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  • I got the ken sugomori artwork, outlined it in a colour, removed the inside and then shaded with sprite colours ;)
    Thank you once again for the EV training. I saw your sprites and I really love the Solrock and Kangaskhan. How did you do those? :D
    Hi Alchemator! I'll try to go online this Saturday. I already have an EV trained version of Ninetales so you may keep it if you want. Thanks again for EV training Honchkrow! :D
    Cool! Thank you so much! If you evolved it in an English game then it should have changed its name to English. :D
    I should have posted this in the previous visitor message, but it slipped my mind so forgive me. I'm really pleased that I seem to be building up some kind of fan base with the Wobbudex lol, and I really appreciate the time you guys take to write a nice comments - thanks a lot :D
    Hi! You posted a while back in my thread for the spitbacks of Vulpix and Murkrow. They're free so I can give you both. But I decided to just give you the better Murkrow if you can EV train it for me. How does that sound? PM me when you see me online. :D
    haha i love the wobbudex dude.

    you should make one of deoxys, possibly Deoxys-A? I'd love to use that as an avvy. Maybe based around this sprite?
    They are all awesome, but my favourites are the Gengar (huge goofy smile is awesome) and the Rayquaza, it looks like a badass dragon vampire wobbufet :P
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