2 so that makes u cooler than most of these ppl
    Glory-If you ever somehow see this, you're the day one. Had so much fun playing with you in bw2, and i hope you're doing well wherever u are
    tko-talking to you was always fun, wish we were a bit closer. gl with x country homie, you're a tank. ps you're better at pokes than u think
    Light- Other closest homie on here. 2 years of smacking you around in various tiers has been great. Gl with school or whatever you wanna do
    Tristan- you're the homie and you have my number if you ever need anything, but you're by far the realest person i've met on here.
    I do so much for people I barely even know. Off the internet and on, but I still get constantly fucked over.
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